The debate over David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies continues

From John Fea:

The conservative Christian World Magazine has published a lengthy essay by Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter drawn largely from their book, Getting Jefferson Right. The fitting title of their article is “David Barton is Wrong.”

David Barton offers a lengthy rebuttal to Getting Jefferson Right.  The fitting title of his article is “No, I’m Not Wrong.”  At the start of the article Barton grudgingly admits that the work of Throckmorton and Coulter has exposed a few things that need correcting. He writes:

Throckmorton’s work is relentlessly negative and, as I show in this article, many of his charges are simply wrong. However, he does point out a few passages in The Jefferson Lies that might have been more carefully worded or better argued. When I revise the book for its second edition, I will make changes to address these concerns. I do not address every issue he raised in his book, for as will be seen in this article, so many simply do not have merit. But I do address several of his larger criticisms that may seem to observers as having the most substance. 

I do not have the time or the inclination (at least at the moment) to dive into this mess.  I endorsed Throckmorton and Coulter’s book and I stand by my endorsement. Here it is:

Getting Jefferson Right is an intellectual and historical take down of David Barton’s pseudo-history of Thomas Jefferson by two Christian professors who teach at a conservative Christian college. Michael Coulter and Warren Throckmorton have done their homework. Anyone who reads this book must come to grips with the untruths and suspect historical interpretations that Barton regularly peddles in his books, speaking engagements, and on his radio program. I have yet to read a more thorough refutation of Barton’s claims.

Read the World Magazine articles and decide for yourself.  You can also read what I have written about The Jefferson Lies and about David Barton generally.

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