there debate about moonsighting – and the validity (and ubiquity) of calculations

Every year the debate about moonsighting begins anew as Ramadan approaches. I'd like to highlight a point and counterpoint between myself and Irfan Rydhan that I think covered the debate very thoroughly for everyone's reference.First, an excerpt from Irfan's entry, which argues that all muslims should adopt moonsighting to establish Ramadan:In our modern world with digital clocks, calendars, daylight savings time, etc. we forget that these are all man-made systems to help us organize our … [Read more...]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an Islamophobe who hates all muslims

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave woman and I respect her intellectual decision to leave religion (not just Islam - she's an atheist) even though I disagree with it. But she has allowed the tragic events of her youth to poison her view of her fellow human beings. Her criticism of Islam is to deny that the majority of Muslims are normal people and its only a fringe group of radicals who are responsible for violence - she has actually stated baldly that Islam is the "new fascism" and:"Violence is … [Read more...]

Dawoodi Bohra women speak about home science

In my last post I defended my community, the Dawoodi Bohras, from accusations of Mr. Qutbuddin's faction about the role of women and traditional values. The great flaw in my arguments of course is that I am a male. So here are many female voices from my community to speak for themselves instead.For example, Rashida Mustafa writes at her blog, Child on Hip and Hand on Computer:To be shouted down in the kind of storm levelled at us by the followers of Qutbuddin is judgemental and an … [Read more...]

No schism, just sadness: A Dawoodi Bohra responds

IntroductionShireen Hamza has written an oped here at Patheos alleging that there is a schism in my community, the Dawoodi Bohras. Shireen is in fact my first cousin, a passionate intellect, and I do not doubt the sincerity of her belief. No one can or should deny that she has a right to believe whatever she wants.What Shireen does not have the right to do, however, is to make false claims about the beliefs of those who disagree with her, or to claim victimhood and persecution where … [Read more...]

the silence libel: do muslims condemn?

Fellow Patheos blogger Dan Peterson has a moving and well-intentioned post in which he exhorts the Muslim American community to speak more loudly and denounce terrorism: But you have to speak up more loudly. Others — I promise you this, from innumerable conversations and questions after lectures, over years — are not hearing your denunciations of the extremists. They aren’t aware of your efforts to distance yourselves from these terrible acts of bloodshed and oppression. Your message isn’t getti … [Read more...]

The #WhiteHouseIftar controversy

Ramadan Kareem everyone -This blog is still under hiatus until the next election cycle, but I did want to draw people's attention to a post I wrote at City of Brass about the controversy over the Iftar to be hosted by President Obama tomorrow night. An excerpt:this year these Iftars have come under fire by certain political activists in the Muslim American community. Their basic argument is that Muslims who accept the Iftar invitation by the President or the Administration are “house m … [Read more...]

a few words about third parties #MuslimVOTE

Many Muslim Americans, disgusted with Obama's policies on drones and repelled by Republican islamophobia, will be voting for a third party this election, namely Jill Stein of the Greens or Gary Johnson of the Libertarians. The appeal of voting third-party is undeniable: rather than choosing between the lesser of two evils, you are voting your conscience. This absolves you of the moral guilt of supporting a candidate, be it Obama or Romney, who enacts policies you will disagree with. And, if any … [Read more...]

a few words about drones #MuslimVOTE

I have received many negative comments for my support of Barack Obama, mostly along the lines of, "how can you support Obama and ignore the Muslim blood on his hands due to drones?" Let me address this.Barack Obama has indeed increased the use of drone warfare in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the four years of his presidency - far more than did George W. Bush. These drone attacks have systematically decimated the leadership of Al Qaeda, but have also carried a high cost of collateral … [Read more...]

2012 Election prediction: Obama 303 to Romney 235

My prediction for the election tomorrow is pretty straightforward - I'm using Nate Silver's model for state-by-state probabilities and assigning each state to each candidate accordingly.With respect to Wisconsin, I do believe that Wisconsin will come through for Obama, because Scott Walker won the recall. Not as a protest, but because this truly is a swing state, where 17% of Obama's supporters in 2008 voted for Walker this year. You have to live in Wisconsin to understand why that's … [Read more...]

Why should Muslim Americans vote for President Obama? 10 reasons to get out the #MuslimVOTE

Let's recap. President Obama has banned torture and tried to close Gitmo; he is committed to the two-state solution; engaged the Muslim World; showed strength in Libya and restraint in Iran; encouraged the Arab Spring; ended the war in Iraq and Afghanistan; defended the Muslim American community against Islamophobia; included Muslim Americans in his government; and has a record of success in leading America Forward on all the domestic issues that matter to Americans, Muslim or non-Muslim alike. … [Read more...]