Trouble with the Curve

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While Clint Eastwood needs to stay away from weak and rude political satire at political conventions, he certainly shouldn't quit his day job. I must admit I was predisposed to like this movie because: 1) it's a baseball movie and I'm a baseball kinda guy; 2) it's filmed in and the story involves the North Carolina mountains and the Atlanta Braves; and 3) I like Amy Adams as a maturing young actress and Clint gets to play his grumpy old man routine once more, very effectively. Justin … [Read more...]

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N.T. Wright at Asbury (1999) Part Three

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Simon Gathercole on the Jesus’ Wife Papyrus

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The following is the analysis of Simon Gathercole of Cambridge, who has as one area of his expertise, apocryphal Gospels.The Gospel of Jesus’ WifeThis piece of papyrus has been authenticated by two reputable scholars, Profs. Roger Bagnall and AnneMarie Luijendijk. There are doubts, however, which have been raised about its authenticity, especially by scholars at the International Congress of Coptic Studies in Rome, where there is a good deal of scepticism. This is a tiny fragment of t … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright at Asbury (1999) Part Two

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N.T. Wright at Asbury (1999)– Part One

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The Culture of Entitlement without Achievement

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Holden Thorp resigned yesterday as Chancellor of my beloved alma mater UNC, and one can only speculate exactly why. I would suggest it might have something to do with the man's integrity. After both athletic and academic scandals plaguing the university in the past several years, and academic scandals helping perpetuate athletic fraud I am not surprised that the man got discouraged and tired of dealing with the culture of entitlement without achievement.What do I mean by that last phrase? … [Read more...]

A Lilac Tree for the Purple Girl

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This first picture is the last picture taken of the whole family me, Christy, Ann, David, and Yuliya at Christmas 2011. We were fortunately altogether one last time. Christy was not well, and the medicines for the pain and for healing (including percoset and prednisone) had put a lot of weight on her. She loved bright colors, but her runaway favorite was purple. She loved all things purple. Here is a shot of Christy, David, and I together at Christmas enjoying ourselves with our Santa hats. … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright on How to Study the Bible

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