Game Change

I didn’t watch the HBO film Game Change, but it seems that reasonable people of all political stripes can see how terrible our family was treated by the political staffers who were supposed to be helping us. (Have you ever considered Mom could tell that the people surrounding her were exactly the type of people who would betray her?)

Whatever happened to loyalty?

And, by the way, Mom… I think you’re more beautiful than any of your impersonators!

  • Michelle

    nice to see you blogging, Bristol. I met your Mom when she came to maine, with my daughter who also has Down syndrome. Im a pretty good judge of character, and i LIKED her. she seems so real and genuine. Good for you standing up for your mom. :)

    • Crib

      I actually saw the movie and it showed Palin is a moron who should not be near the white house. And if this was slanderous and full of lies, how come no law suit? Steve Schmidt validated the facts and the book/movie was written by people who were there. What is it, everyone lies but Palin? Palin does not wrong? Palin is a saint? No, Palin was exposed for what she is–a pretty face and empty head.

      • Faron

        And you don’t think we have a moron in the White House now?? ha! He doesn’t have a clue what anything means in this country! He is a MUSLIM! Sarah Palin was told to say butt loads of stuff that she didn’t want to so she went blank, because she didn’t know to say that or what she believes in saying FOR the good of The United States of America!

        • notafan

          lol ok ya right wing christian redneck

  • Dawnie

    I love your mom too.
    That whole thing was just really mean but your mom is one hell of a strong WOMAN.

  • Julian

    I like The Undefeated on Reelz showed some good footage of her speeches when she was on the campaign trail.

  • Deborah Corkins

    I wont watch this piece of garbage! I have too much respect for the TRUTH and for your Mom/Family! God bless Bristol.

    • Faron


  • Kery

    There’s a lot of people in this country that have it all backwards, and I think this movie is a good example. Glad to hear you’re doing well and staying strong! Best wishes to you and your family, and God Bless! :)

  • Angela

    Your family is a threat. They are scared and only know how to react by bully your family. This persecution means your family is doing something right. Love your family!!!

    • notafan

      not a threat at all! bring on the palins mommy wouldn’t dare run she and the rest of these palins love to play the victims. if you cant see that then you are BLIND…

  • Michele

    Bristol…I love your mom too…and am so glad you’re standing up for her! My daughter is 23 and it feels awesome when she backs me on something…makes me proud, as I’m sure your mom is of you!

  • Kelly

    Ignorance of Liberal crap is bliss :o) Stay Beautiful!

  • Laura

    I didn’t (and won’t) watch it. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain and who thinks for themselves that it nothing but a bunch of lies and smears. EVERYONE involved in making it should be ashamed of themselves.

    I did finally get to see The Undefeated and while I enjoyed it, it left me feeling overwhelmingly sad. Sad for what could have/should have been. But you and your mom are both a tremendous inspiration. Keep up the good fight!

  • Angela

    Your family is a threat. The people who are making it their mission to destroy you all are scared and only know how to react by being a bully to your family. This persecution means your family is doing something right. I love your family.

    • Kim A

      I agree totally!!