Game Change

I didn’t watch the HBO film Game Change, but it seems that reasonable people of all political stripes can see how terrible our family was treated by the political staffers who were supposed to be helping us. (Have you ever considered Mom could tell that the people surrounding her were exactly the type of people who would betray her?)

Whatever happened to loyalty?

And, by the way, Mom… I think you’re more beautiful than any of your impersonators!

  • Trish Krause

    I’m so glad you didn’t waste time watching that vile movie!!!! It just goes to prove how little the left really know about your mom. The movie was so disgraceful and untrue that it literally made me sick. My family and I have always supported your mom and admired the amount strength she has and the stronge intelligent woman she always has been. You are a strong woman like her and she has done an incredible job raising her children. I would like to say one thing though, NEVER ever apologize for “mistakes” in your past that are not mistakes at all!!! Everything happens for a reason and your son is truly your blessing from God.

    • Bobbi

      How can you call it vile when you haven’t seen it? I’ve seen it and it paints an honest picture. It shows the things that are verifiable from the campaign. If showing the truth is ‘vile’ then I guess you’re better off standing around in LaLa land where you won’t know and won’t understand the truth. I suppose you’re one of those who call the president a muslim. I would also suppose that you’re one of those Birthers from your comment. Grow up and educate yourself with more than one source of news because when you rely on one news source you will surely be very misinformed.

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      • Frederick Lang

        Has Hollywood ever told the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      • Jeanie

        “The movie was so disgraceful and untrue that it literally made me sick. ”

        Bobbi states”How can you call it vile when you haven’t seen it?”

        You should sharpen up on your reading skills Bobbi.

        • Emilee

          I agree completely with Bobbi! Sarah Palin never seemed quite right during that entire campaign. She let the possibility of VP go to her head. She didn’t invest the time necessary to learn the information she needed. She memorized and repeated what she was told too. She didn’t have any understanding of foreign policy and she lied time and time again. The movie was wonderful and I’m glad that I did watch it. So many things make sense now!

          • Denise

            Where you there?

  • Susan

    Hi Bristol,

    I wish you well with your future responsibilities and endeavors.

    I voted for your mom, and am glad that I did. I appreciate the strength your family exhibits in the midst of much media attention and over-analysis.

    Yes, many of us started out saying “Sarah Who??” when McCain asked her to run on the GOP ticket. I am now pleased to know “who” she is and that she has a voice to share and help influence our nation. She’s sharp, talented, and strong, but doesn’t go for the prevailing “group-think.” Such thinking is much of the reason we have arrived at many of our difficult circumstances as a nation. Be like your mom. That’s a good thing.

    Best wishes.

  • Bobbi

    Saw the movie. Remember many of the situations that took place. Even remember hearing in the press that Sarah wasn’t getting along with her staffers. I saw your mother at the republican convention and was very impressed. I liked her more than McCain and was intrigued. Then I saw her speeches around the country, her distortion of facts and the way she polarized her audience, making references that had the effect of inciting an audience to violence against Barack Obama. It was the beginning of a nasty rhetoric that has become so prominent in our country ever since. I have never known people to be so ugly over an election. And it continued beyond 2008, paralyzing our legislative system and creating damage to the republican party. I’ve known many republicans who didn’t vote for McCain because of the things your mother said and did on the campaign. I used to be a moderate, but the current ugliness that your mother is complicit in has turned me away from voting for any republicans because I don’t trust them any longer. Game Change only confirmed what I had thought all along, that McCain was the classy one in the room and that Sarah Palin took mud slinging and nastiness to a higher level.

    • Jmom

      You must live on another planet, as the things you say happened NEVER did! Game Change is not the truth, just fiction from the minds of biased libs. I realize you are hysterical due to the fact your side is imploding and will soon have lost all power, but that is no reason to loose your mind! Seriously get some help before it is too late!

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      • Sweetpea

        The book was written by two reporters, one of which is a Republican. Steve Schmidt, a REPUBLICAN and campaign manager for McCain, cooperated with it and verifies the truth of it, as do many other staffers. They all thought Sarah Palin was incredibly unstable and bizarre. If you have a problem with what all those people said is the truth, and they have, then you have a problem with reality. Don’t blame liberals for what your party is up to.

        • Denise

          And this was FULLY discredited by people that were actually there. So what makes them wrong and two GOP operatives right… two people trying to save their careers for being two faced ineffective backstabbing people. BTW McCain has been clear that this film was fiction. There was NO imput from anyone else BUT these campaign bitter losers. ” They ALL said this”. Really, Who is ” they” So yeah I can see your point a successful woman with 19 years in elected goverance , effective in ANY position she has taken, all of a sudden can not tie her shoes without help. ??

    • Jeanie

      Oh please, you never liked Sarah, nor were you ever impressed with her . You are a liar.

      “Then I saw her speeches around the country”…..if true, you would have been motivated and even more impressed, if you liked her to start with. But you didn’t.

      You used to be a moderate? What are you now? Commie, socialist?

      The ONLY reason we voted for McCain was BECAUSE of Sarah. She tried dragging that entire campaign across the finish line and were a few points ahead, until he decided to “stop the campaign” and go vote yes for a bailout. It was McCain that said barry would make a great President. Why didn’t they allow Sarah to go to MI? Why did they hold her back? Why didn’t they let her loose and do what she does best….motivate, inspire and lead.

      If not for Sarah, barry would have won in a landslide. Sarah kept him from that great embarrassment. She is a true gift to our country.

      • Sweetpea

        Why would you be impressed by a woman calling a man a terrorist, and having people at her rallies shouting “kill him!” You people are soulless.

    • myj

      Yes, Isaw it too and changed the way I vote…

  • Jeanie

    I would love to tell you about my experience w/ schmuck the schmitt @ the Hofstra Debate 08….but unlike some, I do not want to air dirty laundry.

    You have my email. If you get any time (I know your hands are full at the moment), you have my email.

    • Denise

      exactly – there are two sides to EVERY story.

  • Maria Romo

    Loved Game Change. Sara Palins arrogance really came through just like it does now.

  • Anonymous

    Did not need a movie to let us know what we knew about Sarah Palin all along. The thing that strikes me is that the American people almost bought it – they were so desperate, that they were –><– *this close* to putting this woman ignorant of all things NOT Alaska into a position "one heartbeat" away from the leader of the free world. I cringed every time she opened her mouth during the campaign and was disturbed at the mentality of an American people who found her engaging or intelligent in any way, shape or form. However, watching the movie was just comical, and you thinking that the criticism from the McCain staffers was unwarranted is just SAD. Get a grip.

    • Denise

      Use your name coward.

  • Kathy Berden

    I watched it and thought the portrayal of a strong willed woman was shown. This of course, is not a benefit if the person refuses to roll over and back down. That being said, Sarah Palin is a definition of a strong person who won’t back down or give in. I’m proud of her ambition. If politicians gave as much courage as she did, it would be a different race all together. But, society is hash tagged and trending the bad, the bullshit, lies and any dirt to make another look bad. None of this has anything to do with the real issues. It’s junior high school BS. And the public eats it up. There wouldn’t be anyone speaking if you left all the junk out… Except for Sarah Palin. Keep focused. Keep going!

  • Rosali Elzig

    Why do people have so much hate in their hearts today? What happened to “love others like you love yourself?” The Palin’s family are nice people and don’t deserve to be treated like criminals. Be tolerant people! nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. God have mercy on all of you whom are judging that family without really knowing them. Bristol,God bless you and your son.

  • Kathy

    Bristol !!! You ARE your Mother’s daughter !!! I would never watch game change… BUT…. I did watch the Undefeated ( with tears in my eyes for what could have been) 3 times on Reelz. I also purchased the DVD. Like some others, it left me VERY impressed with your Mom’s astounding career in Alaska. AND…. VERY sad that she is not our Vice President at this crucial time of our country. She is 100% MORE qualified than obama ever could think of being… and THAT is a FACT!! I am so VERY sorry for the way your entire family has been treated by some.

    LOVED your letter to obama !!! Boom – taste my nightstick !!! tee hee – Has he called you yet to apologize ?? Didn’t think so !!!

    Love your whole family !!! Keep up the GOOD fight !!!!

  • lee

    When I was a kid and someone seemed to hate me for no reason, my parents would tell me, “Oh, they’re just jealous.” Maybe they were right–and maybe that is one reason there is so much hate directed against Sarah Palin and her family.

    Here is a woman who is extremely attractive, married to a very attractive man, with whom she has a BEAUTIFUL family. She didn’t go to the “right schools” and yet she is very intelligent, very articulate and she got to be a governor, a well-respected political leader, and a vice-presidential nominee. She also is not exactly a “typical feminist”: she has a good-sized family, she is church-going, she can defend herself, she can take down and dress a deer, and she is pretty, and celebrates her prettiness. When life threw what others see as a curve ball to others–the birth of a child with Down’s Syndrome–she didn’t see it that way and welcomed her beautiful baby with as much love as ever. And she doesn’t come across as a woman who feels the way to be powerful over men is by emasculating them (like a few women leaders I can think of.) Plus, she is married to someone who is both manly and gentlemanly. And unlike some of the female political leaders from “the other side of the aisle,” she got to where she did ON HER OWN, not riding the coattails of her husband, father, uncle or brother…

    Maybe that is it–they are jealous! There’s a lot to be jealous of!