Gas Costs How Much?

Americans experience “sticker shock” every time they go to the gas station to fill up their vehicle.  I certainly do. I drive a truck in Alaska.  Here, you have to drive something big and safe to meet the challenges of icy roads, moose collisions, hauling family members, and carrying equipment.  (Before you even start writing your snarky comments, don’t tell me to trade my truck in for a goofy little Volt – I doubt a Volt would even have enough oomph to warm the car up here!)

Anyone else feeling the pain at the pump?

Well, tune in to Fox News on Friday night for an energy special co-hosted by my mom.  Unlike President Obama, she’s willing to talk about solutions to the problems we all face with rising energy prices. Her special is called ‘Paying at the Pump’ and you’ll hear answers to the nation’s rising gas price problems! And keep in mind that rising oil prices don’t just effect gasoline prices, but every petroleum product that touches our everyday lives – like plastics, fertilizers, jet fuel, and just about everything else surrounding you.

So tune in on Friday to find out some solutions.  President Obama, if you aren’t doing anything, you might want to watch!

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  • Ron Devito

    $4.20/gallon for 87 Octane Regular here in NY. Across the river in NJ, it’s .50 to .60 cheaper. Why? TAXES. NJ has some of the cheapest fuel taxes in the country. So, it’s around $3.60 – $3.70 there depending on where you go. Even that is very high, but the taxes play a large part and as you can see, my state has very high taxes.

    And…here’s the best part. It’s not even for want of crude. We have not built a single refinery in this nation in 35 years. So, aside from having to import from enemies, we don’t have enough refineries – the lack of which was at least partially responsible for gas reaching this high post-Hurricane Katrina.

  • Madeleine McAulay

    As a 16 year old & brand new driver, I feel the pain of these ridiculous gas prices.

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  • Sheila

    Were feeling pump pain in Hawaii! Glad to see the topic addressed!

  • http://EileenS Eileen Steller

    Now that Easter is behind us, the price of gas in Knoxville has gone down to $3.74. When gas prices got high under President Bush, he increased oil production and the price went down. When President Obama took office, the price was something like $1.83 a gallon. Hopefully someone from the White House will be watching your Mom and Erics special tomorrow night at 10pm to see how the experts would handle this painful experience all drivers suffer when we fill up.

    • myj

      Not ture…. September 2008 it was almost $5 a gal…. The President do not have control over the gas prices, becuase it sold over the international market.

  • Doug

    Thats right Bristol you have got to have a good truck up there. The office wimps think there are paved roads every were . Every thing we buy comes by truck . I live in Florida things are far apart in places . When I retired I thought I would go fishing or hunting all the time but with gas so high I just stay home. Tell your Mom to give them hell. God bless you and your family.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Those “goofy” battery cars! What a joke!!! Rev that TRUCK!!! Nice and loud!
    Your mom sure knows how to pin point a problem that the GOP just wont address. Thank God for her!
    Keep blogging, Bristol!

  • bellagrazi

    Is that the same truck you drove to L.A., Bristol? You must have a lot of mileage on that truck! Haha Two energy experts talking energy solutions. I’ll definitely be tuning in. I’m pretty sure Obama won’t be tuning in. His energy policy is to drive up energy costs, so that the American people are forced to drive tin cans. Keep fighting the good fight, Bristol! That is a very sexy, black truck. I love the plate. Shows where your heart is.

  • Jason

    I hope it clears up and prices drop soon. Gas prices are hurting my business. I build and paint motorcycles. Even though a motorcycle can get 200+ miles out of five gallons of gas, no one wants to pay over twenty dollars for five gallons of gas! twenty three dollars and five gallons in my truck gets me an eighth of a tank. I look forward to seeing your mom give Obama some pointers. And like I say evrytime I respond to something you post, tell your mom to run for president!