The Whole Fam

The Whole Fam April 12, 2012

The best thing about the holidays is getting together with family.  But when my family gets together, it’s a real crowd.  Here we are on Easter.

One things for sure — we didn’t have to worry about the chocolate in the eggs melting. Can you spot me? Mom? Dad? Click on the photo to enlarge!

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  • Christine Lathrop

    Bristol, I enjoy all of your posts. I am a big fan of your Mom. I have all of her books, and I worked on the McCain/Palin compaign back in 2008. I wish she would have run this year, I am going to write her name in on my ballot. I will not vote for Mitt Romney, I have no liberal blood cells in my body, only conservative ones! Love to you and your family. Christine, Mesa, Arizona

    • Heidi

      The you are voting for Obama… I too would love to have Sarah as President of the US.. BUT, from the beginning, it was ABO anyone but Obama.. Do you really think this country would survive another 4 years under Obama? I don’t..

  • Kathleen Henthorn

    Lovely family. Bristol, I adore you and your mother. It’s nice for me to know there are others out there that share my views. I’ll be 59 this friday and have raised my family and now enjoying the rewards of being grandma. My hubby Jim and I will celebrate our 43 anniversary the 28th of this month,we have been truly blessed. I hope all is well with the Palin family and pray that you and your mother stay strong in your beliefs. The conservative women, young and old need each other more than ever now. God Bless you and your family.

  • steve lorenz

    Of all the mistakes ive made in my life,,when I was a young man,,I should have made my way to ALASKA ,,I have allways loved it in my minds eye,,And had visited it a few years back for two weeks,,polotics,,I knooo nahseeeng,,however who knows,,ALASKA might be a dream for now,,,,how can I get there what will I do,,,,who could I work for,,where would I stay,,for now its a nice dream,
    keep on keepin on SARAH, what will be will be,,

  • Virginia Revord

    I Love your family photos, I sure wish your Mom would have ran for President this year.

  • Gina

    Yes, I see your parents hiding out in the back. 🙂 Is that Piper in the middle? My gosh, she got tall!!

  • Lots of smiling faces there. Obviously a blessed family. I pray for many many more for all of you.
    – Pedro, Clermont, FL.

  • Love the family pic!

  • Tonya Tompkins

    I wish she was running we have no one good to vote for. Dont want Romney but hes better then what we have for SURE. Our president is shameful

  • Kevin Lawson

    You guys are awesome! Blessings from Fairbanks!

  • Donna. Roofe ( bell)

    I enjoy seeing pics of your family. I grew up in wasilla and went to school with your uncle chuck and your mom and your grandpa was my teacher …many happy memories…..thanks

  • Ok, I spotted your Mom,Dad,you,and grandparents so who are the rest of the gang?
    Is Piper in the purple jacket?

  • Linda

    Beautiful picture! Living in western Washington…I feel like we’re close neighbors to beautiful Alaska. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family. I love your mom and all she stands for.

  • Bob

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Vincent Yu

    you need a chubby Asian guy in there! lol…God Bless ur family and great pic!

  • Millie

    You have a very fine family and I always love to look at your picture that you
    put up. I enjoy reading all of your blogs to. I was really excited when I found out
    you were going to do this. You and your mom stay strong and just know that
    both of you have a lot of followers and supporters. I also was hoping your
    mom was going to run this time. Felt like she was the only one that could
    turn things around. Looking forward to hearing more from you and also
    your pictures!

  • Great photo, spotted your mom right away! And holy cow Piper has really hit a growth spurt hasnt she! She is getting tall. Lovely pic.

    You have to admit that Sunday ended up quite nice, although I thoroughly enjoyed the snow we got the day before.

    Any chance you or your mom will make it to the rally this weekend at Wasilla Lake, hosted by the Conservative Patriots Group? My family and I will be there, sure would love to see you all there!

  • Grannie Annie


  • Ken Kates

    Love seeing you all…with Mom and Dad in the last row…..we only wish all of our pols would understand what is improtant…bless.

  • Caroline Jenkins

    Beautiful family, Bristol. Thanks for the post.

  • Joseph

    You have a beautiful family, Bristol! Dang, that Piper sure is growing up! I didn’t recognize her at first; she’s getting tall! Thanks for sharing! And you look gorgeous as always! 🙂

  • Erin Scott

    Great family picture!!!!

  • Lindsay

    Is the guy behind you a family member or your boyfriend … he is cute !!! 🙂 I see your mom on the far right and Piper in the purple jacket 🙂

  • Ed Robbins

    Looks like your mom & dad were trying to hide.

  • janice gundersen


  • Estela Moser Vaden

    So nice to see such a large loving family. Reminds me of my family in Alaska… The Moser family!

  • Kim

    what a great family. You are a lucky young woman to have these wonderful people in your life.

  • Rockn350L

    You have a wonderful family. You all look happy and I know that there is always plenty of food at these gatherings.

  • truga

    Is Sarah the one wearing the bikini?

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome photo, Bristol! I can spot you, Gino, Tripp, Mom, Dad, Piper, Grandpa, Grandma and Britta. I assume the others are Uncle’s, Aunt’s, Cousin’s, etc. Dang, you have a big family! Tripp’s looking the wrong way. Hahaha I assume Trig is behind your Grandpa. I don’t see Willow. And, of course, Track is in Afghanistan. He is always in my prayers, Bristol. We thank him for his service. So great to finally see Kyla Grace. She’s got really cute chubby little cheeks. Thank you so much for sharing this family photo with us, Bristol. Your family is amazing.

  • Kevin Vita

    That is a great picture!!!
    Hope you have a great spring up there in Alaska.

  • Steve

    Great photo, love grandpa’s boots!!!

  • Matt Threlfall

    It didn’t take me long to spot your parents! Great picture! America loves the Palin and Heath family!!!!

  • Naomi Deal

    Thanks for your positive attitude!

  • Kayleigh

    Love the Picture, loooove your grandpa’s boots, my did always had a black pair of “Mickey Mouse” boots 🙂 so sweet, You look A-MAZING 🙂

  • You have a lovely family, from the looks of it, and a blessing of a positive attitude.

  • Rick Patel

    Lovely photo of America’s favorite family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bader


    I have just finished from reading your book – it was such a pleasure.

    Cheers from Kuwait!

  • Molly

    Where’s Willow?!

  • nolibgal

    Love it!!! No special lighting effects, no makeup, no hairstylists, no wardrobe, NO gimmicks!! Just a true American family. One that looks like mine, because we are the REAL ones. Thanks for the peek!

  • Jonna

    I’m loving grandpa’s bunny boots!

  • Misty

    Love the pic and thanks for sharing it! Who are the two cute babies?

  • Bonny Batman

    Get a kick out of families like that. Mine would only fill a corner. Love the picture, and chocolates are good melted or not. Enjoying your site and in put. Take care Love you guys

  • G8rmom7

    I bet pictures and moments like that make your Grandparents SO HAPPY! It’s wonderful to have such a big and loving family!

  • jose

    I pray for everyone, Bristol!

  • Gordon Groves

    Great Picture! Thank you for sharing. Love reading your Blog. Love your family, had the pleasure of seeing your Mom and Dad at a Rally in Jeff City, MO the day before the last election. Enclosed is a Pic of our grandkids on Easter, a little greener here but the family warmth is the same.

  • otlset

    Nice picture! It could make a good album cover for your family “Sgt Palin’s Happy Hearts Club Band”

  • Family is important.

  • Cute! Haha, I spotted you all right away 🙂 Piper made me laugh; so full of life. So happy for you. <3


  • Admire your family…wish every one could have a supportive family like yours.

  • Love the pic. I pray for your family all the time. I had the blessing of meeting your Mom at the Extraordinary Women conference in Greenville, SC March 17. Was able to wave to your Dad 🙂 Wonderfful people.

  • Rosali Elzig

    Don’t tell me that Piper is the one with the red shirt and pants beside Mackenzy? Because she looks so tall! or maybe she is not in the picture because i don’t see her. Your dad is hiding behind the blonde lady,and Chuck looks very relax with his boots on. I loved this picture. And yes! i see your mom.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Greetings from Australia, Bristol. I’m a great fan and supporter of your mom and your entire family.

    Is that black haired girl on your left Willow? She doesn’t look like Willow to me.

  • aaron krohn

    This is like that puzzle, “Where is Carmen San Diego?”, or whatever it was called!!
    Is that Willow, then Piper to your left??
    Piper looks so different!! Much bigger!!
    Is that McKinley in front of Piper??
    Where’s Track??
    Is that Track’s wife holding Kyla next to you?/
    I know your mom and dad, and grandparents, as well as Molly and Heather and your Uncle Chuck!!
    Which one is Happy (the name, not emotion!! LOL), the one I saw in SPAK??
    Whoever everyone is, it’s quite a group!!
    Sarah could win the election with just the Palin–Heath votes!!!
    Thanks for the photo……..
    and your blog!!!

  • Gail Jones

    Piper and McKinley have grown so much!
    I almost did not recognize Heather and her son.
    Great picture.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Hey, Bristol,

    Thanks for the pic. Everyone looks great. My best to all, especially the little ones, and your terrific parents.

  • And a Happy Easter frm the Norton Clan rt back ats ya… ^5 ,*__*, … : – ) ~~~ … !

  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks… Always look forward to these pics…..God Bless

  • Sorrel Jakins

    I didn’t see your Mom, but I did see Tina Fey!

  • Where was Tripp???? 🙁

  • Robert Folino

    Bristol…if you ever read this..i must say that, to me you are still one hot babe..i do hope you fine a nice guy..otherwise i’d be willing to fly to alaska and introdoce myself….robert

  • Jeanne Syverson

    Looks like a nice family. We have a small family!

  • Ray

    yes young lady, i found You, your Mom and Dad.. but as far as a big family is concerned,, my Mom had 9 brothers and one sister,, the one with the least amount of kids is my Mom and her Sister with 3 each, the rest range up to 6 kids,, now those have kids and their kids.. so you can only imagine the size of my family… have a nice day and God bless You and your Family…