Gas Costs How Much?

Gas Costs How Much? April 12, 2012

Americans experience “sticker shock” every time they go to the gas station to fill up their vehicle.  I certainly do. I drive a truck in Alaska.  Here, you have to drive something big and safe to meet the challenges of icy roads, moose collisions, hauling family members, and carrying equipment.  (Before you even start writing your snarky comments, don’t tell me to trade my truck in for a goofy little Volt – I doubt a Volt would even have enough oomph to warm the car up here!)

Anyone else feeling the pain at the pump?

Well, tune in to Fox News on Friday night for an energy special co-hosted by my mom.  Unlike President Obama, she’s willing to talk about solutions to the problems we all face with rising energy prices. Her special is called ‘Paying at the Pump’ and you’ll hear answers to the nation’s rising gas price problems! And keep in mind that rising oil prices don’t just effect gasoline prices, but every petroleum product that touches our everyday lives – like plastics, fertilizers, jet fuel, and just about everything else surrounding you.

So tune in on Friday to find out some solutions.  President Obama, if you aren’t doing anything, you might want to watch!

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  • $4.20/gallon for 87 Octane Regular here in NY. Across the river in NJ, it’s .50 to .60 cheaper. Why? TAXES. NJ has some of the cheapest fuel taxes in the country. So, it’s around $3.60 – $3.70 there depending on where you go. Even that is very high, but the taxes play a large part and as you can see, my state has very high taxes.

    And…here’s the best part. It’s not even for want of crude. We have not built a single refinery in this nation in 35 years. So, aside from having to import from enemies, we don’t have enough refineries – the lack of which was at least partially responsible for gas reaching this high post-Hurricane Katrina.

  • Madeleine McAulay

    As a 16 year old & brand new driver, I feel the pain of these ridiculous gas prices.

  • Sheila

    Were feeling pump pain in Hawaii! Glad to see the topic addressed!

  • Now that Easter is behind us, the price of gas in Knoxville has gone down to $3.74. When gas prices got high under President Bush, he increased oil production and the price went down. When President Obama took office, the price was something like $1.83 a gallon. Hopefully someone from the White House will be watching your Mom and Erics special tomorrow night at 10pm to see how the experts would handle this painful experience all drivers suffer when we fill up.

    • myj

      Not ture…. September 2008 it was almost $5 a gal…. The President do not have control over the gas prices, becuase it sold over the international market.

  • Doug

    Thats right Bristol you have got to have a good truck up there. The office wimps think there are paved roads every were . Every thing we buy comes by truck . I live in Florida things are far apart in places . When I retired I thought I would go fishing or hunting all the time but with gas so high I just stay home. Tell your Mom to give them hell. God bless you and your family.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Those “goofy” battery cars! What a joke!!! Rev that TRUCK!!! Nice and loud!
    Your mom sure knows how to pin point a problem that the GOP just wont address. Thank God for her!
    Keep blogging, Bristol!

  • bellagrazi

    Is that the same truck you drove to L.A., Bristol? You must have a lot of mileage on that truck! Haha Two energy experts talking energy solutions. I’ll definitely be tuning in. I’m pretty sure Obama won’t be tuning in. His energy policy is to drive up energy costs, so that the American people are forced to drive tin cans. Keep fighting the good fight, Bristol! That is a very sexy, black truck. I love the plate. Shows where your heart is.

  • Jason

    I hope it clears up and prices drop soon. Gas prices are hurting my business. I build and paint motorcycles. Even though a motorcycle can get 200+ miles out of five gallons of gas, no one wants to pay over twenty dollars for five gallons of gas! twenty three dollars and five gallons in my truck gets me an eighth of a tank. I look forward to seeing your mom give Obama some pointers. And like I say evrytime I respond to something you post, tell your mom to run for president!

  • Joseph

    I’ll definitely be tuning in! I had to go get gas yesterday, the price was like $3.56 here in OK. I put in $20 worth and that only filled up half the tank. So it would take $40 to fill the whole tank! All I can say is, it should be lower!

  • Steve

    Nice truck, what’ll it do in the standing quarter???

  • Allison

    So we can’t leave snarky comments for you, but you can make snarky comments to the President? Keepin’ in classy, huh?

  • Bob

    You make fun of the Volt, I guess you don’t know much about Cars or electricity.

    • Nova

      You’re right there, the volt is one of the hottest cars there is , when it’s ON FIRE!

      • Frederick Lang

        Unless they’ve improved on the technology, cars using battery power were not getting the mileage or tork it was advertised as getting. No, in Alaska, you need a vehicle that can brave the elements and do the work with the power you need to haul materials and people in a cold environment and if you are willing to pay the price. Besides, the truck was her “choice” and since we live in a society that demands our choices, it’s no one’s business what she or anyone drives I suppose.

    • LMA

      I don’t think she cares about innovation or technological improvements.

  • Marvin

    Rising gas prices increase the price of everything,
    every store in the world uses trucks to bring the goods to market,
    every truck driver is paying higher prices for gas.

    Lower gas prices benefit everybody, higher gas prices benefit a select few.
    AND your corner gas station does NOT benefit from higher prices.

  • Bob

    A Truck is needed for Alaska, due to the severe conditions, but not always needed in California and other sunny states. We need to use all forms of energy in a conservative way and not waste it. What works best, under various conditions. We will always need oil, gas, solar, wind, wave, and other forms of energy to become independent. A new form of energy, may be discovered and make them all obsolete. Keep and open mind. Nice truck, anyway.

  • Alaska really is one of those places you need a bigger car, we have an old, beefy jeep we drive in the winter and then a good ol’ ford we break out in the summer time to help with the gas prices. (We just hit 4.35 a gallon up here in Fairbanks!) I think it’s good for everyone in get in the talk about energy, it’s one of those things that’s going to take a lot of work and collaboration.

  • Lena

    You do realize that gas prices have nothing to do with the sitting President or his policies on energy exploration, and everything do with global supply and demand, right? … You are aware, certainly, that if the President and Congress today were to open up every single state for massive unchecked oil exploration, the crude oil pumped would not be ready for the gas tank of your nice truck for another several years? …Of course you are.

    • Frederick Lang

      You’re an expert?

    • LMA

      I remember going to pick my husband up from Fort Bragg in 2006 in my new SUV crossover. I was shocked for two reasons: 1) I paid $2.52/gallon for gas in NC, and 2) I was under the impression that our war in Iraq would keep the US in oil for quite a while. I was misinformed; we all are. Presidents DO NOT CONTROL OIL PRICES.

      • otlset

        You were misinformed. The war in Iraq had nothing to do with securing oil for us.

        Bush was hammered for rising gas prices. It’s Obama’s turn now, especially given his hostile attitude to developing our own petroleum resources.

    • otlset

      The sooner we get started on developing our petroleum resources, the quicker we will start receiving the benefits of doing so, not the least of which include getting out from under our dependence on foreign oil from producers whose policies are anti-American.

      And let’s not forget the multitude of real private-sector, wealth-producing jobs (unlike government jobs that do not produce wealth, but instead just take wealth from the taxpayers — and help increase our nation’s historic multi-trillion dollar debt, which the media and the Obama administration is attempting to deflect attention from by smearing Republicans claiming a phony “war on women”) such development would create.

  • Georgia

    This article is fantastic. Well done, Bristol! Well done!

  • Shelley

    Love you Bristol!!! You are the best!!!

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol 🙂

    Nice Truck!

    Liberals don’t read. Period.
    Oil is in everything. Everything.
    If we don’t contribute to the global demand prices will rise and keep rising. This is basic economics.


  • Frederick Lang

    There are responders on this blog who are actually trying to rewrite history almost while it’s being made on how econ 101 supply and demands policies works in a free market capitalist economy. Bristol, you drive that truck all you want and after Obama gets defeated in November, we can plan our lives a little better. God bless.

    • Amen to that! I drive a Suburban in Texas by the way. Another thing Obama would hate, since he hates Texas and freedom.

  • Sarah Johnson

    We should definitely drill for oil where we can. Why buy it elsewhere? Obama has cut out the oil business in this country that has a history of making lots of jobs available. What is he thinking??? Nothing like this Texas girl!

  • Jan

    Thanks for the reminder. We had already noted to watch Eric tonight because your mom is on it. Eric and Fox Business are one of our favorites. We watched Sean Hannity last night just to see your mom too. We do not watch many of the Fox pundits because they push the GOP ESTABLISHMENT agenda too hard.

  • We are paying over 4 bucks/gal here in Maryland. It is hurting us car drivers too, see: and how we are complaining about it:

  • Barbara Landi

    Gas prices affect everything because everything is moved to your local store by oil, including your FOOD. Gas prices have doubled under BHO…HELLO! They won’t get any lower as long as he is the president because he LIKES them high. Nothing painful about high gas prices for him!

  • David Dempsey

    Fuel prices here are $3.80 per gal. for regular. Fuel prices and the Price of everything that you buy at the Store have gone Up steadily since Obama has been in Office. Time for a Change in Nov. 2012. OMG = Obama Must Go !

  • Sam Adams

    Cool truck, Bristol.
    Have fun driving the tires off of it.
    High gas prices are hiking food prices exponentially also and this is further killing this economy.
    Like we need another thing to do that….
    Thank God for the natural gas boom in ND.
    At least Americans know we can find it if Obamanation will just get out of the way. Drill, baby drill!

    Your Mom knows the way to access energy.
    Wish we knew the way to access her in this next government.

  • I have a compact car – a Prizm from the previous century – but that’s all I need for my suburban lifestyle. Because the gas tank is not so big I haven’t spent over $50 for a fill-up yet. But it could happen if the gas price goes up another dollar or so. Who knows?

  • Doug

    Hi Bristol I wrote you on this yesterday on facebook buut just wanted to say Hi!! God bless..

  • Robin

    Love her I’ll be watching for sure.

  • Chuck

    here in randolph n.y.,, in catt. county, it is 4.12 a gallon, down here you need a truck also, we are in the snow belt of lake erie. it is truly a shame

  • Yes, I will also be watching our Sarah as she speaks with Eric on our countries fuel prices. Funny how my leftest friends think that gas should be even higher. They think that will “force” the country to use alternative forms of energy. As if we have some amazing source sitting in a closet waiting to be discovered. Yes, we should try to promote the finding of clean energy, but we MUST have enough fossil fuel to run our economy in the mean time. Love to listen to what FOX and its wonderful personalities will tell us tonight!! Bless you, Bristol!!

  • I hear ya! Today I paid 4.27 at the Tesoro at Pittman and Parks….I drive an F350 and I just want to cry as I watch the prices climb. However, for many of the same reasons you stated, I prefer to drive a truck in Alaska and wont be getting rid of mine. My husband commutes to Eagle River from where we live, almost 60 miles round trip, and we ended up getting a Ford Escape so at least he has a fuel friendly vehicle for his driving.

  • Bristol, I drive a 250 Dodge Ram here in rainy San Diego. I feel yeah! I guess I have to look at the bright side. I don’t have to spend $20 a day on gas going to the job I was laid off from in Nov. ???!!! Good times.

  • Dittobugs

    In Dillingham (rural southwest alaska) gas is holding steady at $6.42/gal.

  • Rick Patel

    Wealthy, corrupt Democrat politicians & Hollywood limousine liberals don’t care about ordinary Americans who work hard & struggle to survive.

  • Bob R.

    It looks like the Ford could also use a wash. I own the carwashes in Belpre OH and if you are ever in the area, ( your mom was close to here in 2008 ) the clean-up is on me.

  • Dan

    Why are you driving a Communist motors I mean Chrysler product? BUY FORD the only company to do the right thing no bail out money!

  • Jenna

    Watching right now. Gas in HI is the second highest in the nation.

  • kate

    Well done M/s Bristol you are so like your Mum, go ‘sock it to all the gripers out there’. Liked your license plate!

  • Kristen

    I was in the audience ! Your mom was awesome! 🙂

  • TammyChicago

    Bristol, I love that you’re doing this blog. I admire your desire to become involved and support your mother. I love your sense of self and the abundance of confidence that you exude. It is obvious that you come from a long line of people who value their role as a parent. I have no doubt that this trait has manifested in you. I believe that the Palin family is living proof that God blesses those who have a healthy heart with a healthy mind. Please continue to remain vocal about the things you care about.

  • Michele W.

    I appreciate her every day for being proactive in her concern for the well-being of all Americans and our nation as a whole. Keep up the good work sweetie. 🙂

  • Leona

    Hi Bristol, love your truck, is it the same one you took to Hollywood few summers ago?

  • Amber Gardner

    HI Bristol! Love the blog! You are right about needing something bigger than a Volt here in Alaska. I would not feel safe on the highway in the winter time driving anything small. I used to commute from Hatchers Pass to Eagle River every day for work and it cost me about $500-$600 a month in fuel. But to me it was worth it having 4 wheel drive on especially cruddy days! I look forward to hearing what your mom has to say about the rising gas prices. Take care!

  • Dennis McHale

    Bristol, have I ever told you I admire the way you think? Oh! yes I have. Well keep it up, we can never have too many strong voices. Enjoy that “TRIPP” mobile.

    • dyz

      Yeah! The “TRIPP” mobile! So nice you can afford a vehicle like that when most single moms are struggling.

  • Loved the special last night. I admire you Bristol for standing up for what you believe in like your Mom. You both are to be applauded for standing up for what’s right and not letting the haters get you down. Your Mom offers up great energy solutions. I love your comment about the Volt 🙂

  • I have to say that first, I adore your blog. Second, your sense of humor (um, like the awesome Volt comment. I lived in AK for 9 years–can you even IMAGINE what would be left of that if it hit a moose???) cracks me up. Third, I appreciate your fresh insights on faith based things. It’s so hard to be real and anything resembling transparent as a Christian anyway and I’m sure its harder for you with SO many more people watching you than are watching the rest of us. Fourth, you seem like a great mom. If you have any suggestions for entertaining toddler boys, pass them along–we play a lot of cars but I’m hunting more inspiration. =)

  • Millie


    I really enjoyed hearing your mom on “Paying at the Pump.” She is so knowledgable on energy.
    I have alot of respect for her and what she is doing to enlighten the people. That special was
    a eye opener. I hope that she will continue to put information out there to get the truth out.
    Sure wish she was running for president.

  • Paul

    Most people that have commented on my Suburban have never lived in the country, in fact most of them drive a car that can’t even navigate my driveway without having problems. If keeping yourself and kids safe means spending more at the pump then how can someone rationally make any other decision??

  • Since when did Patheos start advertising for Fox News?

    Congrats on jumping the shark!

  • Helen


    Off topic: Your mother looked so beautiful on “Pain at the Pump” show with Bolling. She is a classic beauty and doesn’t need to hide behind bangs. Beatiful, perfect bone structure should not be hidden behind a bunch of hair. With her hair away from her face she looks so different and classicly beautiful.

    I saw her on TV once as she and your dad just go off the plain at the airport, her hair was soft, long, dark and flowing, her beautiful face exposed, then she went and had her hair done with hairspray and stuff, and she just didn’t look as beautiful as the natural Sarah without the hairspray hairdo.

    Sorry, I know this sound so petty, just let your mom know she is the most beautiful woman in politics EVER!!

    Love the Palin fam – they are the best!

  • Melanie

    Totally gotcha on the needing something safe to drive sister. However, my subaru does great and gets better mileage. Okay okay so you “need” a truck, shouldn’t the conversation about gas prices be more geared towards making cars AND trucks more fuel efficient and not just cheaper? Just a thought. Hoping you care about the future of your son’s environment not just the cost of his gas staying cheap, because it is cheap in comparison to what the rest of the world has been paying for years. Maybe you should read a book or two not written by a member of your mums party…

    • Ann Pinger

      Melanie your Subaru will be hurting bad (and you probably will be too) about the time you plow into a moose that runs across the road in front of you one day… that is, IF you live in Alaska… and if you don’t, who are you to judge what a person in Alaska should be driving? I wonder, if you choose to harvest a moose for your family to eat, where you gonna get it home… on the ROOF? Just a thought. I don’t think you “gotcha” Bristol on the “sister” thing at all, because you don’t seem to comprehend basic knowledge of fossil fuels in America. Hoping you actually know something about Alaska’s untapped resources and how ridiculous of an impact environnmetalists have had on our economy country-wide. Maybe you should read a book or two not written by bunny- and tree-hugging morons…

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  • Thomas M

    I thik the need for fuel efficient vehicles are greater than ever. That’s why the govt is pushing car mfg. to build more efficient vehicles.
    But as the oil demand goes up globally, and the dollar is weak right now, the price will not drop. It’s a very global market.

    Plus the reason your mom can talk about this stuff openly, is b/c she’s not a politician or the president. She was very different when on the campaign trail remember, the amount she had to do to control her speech and what she said.
    If she were the president she would be doing the same thing Obama is.

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  • LJK

    I’m so sick of Americans whining about gas prices… go to Europe and see what WE pay! Right now we pay nearly 4x what you do and we don’t complain about it either. We just get on with it.

  • Simon

    How come when the price of oil goes up, the price of gas goes up but when oil comes down gas stays the same??

    PS. Nice truck… Even though it’s a Dodge. J/K!