Gas Costs How Much?

Americans experience “sticker shock” every time they go to the gas station to fill up their vehicle.  I certainly do. I drive a truck in Alaska.  Here, you have to drive something big and safe to meet the challenges of icy roads, moose collisions, hauling family members, and carrying equipment.  (Before you even start writing your snarky comments, don’t tell me to trade my truck in for a goofy little Volt – I doubt a Volt would even have enough oomph to warm the car up here!)

Anyone else feeling the pain at the pump?

Well, tune in to Fox News on Friday night for an energy special co-hosted by my mom.  Unlike President Obama, she’s willing to talk about solutions to the problems we all face with rising energy prices. Her special is called ‘Paying at the Pump’ and you’ll hear answers to the nation’s rising gas price problems! And keep in mind that rising oil prices don’t just effect gasoline prices, but every petroleum product that touches our everyday lives – like plastics, fertilizers, jet fuel, and just about everything else surrounding you.

So tune in on Friday to find out some solutions.  President Obama, if you aren’t doing anything, you might want to watch!

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  • kate

    Well done M/s Bristol you are so like your Mum, go ‘sock it to all the gripers out there’. Liked your license plate!

  • Kristen

    I was in the audience ! Your mom was awesome! :)

  • TammyChicago

    Bristol, I love that you’re doing this blog. I admire your desire to become involved and support your mother. I love your sense of self and the abundance of confidence that you exude. It is obvious that you come from a long line of people who value their role as a parent. I have no doubt that this trait has manifested in you. I believe that the Palin family is living proof that God blesses those who have a healthy heart with a healthy mind. Please continue to remain vocal about the things you care about.

  • Michele W.

    I appreciate her every day for being proactive in her concern for the well-being of all Americans and our nation as a whole. Keep up the good work sweetie. :)

  • Leona

    Hi Bristol, love your truck, is it the same one you took to Hollywood few summers ago?

  • Amber Gardner

    HI Bristol! Love the blog! You are right about needing something bigger than a Volt here in Alaska. I would not feel safe on the highway in the winter time driving anything small. I used to commute from Hatchers Pass to Eagle River every day for work and it cost me about $500-$600 a month in fuel. But to me it was worth it having 4 wheel drive on especially cruddy days! I look forward to hearing what your mom has to say about the rising gas prices. Take care!

  • Dennis McHale

    Bristol, have I ever told you I admire the way you think? Oh! yes I have. Well keep it up, we can never have too many strong voices. Enjoy that “TRIPP” mobile.

    • dyz

      Yeah! The “TRIPP” mobile! So nice you can afford a vehicle like that when most single moms are struggling.

  • Stephanie

    Loved the special last night. I admire you Bristol for standing up for what you believe in like your Mom. You both are to be applauded for standing up for what’s right and not letting the haters get you down. Your Mom offers up great energy solutions. I love your comment about the Volt :-)

  • Sarah Varland

    I have to say that first, I adore your blog. Second, your sense of humor (um, like the awesome Volt comment. I lived in AK for 9 years–can you even IMAGINE what would be left of that if it hit a moose???) cracks me up. Third, I appreciate your fresh insights on faith based things. It’s so hard to be real and anything resembling transparent as a Christian anyway and I’m sure its harder for you with SO many more people watching you than are watching the rest of us. Fourth, you seem like a great mom. If you have any suggestions for entertaining toddler boys, pass them along–we play a lot of cars but I’m hunting more inspiration. =)

  • Millie


    I really enjoyed hearing your mom on “Paying at the Pump.” She is so knowledgable on energy.
    I have alot of respect for her and what she is doing to enlighten the people. That special was
    a eye opener. I hope that she will continue to put information out there to get the truth out.
    Sure wish she was running for president.