Gas Costs How Much?

Americans experience “sticker shock” every time they go to the gas station to fill up their vehicle.  I certainly do. I drive a truck in Alaska.  Here, you have to drive something big and safe to meet the challenges of icy roads, moose collisions, hauling family members, and carrying equipment.  (Before you even start writing your snarky comments, don’t tell me to trade my truck in for a goofy little Volt – I doubt a Volt would even have enough oomph to warm the car up here!)

Anyone else feeling the pain at the pump?

Well, tune in to Fox News on Friday night for an energy special co-hosted by my mom.  Unlike President Obama, she’s willing to talk about solutions to the problems we all face with rising energy prices. Her special is called ‘Paying at the Pump’ and you’ll hear answers to the nation’s rising gas price problems! And keep in mind that rising oil prices don’t just effect gasoline prices, but every petroleum product that touches our everyday lives – like plastics, fertilizers, jet fuel, and just about everything else surrounding you.

So tune in on Friday to find out some solutions.  President Obama, if you aren’t doing anything, you might want to watch!

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  • Paul

    Most people that have commented on my Suburban have never lived in the country, in fact most of them drive a car that can’t even navigate my driveway without having problems. If keeping yourself and kids safe means spending more at the pump then how can someone rationally make any other decision??

  • Christian

    Since when did Patheos start advertising for Fox News?

    Congrats on jumping the shark!

  • Helen


    Off topic: Your mother looked so beautiful on “Pain at the Pump” show with Bolling. She is a classic beauty and doesn’t need to hide behind bangs. Beatiful, perfect bone structure should not be hidden behind a bunch of hair. With her hair away from her face she looks so different and classicly beautiful.

    I saw her on TV once as she and your dad just go off the plain at the airport, her hair was soft, long, dark and flowing, her beautiful face exposed, then she went and had her hair done with hairspray and stuff, and she just didn’t look as beautiful as the natural Sarah without the hairspray hairdo.

    Sorry, I know this sound so petty, just let your mom know she is the most beautiful woman in politics EVER!!

    Love the Palin fam – they are the best!

  • Melanie

    Totally gotcha on the needing something safe to drive sister. However, my subaru does great and gets better mileage. Okay okay so you “need” a truck, shouldn’t the conversation about gas prices be more geared towards making cars AND trucks more fuel efficient and not just cheaper? Just a thought. Hoping you care about the future of your son’s environment not just the cost of his gas staying cheap, because it is cheap in comparison to what the rest of the world has been paying for years. Maybe you should read a book or two not written by a member of your mums party…

    • Ann Pinger

      Melanie your Subaru will be hurting bad (and you probably will be too) about the time you plow into a moose that runs across the road in front of you one day… that is, IF you live in Alaska… and if you don’t, who are you to judge what a person in Alaska should be driving? I wonder, if you choose to harvest a moose for your family to eat, where you gonna get it home… on the ROOF? Just a thought. I don’t think you “gotcha” Bristol on the “sister” thing at all, because you don’t seem to comprehend basic knowledge of fossil fuels in America. Hoping you actually know something about Alaska’s untapped resources and how ridiculous of an impact environnmetalists have had on our economy country-wide. Maybe you should read a book or two not written by bunny- and tree-hugging morons…

  • Cheryl

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  • Thomas M

    I thik the need for fuel efficient vehicles are greater than ever. That’s why the govt is pushing car mfg. to build more efficient vehicles.
    But as the oil demand goes up globally, and the dollar is weak right now, the price will not drop. It’s a very global market.

    Plus the reason your mom can talk about this stuff openly, is b/c she’s not a politician or the president. She was very different when on the campaign trail remember, the amount she had to do to control her speech and what she said.
    If she were the president she would be doing the same thing Obama is.

  • Cheryl
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  • LJK

    I’m so sick of Americans whining about gas prices… go to Europe and see what WE pay! Right now we pay nearly 4x what you do and we don’t complain about it either. We just get on with it.

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