Jesus Loves Trig, This I Know

Vacation Bible School: sweet songs, store bought cookies, juice, and Trig.

Here’s a sweet photo of him on his first day of VBS!

How many of you are taking part in this old tradition this summer?

My favorite song, of course, was Jesus Loves Me.

What were some of your favorite songs you used to sing during those week-long bible studies?

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  • Cristolmeth Palin

    Put down the bible and educate yourself on real facts. Inbred moron

    • Wynter

      Wow, how nasty can you be? Let me guess, you are an Obama supporter right? Figures! The “tolerance” of the left is just astounding! Why do you think it’s ok to come to this blog post about an innocent little baby and call people nasty names?

      Have you been using crystal meth (based on your “username”)? Sounds like it.

    • Faith

      Cristolmeth, grow up. This is about a child. Take your garbage elsewhere. We don’t want to hear it.

  • Gregory Russo

    Well this past summer, I was a Counselor for my Church’s VBS as was last year. This years theme was water.

  • http://Bristol'sBlog Helen Wiley

    Trig is so adorable! Of course Trigg is too. When I was a teen I taught the toddlers and beginners in VBS. He looks so sweet and happy and such a beautiful child. I watched you on Dancing w/Stars and you did very well. Was so proud of you last year when you were in the final 3. May God continue to bless all the Palins and use your lives in a mighty way.

  • Christie K Texas

    I worked in crafts this year at VBS! I love it! My favorite song was “Lord’s Army”. I loved all that marching and everything being an active child!