On Second Thought: Episode One

On Second Thought: Episode One June 21, 2012

So, it’s crazy to see your life unfold on television! Before the premiere of Lifetime’s newest show, “Life’s a Tripp,” I was a little nervous. I’d almost gotten used to the cameras being around back when Mom filmed “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” but this was different. This was my life. And honestly, I sometimes don’t know what my life will hold. After all, I’m only 21 years old. Where will I end up living? What will I end up doing for a job? What sports will Tripp end up loving? Who will I end up marrying?

I look at my life as one big adventure waiting to happen. And most of that life has happened right here in Wasilla, Alaska. I love my home state. I want to raise Tripp in a true Alaskan-fashion – that means, I want him to know how to bait a hook, to play hockey, to ride snow machines, and to be able to withstand the below-zero weather that sometimes drives “flatlanders” away in the harsh winter months. Alaska is a part of me, just like it’s a part of everyone in the Palin family. (In fact, my brother Track even got a tattoo of the Alaska flag before he deployed on his first tour.)

However, if you saw tonight’s episode, you saw me make a decision to leave Alaska and head to Los Angeles. It wasn’t an easy choice. I love dad, mom, and Piper. Oh, and there’s Gino. Some of you might not have realized that I’ve been dating Gino off and on for several years. As you can see, he wasn’t too happy about me packing my bags and heading to California. I think he was worried that I’d find someone in Los Angeles that would sweep me off my feet. After all, everyone there is much more glamorous than what we’re used to. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m not attracted to men who wear oversized sunglasses and skinny jeans. Please. Give me Carhartts and a flannel anyday.

And so he – reluctantly – gave me his blessing. Mom also encouraged me to go. She wants me to try big things, always with the assurance that I can come back home anytime. Of course, this is hard with a three year old.

That’s where my sister Willow comes in. She rolls her eyes more than most people blink their eyes, but she’s also my best friend. Well, depending on the day. We are four years apart, so we’re sometimes best friends and at other times worst enemies. (You’ll see both before this season is through!) When I asked her to leave Wasilla to help me take care of Tripp, she wasn’t too excited. After all, she’s an Alaska girl through-and-through. When she was a kid, Willow loved hanging out with Dad at Valley Polaris, which sold ATVs, watercrafts, and snowmachines. Mom said Willow was raised there on Dad’s hip – that’s where she learned mechanic lingo and became a “motor head.” I couldn’t imagine her living Los Angeles, but sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone!

Thankfully, she did decide to go with me. I wouldn’t have been able to go without her!

On Monday

At the end of tonight’s first episode, you saw at least part of the infamous bar scene, when a man called my mother a whore. On Monday, I’ll talk about the next episode (and that scene in particular as well as the immediate aftermath when I called my mom to tell her about it).  Please come back to this blog for the whole scoop on that unfortunate incident.  I’d love to be able to completely explain what happened and why I reacted the way I did.  To make sure you don’t miss any updates, please subscribe to my blog here!
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  • TheresaAK

    No explanation needed but I’m sure you would like to express your feelings about this horrendous encounter.

    Bristol, as a mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter, all grown up, let me just say my daughter is my best friend….and I have wonderful sons. My daughter didn’t grow up with sisters and I was her parent first, now that she is grown, I am so blessed to be her best friend.

    As a mom and a fellow Alaskan, I am so proud of you and your siblings….you make us proud…so very proud.

    God Bless You, and All of Your Family

    • Jinky

      You’re not exactly the demographic the show is looking for!!!!

      • ellen

        Why it’s on Lifetime? Lifetime televison for Women, I’m sure TheresaAK is exactly the demograhic sought.

  • otlset

    What I would like to do if I lived in Alaska is catch and eat lots of fresh salmon — as much as I could. Salmon is so good for you. I swear I barbequed up some salmon fillets once and after eating my fill (mmmm so good), I could actually feel myself get stronger and healthier as the day wore on! I never forgot that, and now try to eat as much salmon (a bit expensive though here in the lower 48) as I can. The body knows.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled blog program…

  • reid

    Maybe you could rent out Tripp to do commercials. Since he has make the money for you it seems logical. Why waste a child when you can make money off them!!! Sure they end up screwed up with problems, but hey, you made money so all is good!!!!

    • Truth101

      You are the one that is screwed in the head you nutjob freck.

    • U can go back under the brige where u CAME FRM…

      • Jinky

        Hey John

        Did you ever watch the Mr L’s Tavern youtube episode where he mentions your name????
        Continue to work on your spelling.

    • Lynne

      Is that what happened to you reid, you could always try counseling. Some times it help depending on what you are smoking. You should go start your own blog, maybe Bristol could give you some tips.

  • reid

    Palins ROCK!!! What a classy family. They are America”s royal family.

    • liberty

      Well your family disowned you after they found out what you did to that child.

      • liberty


        • Allison

          Just stop.

    • Linda S

      Yes, the Palin’s rock!

  • reid

    Bristol, the Queen of young Mothers who use their children to make money!! GO BRISTOL, GO PALINS !!!!!

    • liberty

      Well reid you should talk about using children YOU CHILD MOLESTING PERVERT.

      • Allison


    • Valentine

      Shoot, can someone remove my post? I just saw more of reid’s comments and realized I’m treading awfully close to the proverbial “pearls before swine” with those two lines. More like “scrolls before trolls” actually.

  • otlset

    reid has obviously graduated to the more powerful *shower* salts, with predictable results.

  • ellen

    Wow Bristol I hope you will take the time to delete some of these sicko post.

  • Misty

    Look forward to the next episode and blog. I’m most looking forward to your episodes in Alaska.

  • Joseph

    Keep up the good work, Bristol! You rock!!! ;D

  • Bristol,
    Thank you for your boldness and best wishes in all u do.

  • Thank you for your boldness. Best wishes in all you do

    • Patriot

      What boldness? She whined and cried and complained the whole episode!

      • Valentine

        Hmm….. you have much to learn about reality TV, my friend. Sally was referring to the kind of person it would take to confront that guy at the bar who called her and her mother a whore, especially given the crap she has already received. You Go Bristol! I wish I would’ve been there

  • bellagrazi

    “She rolls her eyes more than most people blink their eyes”. Hahahahaha! Bristol, I loved your impersonation of Willow when you were with Mark. Hahaha! You two seem like total opposites. I truly hope that Gino is the guy you end up marrying, Bristol. You two are so cute together. You seem to have a real connection. And he’s a true Alaskan guy. Hopefully there is a proposal from Gino in the very near future, Bristol. Until then – Life’s a Tripp.

  • Allison

    Well, that was boring. You could at least have told us who was watching Tripp while the babysitter was busy shopping with you. And why were the Masseys cut out? They were “living” at the house too, weren’t they. Or were you staying at The W? Why does Willow’s and your hair change back and forth?Were all these scenes spliced together? When Willow complains to her friend that she hates L.A. her hair is streaked, like later episodes. Then it goes back to dark Most of the time your hair is super dark, but when you meet Mark, it has streaks. Then back to dark. Don’t tell me that stuff was faked!

    • Patriot


    • Canadian Observer

      Good questions, Allison. Don’t hold your breath waiting for answers, though. If they were to honestly address your points,
      how could they possibly continue to categorize this farce as a ‘reality’ show?

    • otlset

      Aren’t all such shows made up of quick-cut splices culled from hours of footage? And I know of some girls and women who alter their hair to some extent almost daily. And although not explained, is there a possibility that Tripp stayed for a while with one of the show’s producers or staff in the area while the two went shopping? Now that Massey situation I’m not too clear about either, other than I understand at the beginning they were working on a reality show idea together, using Massey’s familiarity with the Hollywood scene and so on. But apparently it didn’t work out and now she’s doing it on her own without Massey’s association (and maybe even production).

  • Philip Gomez

    Hi Bristol,

    I met your parents in December at Mark Burnett’s home. He is one of my biggest clients. I spent the whole evening taking care of your parents and guarding them from the Liberal Sesspool of LA…they are great people. If you ever need anything while living in LA, feel free to call me…..you can follow me @ jrsyboy16inLA or jrsyboy16@gmail.com. if you email me or tweet me, i will forward you my number. I am an Event Planner in Los Angeles and VP of Creative Design for my company. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • LMA

      Actually, it’s spelled “cesspool,” Philip. And you have absolutely NO credibility when you call LA a “Liberal Sesspool” and then go there to make your living.

  • You and Willow are cute. She loves to challenge you. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  • Gina

    Thanks for keeping everyone so up to date on these blogs. I don’t understand how anyone could hate someone as nice as you! Sending you good wishes in everything you chose to do 🙂

  • Jennifer Tisdel

    Great episode Bristol! You are brave to put yourself out there and handle yourself well. Stay positive – you’re a beautiful, intelligent, young woman!

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I had to think about it awhile if I should comment on this one but I decided ok. I know of a farm boy who found a lady he likes on twitter! Sunflowerfarmer is from Ashley ND and Jenny is from Chico, CA. Some farm families have really put alot into their businesses and don’t undervalue them when an acre of ground sells for $20,000.00, several million in machinery,, I hope you spread your wings more girls, these boys can have a plane like Dad and get you back to Wasilla all you want. Are you going to Washington DC when your family move in the White House?

  • Emma Lora

    You know Reid you reveal more about yourself than influence us with your hateful rhetoric (Actually you do not influence any of us). So you want and choose to despise others and look down your nose because..??? Perhaps you don’t know how else to feel. Is it an addiction?? It is really quite pitiful. Hope the rest of your life is not filled w/ hate. You
    don’t know it yet , but you can choose to avoid hate. Your attitude is immature and pathetic… but I choose not to hate you. I am assuming you think that is the best you can do, but with humility and help from others, you can learn… come on you can do it.

    • WobblyWastrel

      People that feel the need to drag others down, usually do that so they can feel morally superior to the person they are degrading. The normal thing that a mature adult would do is stay away from people they don’t like. So Reid is probably not a mature adult and we should be careful what we say around him/her. We wouldn’t want the whole 6th grade to know what was said here. Just sayin’. =:o]

  • Robin

    Why are some of you people on here? If you don’t like Bristol don’t get on here…Jeeeze.
    Keep up the good work Bristol. Can’t wait for next week.

  • GoBristolGo

    Hope the rest of the series does awesome.

    BTW libs, it beat EVERY show on your precious MSNBC. Maybe *they’re* the ones who should be cancelled, ROFL

    • Nova


    • Chris in Ottumwa

      Not bad ratings of over 750,000 people for a daughter of someone who is “supposedly” irrelevant!

      • GrizzlyMom

        She scored a .02 in the most prized demographic.

        • Patriot

          LOL Grizzly!

  • Emily

    I was born in the wonderful state of Alaska and now that I have a young son I dream daily of taking him back “home” to raise into a good hardworking Alaskan man. Bristol, your family is hope for how things could be. You, your brothers, sisters, and parents are all amazing people who are so inspirational. I pray for Track’s safety, my brother-in-law is based from Fairbanks and in Iraq for his 2nd deployment. Stay strong and let your haters be your motivators! Best wishes for all the Palins, you’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    I think it’s admirable that Bristol has decided not to delete negative comments from her blog. No one needs to agree all the time, if it’s done respectfully. That being said, there are a small number of haters who show up here for the sole purpose of attacking and disparaging Bristol and her family. Those people should be banned because they add nothing substantive to the conversation.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Oh please she’s not deleting them because she is open to different opinions. She wants to reinforce that she’s the victim of Obama and his minions so people will feel sorry for her. In her mind shes ENTITLED to this. Life is supposed to be fair! How dare people say mean things about her and her family. Look how much pleasure and benefit she’s already received by calling attention to the fact that people are making fun of her. I promise you if her blog consisted of mindless accolades she would have shut it down already. The Palins have to play the underdog card…its their bread and butter. By my book…watch my show…vote for me…shows those godless liberals that you can’t push family values around! This is all a manipulation to enrich this family. Shame on you for falling for it.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Why are you so miserable? Why do you come here to disparage her? You need to be voted off the island.

      • norcon

        So using your “logic” you should really avoid posting anything about the Palin’s and do everything else than think about them?

        Looking at your obsessed postings since this blog started, and your incessant hate-postings at wacko-blogs like imm. it seem you fail pathetically at your own “moral” outrage.

        Were you called a loser too many times in high-school or something, and something just broke?

  • LMA

    I don’t think watching a reality show is the best way to know what goes on in a person’s life. Today’s TV viewer is savvy enough to understand that once the production crew has its way with the footage, the final cut is probably a shadow of what actually happened in any given scene. So I will say this for Bristol: she wisely stated that she didn’t intend to change anyone’s mind about her by doing the show. That would have been a fool’s errand. Given that the first episode’s viewership was fewer than 1 million, it’s reasonable to assume that most of those who watched are already enamored with the Palins. Bristol’s future is probably bright. Hopefully she’ll move away from reality TV and regurgitating her mother’s politics and find her own voice.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You were doing ok until your “regurgitating her mother’s politics” comment. Don’t you think that it’s entirely plausible that Bristol already thinks for herself and that she just happens to agree with her Mom? You sound like maybe you’re one of those people who try to label Sarah Palin as an extreme right-winger, which she’s not. There’s nothing in her governance that supports that meme. Her positions on all the major national issues are supported by the majority. In my book, that makes Sarah pretty darn mainstream and certainly not extreme.

      • LMA

        First of all, I did OK from the beginning to the end of my comment. Whether you like what I wrote or not isn’t my concern. Second, I agree with you, when Palin was governor, from what I’ve read about her, she was not extreme. But at this point, I don’t need to try to label her as an extreme right-winger. She does that for herself. Perhaps Bristol truly does agree with her mother’s politics. But it’s been my experience that, when I was in my parents’ house, I tended to think as they thought. Once I made my own way in the world, my personal experiences shaped my views, even as I tried to make decisions based on my parents’ examples. I’m not as young as Bristol, but I’m not as old as her mom, and my thoughts on any number of issues is still evolving and will continue to evolve, as we never stop learning (as long as we’re openminded). Bristol is very young. Her thoughts about many things will change over time, I’m sure.

        • Emma Lora

          I am a senior citizen.. a very senior citizen. I am still evolving with my opinions about things pertaining to the world around us. The older I get the more I respect my parents view… so I have come full circle. I admire Bristol and her family for being who they are and being sincere and honest.. especially when it is not a “poplular” stance It is so easy to go along w/ the crowd .. so hooray for their courage to be real!!!

          • LMA


        • RefudiateObama2012

          So why don’t you enlighten us as to what makes Sarah a right-wing extremist? I bet you can’t.

        • jeff

          Whats with the psycho-analysis garbage? The girl has an opportunity and she took it!
          She’s going to make some money! What the hell is wrong with your thinking?
          The jealousy and hate is literally dripping from your jowls…….Your pathetic

          • LMA

            Oh, goodness. *yawn* The “you’re just jealous and hateful” line is tired, Jeff. And trust me, I’m pretty cute. No jowls on my face! That’s just your reflection.

  • Rick Patel

    Bristol is beautiful. Willow is pretty. Great show.

  • Chris in Ottumwa

    Great show! Once again proves why so many Americans connect with the entire Palin family. They are just like us and even with the immense pressures of being in the spotlight constantly by the left wing press, they continue to operate and act pretty much the same way every other American does, despite all the feverish hate wrongfully placed on them.

    What a great example for everyone! Can’t wait for the next episode!

    • GrizzlyMom

      Chris they are not “just like us”. Their income puts them in the 1 percent. How has the left wing press constantly put them in the spotlight? Can you give me any examples of them doing this? If they are “just like us” and work normal 8 to 5 jobs and the left wing press is in Alaska following them around – harassing them at work and home and when they go out to eat and to the movies and tall the other things people just like us do then there should be ample evidence of such. Please provide it.

      • otlset

        I think they’re “just like us” if we also came into much wealth recently from modest beginnings.

      • Frederick Lang

        Hey Griz,

        I do believe everyone is like everyone else when it comes to family, emotions, life’s set backs and embarrasing moments. Yes, they are like us because we are all humans with human faults and human emotions. Now if you are strickly referring to financial status, then I might be able to agree with you but I believe Bristol truly wishes to make a life of her own and is finding out it’s not as easy as she may have thought. The camera crew was not told to turn off their cameras when this jerk in the bar called Bristol’s mom a whore. He obviously had an agenda, knowing there were cameras rolling and thought to make a scene. Bristol simply reacted as any young girl or adult when someone attacks your family. I believe she’s just like any young adult but proved she does not back down to a wrongful accusation and she did quite well under the circumstances. She challenged the guy to give her specifics of why he felt the way he did. Being gay proves he did have an agenda and took advantage of getting into the spotlight. I admire Bristol for her bravery in that situation. She was obviously out numbered. Her reaction outside the club is very typical of the emotional strain that would have on anyone who’s family is famous and ficiously attacked. Yes, they are just like us I think and I’m looking forward to more of the same confirmation of that fact. She didn’t have a bodygaurd following her around to take out anyone who would assult her. In that sense, she’s a brave girl for being so high profiled in a liberal, left leaning city that hates a person for simply having a belief system that is not politically correct.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Hey Fred,
          I completely agree with you that Bristol just wants to have a life of her own and is finding it harder to do than she thought. And definitely the guy in the bar was a jerk and should not have said the things he said to her. I don’t see what him being gay and his “agenda” had to do with it. When he called Bristol’s Mom a whore I’m sure he didn’t mean she was a prostitute or a slut who sleeps around. Is she a media whore though? An attention whore? Politically has she been a whore for special interests? That word can get thrown around pretty easily and depending on your view point certainly applied to Mrs. Palin.

          I think my problem with the Palin family ( and i sense with a lot of other people who post here also) is the constant victimization they portray. There are plenty of conservatives out there who no one cares about and liberals don’t post things on their blogs. George’s Bush’s daughters are wonderful women…I respect them very much even thought politically we are opposites. Something about the Palin’s rub people the wrong way. Its their tone…and their hypocrisy. They make everything about them and then complain that everyone’s looking at them. I don’t get it.

        • jeff

          Nice comment!

      • RefudiateObama2012

        It’s pretty ironic that the Palin’s financial status changed when Obama and his minions wouldn’t allow her to go back and do her job as Governor. She’d be on her second term right now if they hadn’t tried to bankrupt the family. And please don’t try that canard that she quit on the people for fame and fortune. That’s simply not true. So, if you’ve got a problem with the money Sarah has made since she left office, blame it on Obama and his lackeys. All she did was take lemons and make lemonade. It’s funny they tried to destroy her and just made her more powerful.

        • GrizzlyMom

          That’s delusional. So Obama inherits the biggest mess of any modern day President and you really think he and his “minions” were more worried about getting Sarah Palin out of office and bankrupting her?

          • otlset

            Some of his minions left up there in AK were definitely worried to the point of bringing all those frivolous lawsuits against her that ultimately caused her to resign for the sake of the state (and her family’s financial solvency). And they were frivolous because they were *all* thrown out by the court later, and you might note the lawsuits were *only* directed at her because since Gov. Parnell took over there have been no more filed, even though his policies are similar to Gov. Palin’s.

            But to honest and hard-working people everywhere if Obama just wouldn’t golf and party and attend campaign fundraisers so much instead of actually working while in the ‘biggest mess” we find ourselves in now, we might be maybe just a little better off.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Like Obama cares about Troopergate.

        • jeff

          E X C E L L E N T…..can you smell the hate-full jealousy in the air?

      • Emma Lors

        Read Sarah’s books (Bristol’s too) The family has worked hard at jobs that were harder then most of us experienced. Because they experienced that, she can articulate what we agree with. We identify because they identify with us. Hooray for them for advancing and still working hard. Criticism of people expose more about the critics then their assumptions of the Palins. What do you know about pundits and politicians, and celebrities? They are all about putting up a facade or image, even paying people to do that for them. Palins books, tv shows etc. show who they are and we trust them because of that. Facaders are not trusted because false images and lack of opennes, and therefore maybe because of lack of courage to be open or wanting to hide. Either way they are jealous of Palin’s courage to be open and real, and they continue in spite of haters and negative critics.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Well Emma I know that Sarah Palin has been a pundit, a politician and a celebrity. So whose facade are we talking about here? And to infer that people who dislike them are jealous is silly. I can promise you that this liberal has ZERO jealousy of anything Palin. I can tell you that if they would stop talking about how much they are picked on and their “struggle” they would get a lot more respect and a lot less attention (hence the problem).

          • otlset

            But they are picked on. Sarah especially has been slammed and belittled and dismissed by the usual culprits CNNABCNBCCBSPBSMSNBCNYTWASHPOST et al and their local newsroom toadies by most accounts more than any politician has been in history, if not just recent memory.

            And here you are adding to this by piling on in posts on Bristol’s blog complaining about almost anything Palin. And although you may not be jealous of her and family, by any account you must harbor a particularly keen dislike of her that compels you to actually come here and vent with a noticeable and unnecessary animus, as if Bristol or Sarah had actually harmed you personally in some way. That kind of warped attitude is what makes Palin fans such as myself come to her defense.

  • kdolphins

    I enjoyed the episode – am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!! Good job!! Keep up the good work.

  • David Dempsey

    Good post, Bristol. Hope your Show gets good Reviews.

  • Donna Stewart

    I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Prayers for you and your loved ones. God bless you.

  • Barbara Landi

    Sorry to see you & Willow go to LA….I can’t think of a worse place except maybe Chicago. But I think it will make you appreciate Alaska and how lucky you are to have grown up here. I moved outside 10 years ago (to WA…much nicer than LA) and lasted 2.5 years before coming back up here. Besides the traffic, crowds & taxes, I got the sense that “flatlanders” are not like Alaskans …in so many hundreds of ways. I felt like a foreigner and I couldn’t wait to come back to MY people.

  • jeff

    Bristol: Live your Life! Ignore the hateful lefties and their pitiful jealousy. They hate you and me and anything else that yearns to be free…….Good Luck with your show, I’ll be happily watching!

    • Patriot

      LOL. How is Bristol “yearning” to be free?

      • BlueVA

        And why the hell is Jeff so fixated on being hated and envied by the left? I suspect someone’s feeling unloved. Let’s love him to death! Love you, Jeff!

    • Whatwhywhenwherewho

      Not Jealous. Shocked. Shocked at how this girl keeps ragging on her child’s other parent. She’s not the only Mom whose child has an absentee father. What she is doing here is child abuse. ” Tripp was a mistake, his father stole my virginity, Levi doesn’t want to see him Levi was the worst father I could pick.”This so damaging and it’s all recorded for humiliating posterity. She should say nothing at all and answer questions as honestly and neutrally as she can only as they arise. At the end of the day her relationship with Levi gave her Tripp and she should see the one small blessing in that

  • jeggl;y

    No one cares about Bristol. We fell sorry for her and her life.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol: James Madison stated in the Virgina Resolutions: Liberties of conscience and the press can not be canceled, so keep on going. There’s those today whom would like to rob us of these rights.

  • Gary Steven Smith, LUTCF, BS, MA

    Don’t let all those haters of our christian values, and your Mother get you down hon. They were sent by Satan to destroy you and bring you down to there level. Because of the morals of your family, you will be attacked by many people out there who’s main goal is to make you look bad. Hang in there young lady, and remember many prayers are being said for you daily.
    Gary Steven Smith
    1 John 3:8

    • Jellybean

      Is it true satan looks like a cross between rush limbaugh and sean hannity? Also, does jesus have blonde hair, blue eyes and snowy white skin, like all the images I see?

      • Patriot

        Oh yes Jellybean. Jesus is a white American. He is NOT middle eastern because Republicans would hate him if he were.

        • norcon

          I am an a-theist, but Jellybean and Patriot, your posts look exactly like Hollywood would depict small devils answer mockingly and full of small-minded vice.

          What a bunch of misogynist, conspiracy-laden and may I say typical Obama-voter types you are. Full of self-hate and sloth, just like the “showing Reagan portrait the finger” low-life seemed to be.

          As an non-theist I would choose an active Christian as a leader 100 times over any active atheist or leftist watermelon of your ilk.

          Pathetic is my word for your types.

          • Jellybean

            Yes, those evil “homos” gave a dead president’s photo the finger. The one and only president who didn’t care about aids research because it only affected “homos.” I wonder what Ryan White’s parents think about old ronnie.

            As for the rest of your whiny rant, right back at ya norcon. We know, you love the palins, or you are a palin, whatever.

  • Kelsey Kennedy

    You really shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself all the time. let us just enjoy the show.

  • wendy

    At first I thought your youth and immaturity were the reasons for your comments about your son’s father but after watching the first week of the Lifetime series and reading comments, both yours and those of others, I realize you are on a mission to prove to yourself that you are a good person. To you somehow, the equation is Bristol = good; Levi = bad. How childish. Really, if you want to be, as you say you are, a good Christian person, show some maturity. Tripp has one mother and one father. He needs them both in his life; it’s not what you feel that matters, it’s what your son deserves and needs. Does it not seem striking that his father never has a negative comment about you? He only expresses the wish to see/visit with his son, which is very human and sympathetic. You are coming off as a negative, selfish, vindictive young woman who lacks any understanding of the importance of both parents in the lives of children. Why do you grasp and cling to such mean-spirited behavior?

  • Nikki Slade

    I watched your show just today. I’m proud of you for standing up for your Mom. The man that was insulting her should feel nothing but shame. All he did was show hate where you showed love. Good job! Stay Strong! xo

  • Capital G

    Great start to the show! Heard the idiot is suing you now because he said he was gay on TV. I didn’t realize you controlled what Lifetime airs or that your gaydar is so finely tuned you can spot a heckling homo from across the bar while riding bull. I think I would have suspected his ‘friend’ was gay but I wouldn’t have spotted him. Good job!

  • observer2

    The Palins preach family values but do not practise them. Barak Obama doesn’t but he puts them in practice every day. He has a fine family that is an example for Americans in general and especially for Afro_Americans.

    Examples of the Palin family values: children born out of wed lock, single mother, attacking the father of your child etc.

    • Jellybean

      Tha’ts right. In my experience, the one’s that preach the most are the biggest hypocrites. The one’s that are always talking about how important family values and religion are to them, have the most skeletons in the closet.

    • Patriot


  • Kim

    Your mom is correct, you should spread you wings. One of the lessons is to learn is what it’s like to live in “someone else’s town” where you learn to understand what people go through when they move to a new place and are considered “outsiders.” You’ll forever have a welcoming heart for those who come to live in your town, wherever that may be, where God has for you.
    I did the opposite of you, geographically. As a single mom, I took my 12 yr daughter from So Cal to the Northwest, on the border to Canada. She was able to grow up in a small town, small church, with many extended families who love each other and stick together. After college and years working for a regional transport company she has moved back to San Diego where I am again now. It was worth the struggle to live in another community for those years. I now know what it’s like to be a “nobody” without the benefit of my family’s local recognition and history. If you’re in L.A., learn about the old L.A. history. There were many pioneers who moved there to build their entrepreneurial enterprise. The Mexican culture is something I missed while in Washington state. The old families in Cali who came from Mexico are good to meet and learn about as well. There’s lots of rich history here that will bring you closer to this place.
    Bristol, in the midst of this So Cal culture, there are some wonderful churches. Some big some small. I hope you’re finding a good one. My daughter and I will be watching “Life’s a Tripp” and praying for you and your beautiful son, Tripp. Your parents know, you will be better for this experience; you can be true to who you are, even in California. I look forward to future reports via “Life’s a Tripp.” God bless you.

  • Huckabee’s show is not doing so well! I know I should not laugh at him, but I fell in the floor I laughed so hard:


  • Bristol, say hi to the haters……HI HATERS!!!

  • Anna

    Bristol I think your amazing and I love your show
    You have an amazing ordinary family. I truly don’t know why people have to disrespect your family they don’t even know you. But don’t let them get you down because one day they will be judged from the one who really matters. Keep doing what your doing.