Why I Did a Reality TV Show

Why I Did a Reality TV Show June 20, 2012

Welcome new “Life’s a Tripp” fans!

I’m so happy that my new Lifetime reality show called “Life’s a Tripp” has finally debuted!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  What did you think?

I’ve heard many of you ask a similar question: why did I decide to do a reality television show?  Well, in many ways, I’m just like everyone else.  I’m a young woman trying to make my way in this sometimes complicated world.  I’m a single mom, I work at a dermatology office, and I’m trying to fix up a house I bought near my parents’ house.

You know my parents?  Yes, that’s what makes my life interesting to people. I’m a part of one of America’s most famous – and sometimes controversial – families.

When Lifetime approached me about doing a show, I was a little hesitant.  After all, what could possibly be entertaining about my life taking Tripp to and from hockey lessons?  Of course, life always contains unexpected twists and turns.  And the Lifetime cameras – which I never got used to! – caught a lot of little adventures on film.  You’ve probably seen the so-called “bar fight” I got into after some guy called my mom a name?  Well, the series will also introduce you to a charity I worked for in Los Angeles, will show you some of my good friends, and let you see how I really responded to Levi’s book.

It was fun experience, and I’m excited about seeing it all unfold with you viewers at home.  But I’ve already seen some of the footage, and I’ve learned one thing.

It’s crazy to see your own life revealed on a screen.  While watching it, I realized that sometimes I didn’t respond quite right to situations.  Sometimes I reacted too strongly, and sometimes not strongly enough.

That’s why I’m going to do a weekly blog post every week called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes as I process the issues presented… and my thoughts on them now that I’ve seen them aired.  Expect the first one tomorrow!

I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

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  • Becky

    I liked it a lot.

  • Beth Laurel

    Bristol, I admire the way you stood up for your mother when the bar patron was really bad mouthing her. That took tremendous courage and you showed him you were the bigger person. I will definitely keep watching and reading your blogs.

  • R Lauk

    I saw your show on Lifetime last night. I thought it was great and wish you and your family the best. I liked the way you handled that idiot in the bar who was saying mean and horrible things about you and your mom. Try and remember that there are some mean, jealous and very little people in the world who are not worth your time getting upset over. I know it is hard, but it will help in the long run to not let them affect you and your son. And your son is a doll. Good luck with the terrible 2’s and 3’s. Eventually it gets better. I am recording the series so I don’t miss any episodes. 🙂

  • Ben

    Thanks Bristol. I enjoyed the show a great deal. Your strength in the face of such difficult things is inspirational. I’d love to have some of that strength myself most days. I’ll be enjoying each episode of your show.

    Continue being an inspiration of strength, and karma will undoubtedly reward you!

    Many Blessings! ~ Ben

  • The show was a little intellectual to me. However. that rudeful guy ruined the show for me just as he ruined your night during that scene.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Loved the show. Tripp is a doll and I can tell he has his mother’s heart. Enjoy, these terrible 2’s will fly by and he will be going off to college before you know it. I think you did the right thing in defending your mother. The guy was a terrible jerk. God Bless

  • Sue Lynn

    I loved your show. I’m proud of you Bristol. I’m hooked can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  • I really enjoyed your show , I have a daughter a few months older then you who is a single Mom as well with no help from the deadbeat dad who is on the run cause he doesnt want to pay childsupport so I feel for ya !!! I see how much my daughter struggles trying to make ends meat it isnt easy being a single Mom but like you she has her family to help her out. Our family is very much like yours except we aren’t famous.

    • Allison

      Does your daughter have a millionaire mother and make hundreds of thousands of dollars herself? I don’t think it’s the same. Not your typical “teen mom” I’d say. Don’t think Bristol is missing Levi’s measly pennies. Tripp earns his own keep, don’t you think? His name is in the title, and his life is turned upside down. He definitely deserves a cut.

      • RefudiateObama2012

        Allison, you must lead a miserable life. Why else would you show up here for the sole purpose of dissing Bristol? Keep in mind that visiting someone’s blog is almost like visiting someone’s home. People with class behave themselves and show their host respect.

  • I enjoyed your show. I disliked the man at the bar who made comments about you and your mom. I love your mom and wishes she would run for president. Can’t wait to see your next show.. I don’t want to miss any episodes. You seem to be a wonderful mom so pay no attention to what negative people say. Those kind of people are just haters of everything. As long as you know you are doing what’s right, don’t worry about what people think. You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful son..

  • shannon

    I am so proud of you!! Being a single mother is hard but you know what you will be just fine. I can’t wait to see if it comes on dvd so my daughters Americus and Palin to watch and learn from strong independent women!!

  • Cindy Billings

    I loved your first show. As far as the so call bar fight I was horrified that, that guy would call your Mom that name!! I find it really terrible that they can stand up for their beliefs and we are called names if we do. I thought you handled yourself well. I loved that you stood toe to toe to this man. You held your ground and for a young lady. Do not feel bad because you cried after you left. I have done this too. This is normal. It is like all the emotions come out and you release tears. Hey it is life! Hang in there you are doing well. Praise God that you have praying parents. I am very sure they do pray for you and your son. Your son is adorable. You will make it. Life has its up and downs. The Lord will use both the ups and the downs that you will go through. He loves you and Tripp. I look forward to the next episode. By the way I love your Mom she is a joy. Lots of love to you and your wonderful family!!! Cindy

  • Charli Chad

    Your show is so relatable. I can’t stand watching the kardashians anymore. You have a mature drama that’s not about petty, pointless issues. You and your sister remind me of mine when my husband deployed and I needed help with my then 1 yr old daughter. Stay strong. And marry Gino 😉

  • kathy

    Enjoyed the show. Would have liked to see you and mark iteract more. That part was short.

  • robhart

    Bristol, this is a great idea. I believe I can speak for many when I say, “We are proud of you.”

  • Lynda Armstrong

    I liked it…I felt the same thing I did when I read your book….I wish every young girl would read the your book and watch the show….they need to KNOW it is okay to say NO…and yes they lose the boyfriend….

    One can see that you have worked very hard to see that your son has what he needs…but one can also see that you give him LOVE and that is the greatest thing you can give him…..you he are also very lucky you have a family that cares and is there …as your mom said “try it if it does not work out come home “.

    The thing in you book that touched me the most was the drive you took from Anchorage to Wasilla (sp) as I read it it was as if all of your feels were busting out on the page….but you said that you “did not know if the gate code had been changed” but when you got there the gate was wide open as if arms were reaching out to you …welcome home …I am sure thing were not easy….but you were home knowing there you would be loved…..

  • Carol Dreeszen

    Bristol..Will you be doing a DVD of all of your episodes!? I would love to be able to purchase one as I have a hard time being able to see all of them! I hope you do! Thanks! I have to say I missed your first one but I know it was a hit anyway! 🙂

  • Vicki Nix

    I really liked the show. Whether you like it or not, the Palin family is an interesting family and a lightening rod to many. I marvel at the way you all stay down-to-earth through it all though. I’m on Team Sarah and I have shared a lot of blogs and made a lot of good friends. We are all a work in progress, Bristol. God is not through with any of us yet. Don’t let the enemy get you down. We all have to live and learn. It’s a good opportunity to see yourself and analye and then be able to make corrections. I think your show has more “reality” to it than any of the others I’ve seen. Keep up the good work standing up for what is right. The Lord and your family, friends, and Kingdom Kids all have your back!

    • otlset

      Hi Vicki! I’ve seen a few others now and then from TS here. Over on this blog it’s wide open man, wild and woolly, anything can happen with anonymous alter-ego detritus coming in and crapping on things from all corners of the cyberspace reality. It’s fun!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Sorry to say Bristol we have limited our TV viewing and only have an antenna and limited reception. I’m sure your show gives others a better concept of the life of a single mother. I’m sure Tripp is a Tripp have around have a great Tripp with your show Life’s a Tripp and boy is it ever.

  • anonymous

    We all know why you did a reality show. Nobody cares. I can tell by the only 18 comments that are all positive they must be the only positive comments!

    • otlset


    • SweetPea

      If you don’t care, then why are you on this blog? No one cares that you don’t care.

  • Charity

    I Loved It!

  • Brian

    I just loved your show, everything you do is such an inspiration to me, you work so hard at being the best mom you can be in trying times and situations. So many moms in your situation would take goverment aid instead of going out there and getting jobs. This is why you really are an inspiration.

  • Caroline Werth

    Hi Bristol! I really enjoyed the first show and will continue to watch. I love you and your Mother and I am so sorry for all the hurtful things that have been thrown your way. None of you deserve such hatred. I am 55 yrs old and I don’t get it. I don’t get why people can hate individuals because their beliefs are different. That is why we all came to this great country. So we would be free to have our own beliefs. Anyway, your son is adorable and I look forward to hearing more of your story that you so graciously agreed to share with all of us. You take care.

    • Allison

      So how do you feel about Gays, Occupiers, and President Obama? How about Rev. Al Sharpton and Keith Olbermann. Rachel Maddow?? And the ultimate Fox nemesis Van Jones? If there is not hate in your heart, then good on you.

  • Misty

    I really enjoyed the episode, but I wish the show covered more about what you did at the charity. There was a lot covered in one episode! I’m so looking forward to the rest! I hope the ratings do better, because your show was really good and will only get better.

    I felt for you and your friends for what happened with that guy. Your friend, Marrisa (sp?) was so cool to tell him to stop! That’s a real good friend.

  • Miranda Nelson

    We need more real people like you in the mainstream. This will help Shift our culture back to traditional family values. It is real and you act like yourself. You don’t play to the camera or try to stage desperate photo-ops for the show (example: Bristol Gets a Colonoscopy… Yuck we will leave that to the Dash girls) I don’t think you really like all the attention. I think you are doing this for the right reasons. I like the show because you are like me, a normal Alaskan girl!

  • mike d

    I enjoyed the show. I think your mom is a great leader. I think you are too for taking a hard situation and making the best of it. I will keep watching. You are interesting to watch and easy on the eyes!

  • Kristina

    Bristol, I love how real and down to earth you are! T.V. has too much Kardashian-ness going on, and it was SO refreshing to hear you stay true to your values! I’m from the midwest, and YES, we think those clothes and dresses are for strippers too!! I love your candidness 🙂 Also, it was so wonderful to see how your family includes prayer in your daily life. God is truly a pillar from which you all derive your strength and guidance from! This is a much needed example in today’s world!

    I admire how reflective you are, and how willing you are to see areas to improve on in your life. It is neat that you are using this unique opportunity of always being on camera to grow as a person. There are moments in my life I’m sure that if I had seen that from a third person’s “birds eye view” that I’d not be at all proud of how I came across or sounded. I admire your doing this on such a public level!

    I love the advice your mama gave to you and your sister; she is truly a wise and knowing gal who knows her girls! While I don’t always agree with her politically, she is an amazing woman and I admire her spirit, ambition, and ability to be successful in and out of the home. She is an inspiration to me as I struggle to start a career as a new (and young) attorney while balancing raising my own little girl (only a bit younger than your darlin boy and just as blonde and blue-eyed, despite my dark curls and eyes!).

    I was horrified that the man in the bar would attack you like that. It is a true shame in our country that rather than disagree and have rational dialogue about our disagreements, we reduce ourselves to name calling and verbal abuse…this is true in real life, on the news, and even on the Congressional floor! You handled yourself in such a classy way; I’m not sure how I’d have reacted!

    I don’t generally comment on things, but you seem like someone I’d be such good friends with in real life that I wanted to let you know that I loved your show and that Tripp is such a cutie. Blessings and prayers to you, and stay true to your compass! He won’t steer ya wrong!

  • Kirstin

    I loved your show last night and your book! I’m a single mom, who also got pregnant at seventeen and you’ve been an inspiration.
    It was hard enough facing my hometown with my teen pregnancy, I can’t imagine facing the world!
    You’re a strong girl, keep your head up!
    All my best.

  • Misty

    I also recommend that you post the time and a link to find out what station it’s on Bristol. Also, with each weekly blog, you should put up the link to Lifetime that has your episode up the next day.

  • Lynne

    I really felt bad for you, when that uneducated bully said what he did, I know it angered you, but it will make you a stronger person. I loved the show!!

  • kim floyd

    I just love this Palin family!

  • Justine Stewart

    Bristol! The show was awesome! It makes me want to read your book again, just for the heck of it! I can’t wait for the next episode. Talk to ya later!

  • Bristol,
    I loved the show, but the bar scene had us fuming! Was there not ONE decent guy in that place that could have punched that guy for you? If you’re going to go to places like that, take a body guard! On second thought – stay out of the bars. Drunk people are stupid anyway.
    Great job on the show! Looking forward to next episode.

  • Emma Lora

    Bristol, I truly enjoyed the show last night. It was real, natural interesting and entertaining. A great combination. I’m anxious to see more. Tripp is a doll.

  • Hey Briss, it was a great show. Tripp is such a cuttie, reminds me of my son with the blond hair and blue eyes who is now 26. I can’t believe how many people didn’t know about the Jerk in the bar. What I didn’t know was how much it affected you and how upset you were outside afterwards, bless your heart and yes people need to see the hate in thier hearts and that it just isn’t right no matter what, you handled yourself well and I know your Moma was proud as were we all. My heart just broke for you and I am so glad you moved back home.
    Your Mom was funny when she started singing the Beverly Hills song, (I would have done the same thing) and my kids would have rolled thier eyes like I was crazy too. Tell your Mom you will grow out of it someday and she won’t embarass you anymore or maybe not as much. Yes, us Mom’s can be corny, it makes it more fun ;o) Life is an adventure. That is what I always tell my Daughter who is now 30 and a small busness owner of a Gymnastics Acadamy but has no kids of her own yet. I tell her we are not lost we are just on an adventure. Life is to be enjoyed and Celebrated. You sure learned that Liberal’s are just angyry individuals, who spout nonsence about someone they know nothing about, they are just sick and have PDS and need some serious help.
    Can’t wait for next weeks show. I see there are more tears I hope you have it all figured out. I will keep you in my prayers. I like the follow up idea. It will give you more time to elaborate and reflect on what was going on for those of US who really care and live vicariously through others. You may think it is silly now but I am sure you will show young girls it is not easy by any means. Keep up the good work, remember it won’t be forever but reap the rewards that come your way while you can to take care of that little guy of yours. Let go and it will come to you. Remember you might as well dance.

  • susie

    Love your family Bristol.

    Not a fan of watching 20 years olds tho’.

    Wish you all the best.

  • GiveMCountryBack

    OMG Bristol could you be any CUTER?! So honest and REFRESHINGLY HUMBLE! Do we know your parents, you ask? But of course, the revered FIRST COUPLE to me and all God fearing chosen ones! POTUS PALIN is leading this Country from the righteous shadows YES she is, YOU LEFT WING GODLESS BABY KILLERS! READ IT AND WEEP! AND you don’t have to explain why you decided to do this REAL- REALITY SHOW! We who fear the LORD know why! Of course you are just like everyone else only STRONGER and BRAVER MATURE BEYOND YOUR YEARS, and GOD’S CHOSEN ONE!
    Your family is the epitome of goodness, strenght and kindness, you are all leading the way for the restoration of REAL AMERICA! Do not let those jealous evil liberals upset you dear, they will not prevail against us, let them gnash their teeth and CRY OUT TO LIBERAL SATAN TO DELIVER THEM FROM PALIN WRATH! Whosoever opposes and tries to deny your family’s rightful place in this Country’s Righteous Throne of Leadership and Judgemet WILL BURN IN HELL ETERNAL! Yeah, that means YOU LIBERAL SCUM!Repent and bow down to Sarah Palin and Blessed Family for they will LEAD THE WAY TO SALVATION FROM THE AGONIES OF EVERLASTING FIRE!! I will tune in EVERY WEEK to see your blessed countenance and absorb the wisdom you share upon us unwashed masses, oh so selflessly! All you Godless Liberals heed the Palins OR burn in HELL forevermore! God Bless the Palin Family, humankind’s LAST HOPE for redemption.

    • Allison

      Please tell me this is snark, please, please, pretty please…

      • GiveMCountryBack

        What truly is a trip is that the line between satire and true comments from these people’s followers has blurred into disappearance, you just can’t tell who is serious and who’s not 🙂

        • otlset

          Pffft, it was obvious even the first time in the previous thread. Obvious and not very clever. This time it’s just embarrassing to see you try it again.

          • GiveMCountryBack

            Nah, the embarrasment here would be this nitwit’s fans like you, aren’t you all in your eighties? You all should know better! Pious Patriotic Christians my foot! My dog is a better Christian than any of you nasty mean Bible thumpers.

  • aaron krohn

    Wonderful show, Bristol!!
    Look forward to ALL of them!
    Memorable parts for me?
    The intimate talks between you and Willow, but also between you and Piper, Gino, and your mom.
    In the clothing store, and the comments on the clothing.
    Seeing Sarah without glasses, visiting you in your apartment.
    (Like you said , how she is 90% of the time!!)
    Seeing Piper growing up!!
    Heck, ALL of it!!!!

    Look forward to your weekly blogs about the show!!!

  • lori

    Dear bristol pls don’t let igornant people get in your way. Your mom is awesome. She isn’t afraid to standup for what she believes in. Even if a lot of times she’s standing alone. Your a great mom with a strong support system. Hang it there. There’s an ignorant ass on every corner. Think of it this way. A billion sperm and that was the strongest one? Palin supporter and proud of it!

  • Meghann

    I absolutely loved the show!

  • Kellie

    Bristol- Loved the show. You are an amazing young lady and You’ve obviously got a great family. Stay strong in your faith.

  • Joseph

    I really enjoyed the premiere of your show, Bristol!!! Not all the drama you’ve gone through, of course; especially the bar fight. But I really enjoyed it because it has a lot of meaning, and I believe people are gonna be inspired by your show and even learn something from it. I can’t wait for next week’s episode! You just stay strong in the Lord, and you are always in my prayers! 🙂

    • Joseph

      I mean, “not because of all the drama you you’ve gone through”

  • Troy Stephens

    Ms. Palin,
    I’ve come to really admire you. Your family has been through so much ridiculous (my new favorite word from you) criticism for living your faith and enjoying life’s adventures. I wish I could have grown up in a family as close as yours seems to be. I love how you’ve turned tragedy into triumph and are taking your life’s lessons to the public.

    Curiously, how long ago are the episodes we see from the actual dates of filming?

  • Nancy Irey

    I enjoyed the show but feel you need to not expect your sister to babysit for you. She has a life and it will take a different track than yours. Keep Trippin …

  • Hayley Anne Pitton

    Amazing job on your new show. I’ve read your book and have learned all about the drama and the fun you have been through. I think that this show is going to put your life in retrospect and give people a view of what it it is really like to be a working single mom. Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone put you down. You are an inspirational woman, even if some people can’t see that. I am looking forward to the rest of the season. 🙂

  • Susan

    Helen Keller once said, “LIFE IS EITHER A DARING ADVENTURE…OR NOTHING AT ALL.” Glad to see, Bristol, that you are not shrinking away from living your life to the fullest. I will keep praying for you!”

    • Diggertoo

      Bristol Palin is no Helen Keller

  • TheresaAK

    Bristol, you may not know this, but you are apart of something so wonderful that is happening today. God is raising up the youth for His Glory…you are a part of this movement. Hearts and minds, once dedicated to sex, drugs, sadness and pain, Hollywood lies and indoctrination, are being changed.

    Sadness, brokenness, despair, no hope for the future, is being replaced with gladness, healing, joy and a real hope for the future.

    Sure, the haters will still be there, they won’t stop, but more and more young people will be transformed and will want what you have. Faith, Hope, Joy, Strength. Perseverance, Love, all manifested in you…showing young people that no matter what you’ve been through, with God, there is always a future. Life is about living, not hiding.

    You have embraced your God given talents, not talking about dancing…I’m talking about your ability to face adversity head on and take the challenges willingly, gracefully and courageously.

    I admire you…and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for your life…..I know it’s going to be wonderful.

  • Don Bernhardt

    I was wondering if you could take Tripp with you, to the charity work you were doing in LA., on some of the days. Willow would have some free time in LA, She would have loved being in LA more or maybe not

    • RefudiateObama2012

      The first episode took place many months ago. Bristol’s back in Alaska and has been for a long time.

  • Bristol,
    I would imagine many people will love and inspired by your hard works. I just want to share this scripture “Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their fathers to give them( Joshua 1:6) You are an admirable young woman of wisdom!

  • Jennifer Wallace

    I enjoyed watching your first episode!

    You are a strong and brave young lady to relocate to LA with your son without a physical support group. I was glad to see Willow go with you and sad to see her leave. I wish that situation would of worked out for both of you.

    I am glad that you defended your mother and didn’t back down! You were very poise! For being a 40 year old something “man”, he sure was immature.

    I also agree with Misty’s comment above about showing more about your work with the charity. You have such influence over your fans and you have the opportunity to inspire them to do great things. Use this opportunity to show God’s love to the world…Lord knows it could use some.

    Remember to be the light Bristol!! 🙂

    Looking forward to next week!

    • Allison

      None of this is about charity work. It’s a farce to make money and propaganda keep the peebots happy. Are you happy?

    • otlset

      Don’t worry about Allison Jennifer, she’s just upset because her ‘genes’ don’t fit this morning.

      • Diggertoo

        Wow…do the Palin’s pay you in soft porn for all your glowing reviews and comments? Can’t Bristol (or her ghost writer) defend herself?

        • otlset

          Nope, just my own amusement. Blog slanderers like you are unwittingly easy game, because you assume you’re so much smarter than others here.

          • aloha43

            Oh please…..what a stupid comment. Blog slanderers? LOL

            Anyone that thinks this show was good is a downright liar or VERY STUPID.

          • otlset

            And right on cue aloha43 provides yet another example. I rest my case.

          • Diggertoo

            not slandering her blog – I directed my comment directly to you. That this blog is ghost written is common knowledge.

  • I have never viewed any other reality shows so I may not be the best critic of yours, sorry. I loved the scenes of Alaska. So far, it is the most beautiful state I have visited. As for the house, it seemed more like a museum and not something one would feel comfortable in. Willow was too young to go to California with you and be so far away from Mom,Dad, and her friends. I am sure that she loves you and Tripp but at 17, life should be fun and not revolve around baby sitting especially if it was all day. You both showed exactly how you feel which is a good thing. I will watch again as long as Greta doesn’t have the former govenor of Alaska on her show!!

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You can always DVR it or see it “On Demand”. 🙂

  • lisa
    • RefudiateObama2012

      Idiot alert! Why don’t you get lost? Why don’t you ask why that with all the shows on TV, that idiot took time to review a show of a member of a family that the media keeps painting as irrelevant?

      • aloha43

        What a fool….you don’t even make sense in your rambling.

  • blackbird

    Bristol I have never watched a reality show, ever, but I will take a look at “Life’s a Tripp”, oh and tell your Dad to take it easy on his trainer on the “Stars Earn Stripes”.

  • Maleena

    Love the show Bristol!

  • Alan McCarthy

    Worst example of narcissist partisan boring self- indulgent tripe that America has yet to see on television

    • otlset

      Lol! Yeah I know, Obama’s last speech was a doozy all right! They’re all full of narcissistic BS, but the one with the phony styrofoam Greek columns behind him comes close though, among many.

      • Diggertoo

        Funny…I thought Bristol herself wanted to distance her persona from her mothers political world. All you fans want to keep pulling her back in….isn’t the whole point of Bristol’s “reality” show to prove she is not her mother?

        • otlset

          You’re the one “pulling her back in” here. I was only responding to Alan’s perceptive observation.

      • aloha43

        And why on earth do Palin fans always compare them to President Obama?

        There is no comparison. Palins are stupid grifters, Obama is a gifted professor.

        Yea….keep trying and someday you may believe yourself….LOL

        • otlset

          His post descriptors “narcissist, partisan, boring, self-indulgent, tripe” to knowledgeable people can only refer to the inept, prevaricating, in-over-his-head boob that you and all the rest of the gullible fools who were suckered into voting for him foisted on us to our country’s detriment. We’re going to show him the door come November.

          • Patriot

            I Wouldn’t be so sure about that otlset. And even if Obama loses its not like your side wins with president mittens . Lol.

          • otlset

            Heh, well we might have done better than Romney in my opinion, but you know, lesser of two evils and all that. First things first. Put the fire out first, then start the clean up and rebuilding.

    • aloha43

      I agree with you completely.

  • bellagrazi

    I EFFING LOVE THIS REALITY SERIES, BRISTOL!!! I love your family, I love you, I love Tripp, I love Gino, I love Alaska. (I can see why you’re so smitten with Gino, Bristol! He’s so adorable!) Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life. I’ll definitely be tuning in every week.

  • they should of kept Kyle Massey on the show bc its so boring listening to BP complain about being a single mother… yawn yawn yawn… who is the mysterious family friend that owns the house??? could it be Hannity or greta’s house??

  • g

    Every word you write in this post is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

    • otlset

      I checked out “of” though, and it’s on the level. So therefore sir, I demand you retract your charge!

  • Kim Castro

    Loved the first show! Looking forward to the rest of the series and “On Second Thought”. Praying it’ll be a blessing to many and an eye opener for others….as far as the haters maybe it’ll change their minds.

  • Doug

    Liked your show . The guy that bab mouthed your mom should haved his a$$ kicked !!!!! Keep up the good work !!

  • DeniseJ

    Great show. Loved it! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • I wish I could watch the show but I do not have cable however, I do enjoy reading your blog posts about the things you have learned. I like the idea of you posting about what you’ve learned from the episodes that air. A lot of times if we had the opportunity to go back and look at how we react to things we do find that we learn something and do react differently. I know I personally wish that I had reacted differently in some situations. That is what life is about though, learning from our past. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life with us. I know it can be hard sometimes. ((hugs))

  • chris in Ottumwa

    Great show! It was hard watching the bar scene as I wanted to punch the guy in the face but all that would have done is ruin my TV! You and your family are very dear to many Americans as we continue to see just a regular all American family with whom we can relate and none of you are afraid toNe real! That is rare these days in politics or not! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • chris in Ottumwa

    Great show! It was hard watching the bar scene as I wanted to punch the guy in the face but all that would have done is ruin my TV! You and your family are very dear to many Americans as we continue to see just a regular all American family with whom we can relate and none of you are afraid toNe real! That is rare these days in politics or not! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • jeff

    Bristol: I’m Glad for you, Your beautiful and brave………The slings and arrows directed at you are from jealous unhappy souls who feel the need to put you down to make them feel better.
    Here’s hoping you have much success…….GOOD LUCK in all that you do..

  • Nick Gann

    I was excited that you confronted the mouth in the bar. I like this blog post; it’s truth, and the truth is we aren’t perfect, not me, not you, not Huckabee, not even Sarah P. I’m tired of fronts & fakes. I write a short blog myself (GannNick.blogspot.com) and people enjoy because I’m honest. I talk about my short-comings and faults. Thanks for the post. Have a good Thursday!

  • Megan M

    OMG I love your show! Can’t wait til you go back to Alaska though b/c LA does not look fun for the two of you – you need to be with your family because that is the best part of life! Tripp is adorable, especially when he said California is “too far”, what a cutie! I love love getting to see the real Palins normal life 🙂 So glad you did this show!

  • Georgia

    The show is fantastic. I cannot wait to see the next episode, Bristol.

  • Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    You are showing yourself to be a young LADY with class, dignity, and the potential to do even more amazing things. The show is great and should be an inspiration to other young women out there who are raising a child alone…it can be done well. You are doing it well. Tony & I are praying for you and loving watching this all unfold. Thanks for your transparency.

  • jan page

    Great show, Bristol!

  • myr

    Im used to turning off my DVR,ive 4gotten my son recorded ur show,sorry!
    I will watch it next week..Good Luck !! about time we have a conservative show..
    God bless us all !!

  • Jose

    I think you do not have to give any explanation to anyone. It’s your life. Simply trust you. For me it’s lucky to see the ordinary life of the Palin family. Life is hard many times, but you are strong. I pray for you.

  • aloha43

    I’m sorry….but your show had to be one of the stupidest, whiny show I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Jinky

      i think most of America agreed with you….

      • Patriot

        Lol Jinky. It was as unpopular as that bad “movie” undefeated starring her mother. Ah the egos in this family.

      • Chris in Ottumwa

        Well it was more popular than all the shows on MSNBC during the same night….

        726,000 viewers for Life’s a Tripp and each of MSNBC primetime shows had less viewers.

        Not bad and I bet a few heads wanted to explode over there at MSNBC…they claim the entire Palin family are a bunch of nobodies, irrevelant etc. and they get beat by Bristol and her show!

        LOVE IT!

        • GrizzlyMom

          Apples and oranges Chris. If you want to state that Fox News or CNN beat MSNBC in the ratings for that night I completely agree. But a reality show has a very different audience. Why don’t you compare Bristol’s show to other reality shows. In fact the show preceding it was Dance Mom’s. It was a rerun and had an audience of 1.7 million. When Bristol’s show started a MILLION people changed the channel. I guess when that happened your head didn’t explode since your still hear posting. Should we compare Bristol’s show to Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives Franchise? How about the Bachelor? I don’t think you would be happy with any of those numbers.

    • jess

      ^ if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Translations: keep your freaken mouths shut haters

  • CJ

    Bristol, there was no way I was going to miss your series so, I set the DVR 5 days in advance LOL!! Tuesday night, I even made a fresh pot of strong coffee to make doubly sure the caffeine would power up my “batteries” so I wouldn’t fall asleep after my long day at work 🙂 Well, all I can say is…………I CANNOT WAIT until next weeks episode……..IT WAS TRULY BEYOND WONDERFUL and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!! OMGosh…the way Tripp said that LA was “too far away” and the expression on his face was PRICELESS!!!! And let’s not forget when he called you his “favorite girl”!!!!! He is SOOOO INCREDIBLY ADORABLE!!
    The first episode evoked such a gamut of emotions and I’m sure the ones to follow will as well, but, I have to say, that when Mark sudddenly appeared…….I lost it! Yup! The tears fell and a huge smile followed as I thought back to all the joy and magic of your awesome season together, when he took a beautiful, sweet rose and helped her blossom 🙂 oxo

    • ‘sconny gal

      oh the horror of it, that is all I can say, and this comment, you need help ASAP

  • anonymous

    My DVR shut itself off after 20 min. I guess it couldn’t take it any more.

  • Kay Moore

    I enjoyed the first episode and plan to watch again next week. I wanted punch the dude for calling your Mom such a disrespectful name. That was totally uncalled for. I have ready your book and enjoyed it. Just continue to stand up for what’s right in this crazy world and stand on your faith. It will get you through anything. Tripp is the cutest little guy!

  • Mrs B

    I was a little disappointed it didnt take place in Alaska. I loved your Mom’s show about living in Alaska and I would have loved to see more. Hopefully you will show more of home and not LA.
    Good Luck Bristol & Tripp

  • AE

    Bristol! I just saw the 1st episode of your show and loved it! Anyone who didn’t like it, continued to watch it, then wasted their time to write a negative comment obviously has nothing better to than put people down! I also read your book and couldn’t put it down because I thought it was SO good! Your a great mom and that is evident by how happy Tripp is! 🙂

  • Jenny Lynn

    Loved the show! Can’t wait till next week. Tripp is a Tripp and as cute as a button!

  • hallie

    Thank you for making this show! I absolutely love the Palin family. Ive read your mothers books, I watched her show and Ive read your book so it was only natural that I want to see a reality tv show about you! This one episode makes me very excited for the season. Thank you for standing up for your mother and showing the world how they have nothing on her or your family. Praying for your strength through all the criticism.

  • Valentina

    I liked your show. One of the realities of being a single, young mother, is what you felt, when you were crying in LA, when your only family was going to leave you with no one to watch your son. I know you probably wouldn’t want to put him into daycare, as the papparazi would have a field day with it. Your show was good, and I was glad you stood up for your mother to that sorry low life who cursed at you in the first place. I did like seeing Mark on there. I hope you can make it in LA and get a group of friends that will help you with your son. He is your priority!!

  • DMJ

    Funny how the haters come to your blog!

    I loved your show! Can’t wait to see more episodes! =]

  • Tanya

    Hey girl!
    Kudos for trying to learn from your mistakes, we all make them!
    If you really want to know why people feel like they have to be an ass to you, which I think is wrong, take a look at the comment from takemcountryback. That kind of religious zealot gives the rest of us Christians a bad name. Your family is conservative and I am more liberal (yes it’s possible for me to be liberal and a Christian) but we are both dedicated Christians. I know you do not deserve that treatment, and the people treating you that way don’t understand how they are condemning you for your beliefs, when they themselves feel your family is condemning thier beliefs. It’s a vicious circle.
    Keep going strong and smart, I have a feeling that’s the only way you know how to go anyway! 🙂 good luck girl!

  • Bill Evans

    I love the pic very nice.

  • Aly.O

    I am not into politics or anything of that sort and decided to watch your Mom’s show to get my own views on your family (from what tv shows of course show) and I absolutely fell in love with your families lifestyle n the show which led me to wanting to see your side too, with all you go through with these crazy people out there that seem to forget you all are humans and people too but yet forget that. Thanks for allowing us into to your lives 🙂

  • Ericka

    Just found out I can watch your show online! Love your family, I just love how your family talks to each other.,. even within a disagreement you’re respectful. Your son is adorable, and I look forward to watching future episodes.

  • Dr. Zoidberg

    Your show is bad and you should feel bad!

  • Caitlyn

    Ae? you going to do another season?