“Life’s a Tripp” on Hannity Tonight!

Did you see this segment on Sean Hannity’s show? I’m getting more and more excited about the debut of my Lifetime series!

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  • Jacqui

    I saw you at the Iron Dog and I didn’t realize at the time why the camera’s were following you. I think you’re amazing and Tripp is so precious! I hope one day to get to meet your entire family before the Air Force ships us off somewhere else! Good luck with your show and may God Bless you and your family!

  • Glenn

    Bristol the hardest job is single parent. I’m a single dad with full custody of my boys and its a struggle for sure at times.

  • http://aconservativeknitteretc.blogspot.com/ Ali Garrett

    i can’t wait to see it.. I love the Palins. i love how close all of you are & how your family is always there for each other.. the Palins are a great role model as to true American Family.. Like i said i can’t wait , my mother past when i was 25 & seeing your family & your Mother trying to help in all the ways that a Mother can, it really gets to me.. keep doing what your doing.

  • blackbird

    yes as I switched for the commercials from the OKC vs Heat basketball game.

    Go OKC!!!. My prediction is OKC in 5

    • http://yahoo.com john norton

      Are u on the same planet Mr…

      • blackbird

        Yes, last time I checked.

        How are you John?

  • Shawn

    OMG….now I really like ya…you’re wearing a Phillies shirt in that clip I saw…lol You’re a completely gorgeous and intelligent woman that doesn’t deserve the garbage u put up with. I’d fly to Wasilla just to take you out…lol.

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    Whats this the dating game…?

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    Getting on to that time , where U Mama Grizzley’s oughjt to be taking the Bull by the horns…

    • Jinky

      Hey John

      Did you see Mr. L’s Tavern’s latest youtube video? Check it out as he mentions you by name!

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  • Rick Patel

    Lovely videos of articulate, ambitious, accomplished Bristol, making her way in the world.

    • Jellybean

      accomplished? Are you for real. Being a doctor is accomplished, going to college is accomplished, getting knocked up as a teenager, then riding your mommy’s coattails into reality show business is not an accomplishment. Get real you freaks!

  • Jinky

    I thought your sister looked more mature than you did on the segment shown on the Hannity show. Crying? Thought you had a thick skin?

    Sounds like Willow did more work than you did while you were in LA….

    • Susan

      I agree Jinky. Whining about someone needs to help her. She did not need their help to get in her situation. I saw interviews & she is still trash talking Levi. Levi is no saint, but she seems to have no concern about what her trash talking is going to do to Tripp.