Stars Earn Stripes: Go, Dad!

When I heard my dad was going to be on the cast of Stars Earn Stripes, I was excited that he was getting the chance to play for $100,000 for his charity, Armed Services YMCA Alaska.  Plus, I was happy for America to see him in action. After all, I’ve described him as a man who can rebuild a snow machine with one hand tied behind his back, a father who can wrestle with Trig on the floor, and an attentive dad who can braid Piper’s hair for basketball practice.  What can he not do?

So, did you see the show?! The celebrities were divided into squads and had to perform the same assault task, which included helicopters, guns, grenades, mud, and destroying weapons.  Dad was assigned a Marine, who’s now a New York City police officer!  Their squad got delayed when his celebrity team member struggled in the water, with his waterlogged gear. With one man down, Dad activated.

He shimmied through mud under barbed wire so fast that he had already finished the obstacle while the others were just beginning.

The other squads watched on a monitor from another location, amazed at his capability.

“He’s Rambo, he’s straight up Rambo,” said Chris Kyle. “Next time I’m in a war, I want Todd Palin on my side.”

Then, Chris added, “He was the first one on the boat, the first one under the wire, and about the time the rest of the guys were getting through, he already had the crate. You don’t need anyone else,” he said.  “Forget Chuck Norris, send in Todd Palin.”

Dad always directed attention to his charity and to cheer up other contestants who didn’t fare as well.

I know, I know.  The show wasn’t designed to introduce the world to Todd Palin. But it does seem designed to make viewers appreciate the United States military.  After all, the tasks the celebrities are engaging in are actually the types of operations soldiers perform every day.  In a touching moment, one of the celebrities asked her operative if he’d ever killed anyone.

He answered, “We really don’t talk about that kind of stuff.”

In fact, the show seemed to be a fun way to introduce the nation to soldiers whose missions have been anything but fun.

And I’m so glad that America got to see what I already know – my dad is the man!

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  • Phyllis Swarner

    Figured Todd was the only “celebrity” that had ever shot a gun!! He looked really good~!

  • Michael Mills

    He did an awesome job. I’m so glad he advanced to the next round. I hope he wins.

  • Kathy

    I loved the show your dad is awesome. I only watched because he was on the show, I will continue to watch as long as he is still on the show. GOOOO Dad Love that guy.

  • Jes

    What channel does this air on? I havent even seen it advertised! :( I love the Palin family and would love to see your Dad in action on this show!! :)

    • Kathy

      The same channel that had the olympics on in your area here in PA it was channel 11

  • Gilly

    “the show seemed to be a fun way to introduce the nation to soldiers whose missions have been anything but fun.” You have got to be kidding me. Could you sound anymore condescending? America doesn’t need your father or a reality tv show to “introduce” us to the dangers and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. And here’s a “reality” check for you…not everyone worships your father like you do.

    • hrh

      Having a bad day?

      Why else visit the blog of someone you obviously don’t like just so you can spend some time hating on her and her family?

      Your life is more important than that.

      Why not go out and find your calling? Find the positive uplifting thing you can do that helps others and leaves the world a better place.

      Cuz this ain’t it.

      • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

        I second the motion!
        The show was great! Looking forward for the next episode.

      • Gilly

        Having a great day HRH! I see that you’ve tried unsuccessfully to use reverse psychology many times here. I admire your perseverance :)

    • Manny

      Makes a lot more sense than most reality shows. I enjoyed it and he did an awesome job.

    • Surly Curmudgen

      I think rather highly of the Palins. They display great class despite the hatred displayed by so many like yourself. Myself, being a Surly Curmudgeon, would view such posts as fighting words and respond accordingly.

  • Kathy

    Yea go First Dude.

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  • joyce blackwell

    Your Dad is not only amazing, but humble also.

  • Lakerfanalways

    Your Dad is AMAZING. WOW seriously BAD ASS. No one mess with Todd Palin, he is a warrior!! I hope he wins the whole thing, I think he really can. Bristol, tell your Dad to keep it up we are all pulling for him, he ROCKS!!!

  • kim

    Absolutely loved the show. Your dad was amazing I hope he wins.