Before the Show

My love bug and I before the show!

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  • Fado

    Liberty, they moved the show out of prime time when they realized interest wasn’t there and doubled up the episodes to get the show off the air sooner. Tripp is no cuter than most kids, Bristol is well…. Just dull and whiny, her life experience doesn’t teach other teens or teen moms anything and Sarah Pslin isnt a big draw anymore since she finally ended her long drawn out presidential tease

  • Ted A

    Looks like even when working on DWTS Bristol take the time to be a Mommy. Great job Bristol! Keep up the good work. Don’t listen to any of the haters.

  • Carol Dreeszen

    Such a cute picture!!! He is a little sweetheart Bristol! Keep on dancing!! Give it everything you got!! God Bless You Both!