Before the Show

My love bug and I before the show!

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  • Arlene

    Good luck on Dwts. Hope you make it all the way. Don’t let those people bother you(haters)!!!! Be yourself and I will be voting every week.

  • kathy

    I must be missing something. What’s so cute about teaching Tripp to stick his tongue out at anyone?

    • Sami

      You can’t be serious!

    • section9

      Well, Bristol is teaching Tripp that sometimes as he goes through is life to come, he’ll run into an a$$hole, like you for example. So, if the individual acts like an a$$hole, as you just did, instead of getting into a fight or saying something snarky, just stick your tongue out and walk away.
      Moms are like that sometime.

    • Gilly

      I agree Kathy. There is nothing “cute” about it. Based on this and his language from an episode of her cancelled reality show I would say this poor chap doesn’t have a chance. What a shame. He will learn to be irresponsible and entitled from his unwed mother and to not finish what he starts from his grandmother. Not good odds for him :(

      • liberty

        Gilly if you were looking in the mirrow when you said nothing cute about it I would have to agree. I can tell by your posts that you are just a jealous SKANKY HAG that when people see you they run away screaming in horror for they have never seen anything so horrifying in their whole life.

      • Sarah Strickland

        Gilly- How would you know if he has a chance, he is a little boy, for you to say things about a child that way is rude. It is possible it is something they do together all the time. Sticky your tongue out is not that big of a deal. Once again he is a child, how many children have you seen do that????????? I do it to my kids when we are being silly. All children go through phases. Get over your self already and leave Bristol alone. At least she is there being a mother to her child.

        Bristol, You keep doing what your doing dont let people like that bother you, you are a great mother and just always remember that .

  • Lakerfanalways

    What a beautiful little boy..such a cutie pie!! You did GREAT Bristol SO PROUD of you. I voted for you and will be voting for you again next week, you have my full support!

  • Mae

    He’s so precious. I love how lighthearted you are. He really seemed to enjoy the show Monday. He was glowing! What a good, sweet boy you have.

  • Rissi

    Aw! So cute, Bristol.

    Great job on DWTS on Monday – I hope you go far. No matter what the judges say, you were great! Never forget that.

  • Abigail

    Bristol I think you are doing amazing, I enjoyed watching Dancing with the Stars. And Kathy Really? Just dont comment if you dont like it. I teach my son how to do that! Really, get over yourself and move on.

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  • Eddie Greenberg

    I also think that you were great Bristol. I held my breath until you and Mark were safe. This is your year! Very proud of you to!!!!!!!!

  • Kirstin

    This photo is so sweet! I voted for you and will continue to do so!! You have really imporoved and I can’t wait to see what else you and Mark have to offer!