Before the Show

My love bug and I before the show!

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  • Yvonne

    Adorable picture of both of you, Bristol.
    Kathy .. I think maybe you need to lighten up.

  • Fado

    No Kathy has a point. Bristol is a young, somewhat immature still, parent. She doesn’t yet appreciate that kids need their parents to be parents and not their friends. We saw on her reality show how she has zero disciplinary skills. Kathy’s comment speaks to that. It would be inappropriate to encourage your young child to stick his tongue out. For starters its brattish. And it sets a bad precedence.

  • opditch

    Dislike, sorry, me too.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Uck: Best check your tongue before you pull it back in, it’s hard telling what may of landed on it, as my Grandmother use to say. Trip he’s a Trip hope to meet him some day.

  • Tim D Enchanter

    Now THAT’s a cute couple !!!

  • Abby

    Love love you guys! Such an inspiration!

  • Luiz Tadeu Rocha

    Darling Bristol Palin: Health Care! Yesterday I look the Vídeo Dancing with Stars , You and Mark: Happy! I Like very muth! Hope! Good Luck! God look We! Caress, Kiss,

  • Fado

    I wonder if triPp realizes that he is mommy’s little moneymaker. Possibly, even at a young age. Messes up the parent child relationship I imagine. Careful there, Bristol.

  • MiddleRoader

    Looks like a sweet mother-son moment to me! For one thing, we have no context to this pic. We don’t know who stuck his/her tongue out first. Children need to learn that certain actions are appropriate in certain times and places but not in others. Everybody sticks their tongue out doing the Hokey Pokey. Doctors and speech therapists make children stick out their tongues. Some children cannot stick out their tongues and need to be treated. (That’s where the expression “tongue-tied” comes from. If it becomes a behavioral problem—for example, he’s sticking his tongue out at teachers when he’s angry, then you deal with that when it happens. But to me, this looks like a little ritual they do, no worse than rubbing noses, fist-bumping, or making funny faces at each other.

    • Fado

      You must not have seen the cancelled reality show middle roader

      • MiddleRoader

        Not sure where your going with this. I’ve seen few, but not all the episodes. I know Bristol has problems disciplining Tripp, I just don’t see it in this particular picture. Just my opinion.

      • liberty

        Fado I mean Fido woof woof . Wasn’t cancelled dogboy 14 episodes did 14 end of season GET A LIFE LOSER MORON.

  • CJ

    Totally ADORABLE! :)