Did My Old Neighbor Condemn an Innocent Man?

Remember Joe McGinniss?   He was the writer who rented the house next to ours to spy on my family while writing a book?  You may not know that months before he moved next door, he stalked us and tried to win our trust.

Apparently, he’s done that before.

Read my mom’s interesting article about him and how he may be responsible for condemning an innocent man.

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  • Reallynow

    I’m glad to see this story. I’ts been many years since reading Fatal Vision. I just bought another copy. A fantastic read! And for anyone who thinks this McDonald is innocent, and that some “crazed drugged up hippies” did it, well….you would probably believe O.J. Simpson is innocent too.

    I’m sure that this book will once again be flying off the shelves thanks to Sarah. Publicity is publicity. Joe should send her a bouquet of flowers for this!

    • Truth101

      I think the Morris book will be flying off the shelves. I think by now everybody knows that McCreepy is scum.