7 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Dancing with the Stars!

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  • autumng

    Girl, that’s nothing :))

    Wait til you get to practicing 5 or more hours and do hard dances. You’ll ache all over like the others. All the best.

  • Andrea Bishop

    So very proud of you and what you have become and what you do….You are an awesome Mom….

  • http://yahoo.com millie

    Mark just tweeteLd that you just told him it was your birthday. Be sure and have
    some fun and not all work. We are going to miss you on the show. It won’t be the same
    without you. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you and Tripp on your

  • Dorothy Strait

    We are so disappointed that you won’t be on DWTS another week. You are such a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent person and I feel you did a fantastic job of dancing. You and Mark made our evenings..Tripp is a really loveable little guy and so lucky to have such a great and loving Mom as you are. Am sure God has something good in store for you. Looking forward to future blogs. You have such a wonderful family, feels like I know you personally. You put God first in your lives and that is great. Blessings and good luck to you in future days.

  • Sherri

    Bristol, you are so beautiful and such an inspiration to so many young girls. God bless you and your family!
    ~Sherri Mayne; Peckville, PA

  • Judith A Patton

    With all of the horrible comments that this family have endured. They are a family, They stick together. They are concerned, knowledgeable and pay attention to what is going on. They love God and country. Keep up the good work.and God bless.!! I hope Sarah run for congress and wins. !!!!!!!