7 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Dancing with the Stars!

Thank you guys!!  I know that I had the most wonderful people voting for me — I appreciate every single vote cast.  You guys were there to support me, and I’m so thankful for that!

Click here for a photo of the whole gang.

Click here for a photo of Mark being lazy on the red couch.

Click here for a snapshot from the studio.

Click here for some photos of Mark and me at the gun club.

Click here for a photo of my love bug.

Click here to see my family supporting me!

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  • AIDA

    Hi i watch you from day one,last nite you was very relax and did great . iIm looking forward to next week.

  • James

    Willow is so pretty!

  • Mari

    Oops picture of you and Mom came in upside down. Very proud of you honey!!! Keep looking up and don’t allow those negative thoughts to enter in your heart!! Kick em out!! Marks a great guy and appreciated you it looks to me!! Keep glorifying the One who gives you strength each day and you can not go wrong!!! Love you!!

  • Virginia Revord

    I just love watching you dance,such a great job.

  • Stevie Chambers

    Great pics..such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing Bristol! P.s. you’re a wonderful dancer..not sure what’s up with the judges scoring 0_o

  • http://collegepatriot.wordpress.com Emily Baxter

    Hi Bristol! My favorite pic is the one with your mom and the cupcake. You two look like you’re up to something…haha. Say hi to your mom and family for me and tell her Alaska was a blast–I’m looking forward to going to Anchorage and Wasilla! Now, I gotta tell my parents that I wanna go…haha


    Twitter: @EmilyBaxterUSA

  • Jeana S

    Bristol, Keep on dancing kiddo, you look good out there and you deserve to be right where you are. You keep improving week after week, and it’s good to see an ordinary mom on this show. It’s diverse types of celebrities makes the show worth watching. Good luck!

  • NanaJ

    Bristol, you were beautiful and danced wonderfully on Monday. Drew and Heilo were in the bottom 2 already so I predicted they would go as their performances were not as good as yours either. We are ready to see you bring some Rock n Roll.

  • Bo

    Pick Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for your music this week, Bristol. It would be so appropriate because you’re a “dancing zombie”. . . neither “safe” nor “in jeopardy” . . . just “the dancing dead”.

  • stacy

    a tenacious and doting mom with her son’s unfinished regard–priceless photo!!!