A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan

Typical Palin picture – the day Track left for his second deployment.

As many of you know, my brother Track is in Afghanistan.  This week, I got the rare chance to talk to him over the phone, and I was so excited to hear his voice and know that he was safe.

While we were talking, I told him about Dancing with the Stars All Stars and he sounded confused.

“What show?” he asked.

He had no idea I was on DWTS!

There’s a lot of talk about being “in jeopardy” on this show, but most of us never experience real jeopardy.  The fact that Track didn’t even have the time to think about Hollywood or a dance competition put all of this in more perspective for me.

Thanks, Track, and all of the United States military.

For the perspective and everything else you do!

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport when he went back to Afghanistan.

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    Heck with DWTS I can not wait to see Track back home with his family. The love that the Palins have for one another is somethig that no one take away.

  • Marsha

    Yes, thank you Track!

  • Gilly

    Anderson Cooper tells Bristol to quit tv and get a job! Love it.

    • Sue

      …. says the person whose only job in life apparently, is trolling around the internet, bashing Palin’s. How ‘ bout getting a life?

      • Gilly

        Don’t worry sue, as soon as Romney is elected we’re all going to be working for Bain. Hope u negotiated a good contract and don’t expect any healthcare.

    • Gilly

      Omg and now Sarah is writing a fitness book with her family. You losers really thought she would run for president?

      • Fado

        Correction Gilly: She CLAIMS she is writing a fitness book. I doubt any publisher has picked up on that. There is a difference between fit and scrawny and she is just scrawny. She looks anorexic, or more descriptively, granorexic. What a difference 4 years have made. She actually used to have some shine and attractiveness in her looks. Now she just looks haggard, hungry and older than her years. And please what’s with the ugly sky scraper wedges ALL the time? It’s common knowledge she’s not happy being average height but she’s not fooling anyone.

        • Gilly

          Agreed fado. She’s looking rough. And A fitness book is so desperate.

    • Shellye

      I don’t get it. So should Anderson Cooper quit TV and get a job too, if being on TV isn’t a job? How is that a slam by someone who is on TV exactly? I didn’t see or hear him say it, but if it’s just what you said, it’s stupid.

      • Gilly

        He said it because Bristol doesn’t have any talent. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can’t act. Without her mother she is nothing, and before u embarrass yourself by comparing her to Anderson please google his credentials.

    • Bree Merr

      Is it his business? He took the time out to make a comment? He is troubled about Bristol? Odd of him to even be concerned. He needs to stick to his wildly popular TV gig and his many many many fans.

  • Jake

    So Fado and Gilly both have a crush on Bristol. Or their both just keyboard warriors.

    • Fado

      You have nothing Jake? That’s the best you’ve got? Too funny.

      • Mae

        Wow, even Fado’s responses are immature. You need direction and fulfillment.

    • victoria

      Wish Bristol would just block the two of them…it makes reading her otherwise excellent blog a downer when faced w/ the gratuitous ugly venom they spew. In fact, it would be healthier for all viewers of this blog if she blocked all the haters who add nothing to the conversation besidestheeir ugly ad hominem attacks.

      • Mae

        Yes, it’d be nice if all the negative ignoramus’ could be blocked from the world. But just think. THEY make themselves look stupid, so just let them “play.” Showing their true colors as the rest of the world continues being classy and mature.

  • NanaJ

    Congratulations Bristol. You DESERVE to remain on DWTS. Keep DANCING and SMILING. Let Carrie Ann know she has not stolen your joy.

  • Jake

    Keyboard warriors. Pathetic pacifist simply looking for the audience they criticize Bristol for having. Angry jealous little beings that are miserable and looking for company. Sad, actually.

    • Fado

      “Pathetic pacifist”? Even better!Thanks again Jake.

    • BB

      Just ignore. they want attention, as they get none anywhere else. Sane people do not put value on their words of lives

  • Jake

    Calm down Fido. Funny how you an dish out the names but can’t take a little name calling for anything.

    • Fado

      Calm down? I’m not upset Jake. Not at all. I think your choice of words is funny. As is your thinking pacifist is an insult. And applicable. Please, please go on..

  • Rachel

    While I’m not a fan of yours, Bristol, nor of your family, I have to say that I pray for you
    as I do for everyone. There is too much hate in the world and hating a kid who made choices that she has to live with (I will never call your son a mistake.) or her family because you disagree with their politics is juvenile and ridiculous.
    Do your best because that’s all you can do and you know that G0d is watching us all.

    My brother is serving his 6th (yes, 6th) tour of duty overseas.
    He’s an officer and he’s there until the job is done. He is also a police officer state side.
    He has 3 daughters and a wife. He has my undying love and respect.
    Our dad served in Korea and Vietnam. We’re Americans first.
    We hunt, fish, camp and we’re liberals. Go figure.
    I pray for your brother and for your family. Just do your best; God sees everything- don’t worry about what people say. There is only one judge and it ain’t anyone on this planet.
    Please spread the word about Soldier’s Angels. Here’s the link:

    • Katie

      Thank you for sharing that link. I will be praying about it and hopefully I will become a Solider’s Angel real soon!!

      • Rachel

        Gosh, I hope you do! They are a great bunch of people and it’s bi-partisan.
        Our warriors deserve to get as much as they give.
        It’s so much fun to write letters, send gifts (I send homemade cookies and socks) and cards.
        My first year, though, I lost a soldier. The Angels really get behind you and keep your
        spirits up when that happens.
        We’re all family. Let’s start acting like it.

    • BB

      :) That was mature and lovely Rachel. Bristol is a blessed young woman who obviously couldn’t be happier.

      • Rachel

        Thanks. I was raised to love everyone, to speak kindly and to walk my talk.
        I don’t have to agree with you, but I will defend your right to say what you will.
        Life is too short and hatred kills you faster than anything else.
        No one is perfect, least of all me.
        My gosh, how would I react if people were constantly judging me and didn’t even know me?
        I’m not a fan of the Palins, but I’m also not a fan of hatred.
        As granddaddy used to say, “He who thinks by the inch and talks by the yard should be kicked by the foot.”
        Take care!

  • CapitalG

    Thanks Track! Doing the important work while Bristol lays down a little ammo fodder for the America haterz. What Track is doing is so important and the casualties in Afghanistan under this administration have been tragically ignored by the same media who ran a ‘death count’ under President Bush.

    …but onto the trivialities of DWTS. FANTASTIC NIGHT for yourself, Mark and Bristol supporters. Surviving double elim and getting to dance the coveted R-n-R is HUGE! GO FOR IT this week! You hold the wildcard of FAN SUPPORT so use it! Set your sights on top3 and leave it all on the dance floor. One week at a time every week of course, but you and Mark both need to know your base will carry you far. Take the risks. Over the top is not enough!

  • Fado

    Interesting. Anderson Cooper thinks the whole tantrum Bristol threw was staged … and badly…. In an effort to get sympathy votes and attention. I think he may be on to something. It actually makes sense given how do much about Bristol and the Palins is staged ( including this blog). In which case, the producers of DWTS were more than fair with the video before their dance……..