What Keeps Me Going This Week: 1 Chronicles 16:34

When life is tough — or even when it’s not — I’ve found comfort in the Bible. My favorite parts change from month to month, week to week, or even day to day.  Honestly, I should read it more than I do, because I’ve also found that life is better when I hang on to its promises and truth.

Here’s the verse that’s speaking to me right now, 1 Chronicles 16:34.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!

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Today, I just need to stop and praise God. It’s funny how quick we are to forget that. He is so good! Let’s praise Him. His steadfast love really does last forever.

This week, what verses remind you of God’s goodness?

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  • http://mollyloubelle.com Molly Lemmons

    Bristol, you are a lovely girl and I love you and all of your family. With all the respect I can muster, I must, however, ask you how you can harmonize your love of the Lord and your faith in Him by participating in DWTS? Your attire is not befitting a Christian Girl’s example, and the moves necessary to allow you to do the dances, do not harmonize with the teachings of Galatians 5:19. Your outward beauty and inward beauty should be one, and perhaps you feel it is, but what you are doing is contradictory to those values. Your blog is beautiful and the references to your faith, your Bible study, and your value systems is indeed uplifting and joyous, but it seems hypocrital in light of the fact that you, by your actions, seem not to actually believe it. I do not mean to be unkind or judgmental, but Bristol, the Scriptures are clear about our love of God not being in compromise with the world. And DWTS is very, very worldy. If you were to stop the music and just watch the “moves,” would you think the couple doing the moves, were engaging in illicit sex? I just felt I needed to talk with you about this because you are in a position to carry the message to the world about what is true, and right, and good in living the Christian life. I know many young girls look to you for that example, and I just want you to send them the God message, not the worldy one. I just hope you receive this message in the way I intended it. I am a great admirer of your mom and I follow her, and listen to her every chance I get. But I know how hard it is for a mother to have a beautiful daughter and not want to show her off a little. It is just human nature, but for the good of the daughter, some things have to be avoided. I guess what prompted this message was the man’s remark who wrote: “Bristol, you need to get some clothes on; you look like a slut…” It just pierced me through the heart to hear it spoken so crudely. Not befitting a young lady of your upbringing. I just ask that you ponder the Scriptures more deeply that you say you “read daily” and let them talk to you about this matter. A sincere heart will find the truth. May God bless you as you go along in life making choices every day. . . . . and may they be WISE choices. Blessings and hugs. Molly Lemmons

  • Marie

    Bristol you are doing an incredible job, and a great example for the young women in our country. You are certainly your mother’s daughter. I vote for you every week, and wish you the best that Life Has to Offer………….you have the entire world out there for you, and reach for the stars.
    Big Hugs, Marie

  • Tootie

    I’m so glad you read the Bible, little Bristol (I call everyone I love Little). Trip is so adorable. My daughter is older than you but told me she just wanted to go to the courthouse to get married. Isn’t that strsange? But she does want really lovely rings, a safari for a honeymoon, lots of children whom she intends to homeschool, and a fairly nice house for them all to live in. Oh, and she wants her husband to be “heaven’s choice” and a really God-fearing man. She threw in she would like him to be close to her age, polished, intelligent and witty. I have a hunch Jesus will give it all to her because I see her life everyday. She loves Jesus very much and serves Him. God bless you, Little. (Psalm 37:4)