When is a “Baby” a “Baby?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!   Writers and celebrities have written about her severe morning sickness, speculated on the chances of her having twins, and congratulated the young royal couple.

What’s interesting to me is that so far I haven’t heard anyone congratulate Prince William and Princess Kate on their “blob of tissue” or “clump of cells” or “fetus;” no, everyone seems to acknowledge that they are expecting a baby, even though Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant.  This is odd, because many of these people are liberal reporters and celebrities who refuse to acknowledge that life begins at conception and consequently promote abortion rights.

Over at LifeNews.com, Steven Ertelt points this out

Abortion activists are reluctant to recognize the humanity of the unborn child, but the liberal news web site Gawker did just that today. “CONFIRMED: THERE IS A HUMAN BEING GROWING INSIDE KATE MIDDLETON #baby #baby #baby” it tweeted.

The conservative twitter watchdog Twitchy caught the tweet and applauded Gawker for finally getting something right.

It said: “For once, Gawker is right. A zygote conceived from human sperm and eggs is a human being, not merely a “blob” or a “bunch of cells” or “potential human life.” At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s heart has begun to beat and, by six weeks, brainwaves will be present.”

As with any pregnancy, we should take this opportunity to celebrate the gift of life, remind people that life begins at conception, and make sure every child is welcomed.  And let’s all remember to pray for Princess Kate as she and Prince William embark on this new and exciting journey!

  • Sheila

    So desperate for attention.

    • Lissa

      And you are looking for attention as well, right? Why else would you post such an irrelevant, inane and snotty comment?

      I can’t help but wonder how someone can live with so much hate in their heart. Honestly …

      Love to you and your family, Bristol!

      • Sheila

        No actually I am not looking for attention… no more than any of the other posters here Lissa. Bristol’s “fans” have all but evaporated. Her posts get only a handful of responses. So its time to crank up the fear machine…her self -esteem needs a boost. She probably does the same thing at home…if she’s feeling a little neglected she heads down to the flea market so she can sign some autographs (:)

        • Ysa

          And you come here, on her blog, to make yourself feel better by putting her down. Well, trying anyway…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sixshooter P.J. Agnew

    I reckon so :)

  • Ronda

    Touche’ Bristol, well said!!!!

  • Hannah Marie

    Very interesting post! Proof that the liberals are hypocrites ;) I enjoyed watching you on DWTS this season! God bless you and your family!

    • Sheila

      Nice try hannah but the simple fact is that liberals don’t want women to have abortions either….but they respect that its not up to the government or churches to tell them what they can do with their reproductive organs. Thats why liberals advocate education and contraception. These tools empower women and eliminate the need for abortions in the first place. Of course its the conservatives who are the true hypocrites because they are against education and contraception.

      • Ysa

        Just to correct you, a fetus is a third party not a reproductive organ. Women can do with their reproductive organs whatever they want, but a baby it’s not a organ, is another human inside the reproductive organs. I don’t think people should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term, but I don’t delude myself that is not killing another growing person. People should be at least aware of that fact before making a decision.

      • sodakhic

        Education and contraception is fine if you pay for it Sheila.I don’t want hard earned money going to pay for abortions.

  • Mallory

    Good for you Bristol! I also find it very unnerving when someone who is pro-life is considered to have a hateful heart? It is a little scary how backwards society has become, when someone who promotes life is hateful, yet someone who supports abortion and ending human life is the loving one? I’m sorry I’m just confused.

  • Mark Miller

    Good question. It seems like during pregnancy it’s only a “baby” if the mother and father want it, and after birth it becomes a “baby” for sure, though I keep hearing about some few who’d like to change that. Creeps me out.

  • KTG

    I hadn’t really thought about this..mainly, cause I obviously believe a baby is a baby the second is conceived. Great point though on how hypocritical people can be. Not exactly related, but my Mom and I were shocked when we were getting out nails done and talking to our nail lady who we have had and liked for almost a year now. Somehow, her life story came up and she told us how she had 3 children and got pregnant with a fourth and so casually said ” but I didn’t want 4 children.. so I got an abortion” My mom and I were shocked. We aren’t extremely conservative, but that to us, was murder. To just so casually say it, like it was nothing.

  • P

    Great point! And any negative comments about your post are clear folks that feel stupid!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    If allowed to come into this world kids can say the darnest things and make one laugh and bring joy into our lives. I also pray that William and Kate will be able to laugh with their children.As for Sheila I often wonder she only wish’s she would of been aborted, she seem to be aso unhappy!

    • Sheila

      Oh Thomas no need to worry about my happiness. And shouldn’t you be eating some fiber cereal about now? Based on your posting it sounds like you need it.

  • http://thriftychicky28.blogspot.com/ Crissy

    Bristol, I agree. It hurts my heart to hear people talk about abortion like it’s not a big deal. A baby can feel pain right from the very beginning there is proof of this. Also I’m getting so tired of people being so hateful to you and your family. Do they not see that all it is is grown up bulling? What are they teaching their children by acting so hateful to others. I adore your family and pray that ya’ll will not allow for those hateful people to ever bring you down.

    • Sheila

      Crissy the Palin’s are the biggest family of bullies out there.

      • Ysa

        Sorry, are they going to your personal blog, to talk about you?

      • sodakhic

        Sheila, do you have a blog? I’d like to make a few comments.