When is a “Baby” a “Baby?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!   Writers and celebrities have written about her severe morning sickness, speculated on the chances of her having twins, and congratulated the young royal couple.

What’s interesting to me is that so far I haven’t heard anyone congratulate Prince William and Princess Kate on their “blob of tissue” or “clump of cells” or “fetus;” no, everyone seems to acknowledge that they are expecting a baby, even though Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant.  This is odd, because many of these people are liberal reporters and celebrities who refuse to acknowledge that life begins at conception and consequently promote abortion rights.

Over at LifeNews.com, Steven Ertelt points this out

Abortion activists are reluctant to recognize the humanity of the unborn child, but the liberal news web site Gawker did just that today. “CONFIRMED: THERE IS A HUMAN BEING GROWING INSIDE KATE MIDDLETON #baby #baby #baby” it tweeted.

The conservative twitter watchdog Twitchy caught the tweet and applauded Gawker for finally getting something right.

It said: “For once, Gawker is right. A zygote conceived from human sperm and eggs is a human being, not merely a “blob” or a “bunch of cells” or “potential human life.” At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s heart has begun to beat and, by six weeks, brainwaves will be present.”

As with any pregnancy, we should take this opportunity to celebrate the gift of life, remind people that life begins at conception, and make sure every child is welcomed.  And let’s all remember to pray for Princess Kate as she and Prince William embark on this new and exciting journey!

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  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    Excellent point, Bristol! As always! I hope life in Alaska is going good!!

  • SueB

    Great post, Bristol.

  • Dennis McHale

    You Go Girl!!! You get it!

  • mike

    Well I have softened on my views on abortion. I DON’T think a baby that could kill the birth mother during pregnancy or delivery is a good reason, however. As these doctors may be wrong. MAYBE if the mother was raped and even the trama of seeing the rapist’s face. But moroften I think the trama is from aborting one’s child. But a mother that is tricked into aborting her baby, the darkest coldest places of hell are reserved for someone to trick a mother into killing her baby. Even if it is convenient or politically correct or legal.
    But I applaude your family and for the rights and wrongs you’all stand up for. God bless your family and CONGRATULATIONS to the new royal baby.

  • Frederick Lang

    Good points Bristol. The only difference between a baby carried by one woman and a baby carried by a different woman is a simple mental decision not to have that child in the abortion’s case. Both are just as viable pregnancies and both are as much human life as the other. As soon as we can get a “Personhood” bill passed to protect those millions of pregnancies every year, the sooner those millions of lives will be protected from a culture of death that permeates our modern culture. Thanks again for sharing your views!

  • Kim Castro

    Totally agree Bristol! Thank you for your message and I pray that someday everyone will once again recognize that life begins with conception! Bless you for your decision and the beautiful baby that is the result! God bless you and your family!

  • David

    Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate.
    I hope that they have a very Happy Marriage.

  • http://www.redeemed-insandouts.blogspot.com Christie Krull

    Right on! Thanks for capturing this opportunity to point out the double minded truth of what the media promotes vs. what we actually know to be true with our expressions of happiness when there is an expectant family awaiting the arrival of their precious child. Situation ethics seeped into our society and as sinful creatures, we have used this to tweek anything that we want to excuse and do.

    Order does not come out of disorder. There is a complete blueprint in that first complete cell that maps out the personality, physical features, spiritual and natural gifts. A uniquely gifted child is being cruelly and painfully murdered. We have that same spirit of death roaming our country that Herod and Hitler acted under. And now we the people are all guilty… because we have no king or ruler… we the people hold the responsibility for this blood bath. Pray earnestly for repentance. Pray that we will turn from our wicked ways. Pray that God will come in a wave of awakening for his beloved-we the people.

  • Liane

    You are an idiot, Bristol. Kate is a Duchess, not a princess. And WTH? People congratulate a pregnant woman, and you hit them for not turning it into an abortion debate. How about just “Congrats”?