When is a “Baby” a “Baby?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!   Writers and celebrities have written about her severe morning sickness, speculated on the chances of her having twins, and congratulated the young royal couple.

What’s interesting to me is that so far I haven’t heard anyone congratulate Prince William and Princess Kate on their “blob of tissue” or “clump of cells” or “fetus;” no, everyone seems to acknowledge that they are expecting a baby, even though Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant.  This is odd, because many of these people are liberal reporters and celebrities who refuse to acknowledge that life begins at conception and consequently promote abortion rights.

Over at LifeNews.com, Steven Ertelt points this out

Abortion activists are reluctant to recognize the humanity of the unborn child, but the liberal news web site Gawker did just that today. “CONFIRMED: THERE IS A HUMAN BEING GROWING INSIDE KATE MIDDLETON #baby #baby #baby” it tweeted.

The conservative twitter watchdog Twitchy caught the tweet and applauded Gawker for finally getting something right.

It said: “For once, Gawker is right. A zygote conceived from human sperm and eggs is a human being, not merely a “blob” or a “bunch of cells” or “potential human life.” At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s heart has begun to beat and, by six weeks, brainwaves will be present.”

As with any pregnancy, we should take this opportunity to celebrate the gift of life, remind people that life begins at conception, and make sure every child is welcomed.  And let’s all remember to pray for Princess Kate as she and Prince William embark on this new and exciting journey!

  • Liane

    And as a liberal who believes that women should have the right to seek safe abortions, let me put your mind at ease and cheer, “Congratulations, DUCHESS, on your growing clump of cells! You’ve chosen to keep it! I wouldn’t think you’d do anything different, as your life of privilege indicates no need to lament whether you can provide a good life for your child or find adequate prenatal care! Bristol was a pregnant teen mum, but hey, she lived in Mommy and Daddy’s house, not under a bridge like the raped and preggers teen runaway who lived round the way! As we say in England, good on yer!”

    • http://www.abundantlifehavanasilkdogs.com KATHLEEN

      Have you ever met anyone who was the ‘product’ of rape? I have. There are beautiful people alive today because their mothers choose not to punish them with death for a crime that was done to them. I was raped as a young woman…it’s a terrible crime, one that will affect me for the rest of my life. But we don’t punish an innocent child with a brutally cruel death for someone’s crime.

      • CJ

        AMEN Kathleen!

      • Liane

        Were you impregnated, Kathleen, because of the rape? And if so, you kept your baby? Very brave of you. I have never been raped, but I would never judge anyone who has been raped and chose to terminate a pregnancy as the product of a rape. I would, however, applaud the bravery of someone who decides to keep the baby, despite having been raped. If you, Kathleen, were not impregnated as a result of your rape, I find it disturbing that you would judge someone who was and chose to terminate.

    • Sally

      And let’s not forget Bristol also had/has free government- funded healthcare ( because her dad is native).

  • marie

    Very nice article. I always wondered about that myself.

  • Barbara

    Such excellent observations, Bristol. No one seems to know why the procedure known as Caesarian Section was developed. They tried for centuries to find a way to deliver surgically. The uterus is outside the sac that contains the vital organs (peritoneum). The problem was always infection. Once they understood how to refrain from piercing the peritoneum the surgical delivery revolutionized obstetrics. This can be done quite rapidly when necessary, in amatter of seconds. In nursing school we saw a film of a woman delivering under hypnosis. She was singing and joyful–no pain. So the late-term “partial birth” abortion isn’t necessary. I agree that the rape or incest is much more traumatic than the natural birth of a baby. Iwas was in nursing school before Roe v Wade. We delivered the girls from our local Florence Crittendon Home where they lived, went to school and received counseling during pregnancy. This was much better than abortion and most babies were adopted by deserving couples.

  • sodakhic

    That’s it Bristol. Game, set, match on the conception issue.Too bad these women that think that they can’t afford to bring a baby in the world, maybe if they stopped using drugs and sleeping with every man they come in contact with , would make their decision easier.

    • Tremblay

      Spoken like a true conservative male pig. You sound like the married prolife family values congressman who tried to force the woman he was having an affair with to have an abortion.

      • Tremblay

        That republican congressman ran on family values and being pro life.

    • Allison

      I thought you were being ironic! Are your for real? Bristol should be offended at your “sleeping around” comment. Lucky for her she had a family that could support her “accident”.

  • CJ

    BRAVO, sweet Bristol!!! So happy you brought this to light!
    It’s a clump of cells or a fetus when it isn’t wanted and it’s a baby when it is.
    By the same token, I never heard anyone who ever miscarried a child ever say, “I LOST A FETUS OR A CLUMP OF CELLS.” It’s always, “We lost our baby”. When Lacy Peterson was murdered in her 8th month of pregnancy, her husband was charged w/ 2 counts of murder, NOT one!!! How is it that her precious baby boy, who wasn’t yet born, was considered murdered, yet, the woman who chooses to abort in her 8th month isn’t committing
    the same???? The world has gone mad and the consequences are coming.
    It’s very simple We do not have the right to take an innocent life, but we, as females, have the option of keeping our legs closed.
    As for rape, several yrs ago, on one of the daytime talk shows, a young single woman became pregnant as a result of a very violent rape. She scheduled an abortion, but couldn’t go through w/ it. 9 months later, she gave birth to a healthy, gorgeous baby girl who she confessed, is the love of her life who has helped her heal the horrendous memories of the night she was conceived!! She said that she never thought that so much love could ever come from such a traumatic circumstance and she realizes that
    her daughter was a gift from GOD for choosing to protect the life HE created despite those circumstances. They brought her daughter on stage.
    She was only 4 at the time…and was deemed a very gifted musical prodigy!!!!! Was the mom wealthy? No. Was she young and unmarried? Yes. Did this pregnancy occur at a bad/inconvenient time in her life? Absolutely! But, the Lord turned a terrible situation and made “beauty from ashes”…..and oh, does that little one LOVE her mommy! Her mom said she can’t imagine her life w/o her daughter and has even been able to forgive the man who violated her. True story, and an awesome GOD!
    YES…..LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION and it is Almighty GOD who creates each new soul. Who are we to destroy what is precious to HIM and purposed by HIM?

  • susan


  • D louis

    What motivates someone to go on a blog just to say nasty things? I can only assume Sheila and Sally are young and immature with nothing better to do.

  • Bonny Batman

    Love your quick responses to the double talking media. A baby is a baby – if it is royal – otherwise it is what they want to call it. Really enjoy your quick wit – I don’t know if it makes you feel good or not, but you do have your Mom’s spark. Love ya guys. Bonny

  • Laurie

    Great point, Bristol! You pointed out the hypocrisy perfectly! Props to you!!

  • NanaJ

    Excellent article. Thank you for sharing. I hope to see a beautiful snow scene from AK on your FB wall soon.