California News Anchors Overreact to “Cold Weather”

Oh my. I had to post this!  Jimmy Kimmel did this great clip making fun of the way the folks in Los Angeles reacted to their fifty degree weather.  You don’t have to be from Alaska to enjoy this!

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Cheyenne

    I live in Califorina and I totally agree with you Bristol.

  • Lori W

    As a former Californian, now living in Tennessee…which DOES have COLD WINTERS (granted NOT as cold as Alaska, probably year round), I think that is HILARIOUS!

    I have been calling the last two days out here “California Winters” in TN, because we have been in the 50′s….The high out here today is gonna be 43!…CA people would be wearing parkas and multiple layers of underwear…LOL!!

  • Hannah

    Oh my goodness… its global warming!

    I live in TN also. Yesterday it was 50 degrees out, and I had my windows rolled down driving down the highway. It felt soooo good!

  • Thomas

    Real funny Bristol, at least I don’t feel like such a wimp when it comes being cold when it’s in the 30′s or 20′s right now it’s a chilly 65 in the house!

  • Diane V

    I live in Pennsylvania, and all though I love my four seasons, my rheumatoid arthritis does not. I’m praying, Lord willing, to relocate to Wilmington NC. I admire Alaska’s beauty from post cards, and truly respect the tough Alaska spirit that braves its fierce winters. This video is hilarious! I’m not the wimp I thought I was!

  • David

    When the Temps drops 15-20 degrees below the Normal for your Area, then it is Cold Weather to you.
    Your Temps might seem like a “Heat Wave” to people who live in Montana or Alaska, but they are Cold Temps to people in your Area.
    It depends on what temps you get used to.

  • Maryann S

    LOL Here in New England it’s a high of 50 today and the kids were wearing short sleeves and shorts. Too funny!!!

  • Page Hall

    HILARIOUS! One winter I tookmy daughter to visit family and friends in California. It was in the 60 to 70 degree range… of course, we were in sleeveless shirts and no jacket, coming from Fairbanks’ 20 to 30 below zero weather at that time. We walked into a restaurant and heard people actually make remarks out loud about how we must think its summer or something… and what really shocked me was the woman in a turtleneck and a thick wool sweater with a knitted scarf over that. AMAZING! How can they not suffocate dressed like that? I was not even to the “hot flashes” point in my life and yet would have sweated like the proverbial pig. I guess its not where you come from but what you are used to (I was born there but raised in Alaska). How funny! Really enjoyed this clip, thanks for sharing :)

  • otlset

    As a resident of southern California I have to put up with the TV weatherpeople’s breathless, and often inaccurate hype too. I live in Temecula in SW Riverside County, CA, (about 60 miles SE of the LA metro area) and almost inevitably they will OVER-estimate our overnight temperatures in winter. I can say with certainty that if the LA stations say it’s “34 degrees out in Temecula”, it will be BELOW 30 degrees, usually around 25 degrees. Almost always. This is a consistent and (to me) irritating error on their part, making it seem to most southern Californians (or others worldwide) tuning in that it’s much warmer in Temecula (overnight) than it actually is. I can’t help thinking this is the localized effort to boost the LSM narrative of “global warming” when tallied at year’s end.

    And if the weather starts to warm up — so does the hype. Again almost all the local LA news weather people will say it’s going to HEAT up tomorrow (hot, hot, HOT) all the way to 80 degrees! Gasp, 80 degrees is only a warming up, not HEATING up. But that’s what they say usually. It all has to do with the *delivery style* of the TV weather person, the choice of descriptive words they choose, facial expressions and emphasis that plants in the viewers mind…(Hot! — AGW is REAL!). This slanting emphasis in the local weather delivery is of course also used in the LSM’s reporting of the regular news, slanted to the left, liberal Dem talking points and narratives as usual. Hype hype hype from the liberal/LSM view.

  • Jason

    I live in Michigan. I would LOVE one of those California weather reporters to come here during the winter. Say hello to 15 degree highs! They’d probably be shivering so hard they wouldn’t even be able to talk properly. Meanwhile I’d be outside in a hoodie asking them what their problem is.