Three Photos: Big Alaskan Spaces

One thing about living in Alaska is that there’s always room. Space. I love these photos from Birch Leaf Photography because they really capture that sense of space that we love in my home state. This picture is┬álooking south from Delta Junction along the Delta River.

See next photo here.

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  • jay w powers

    i want the cabin on the hill, nx to the lake….jay

  • Victor

    That does look beautiful.

  • ph

    Beautiful pics!

  • David

    Alaska is so Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing the Photos, Bristol.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Stunning….thanks for sharing

  • Thomas

    True confession, yes I am a wimp when ever I see photos as these I get cold! But never the less there great!

  • Gladis

    Look forward to vacationing in Alaska one day! thanks for the beautiful pics.

  • Misty

    Lovely pics as usual from Birch Leaf!

  • Curt Wilson

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I’ve only been to Alaska once but it was love at first sight.

  • Joseph

    Gorgeous pics!

  • Tootie

    Wow. And I’m so glad you’re home, Bristol!

  • Sue B

    Beautiful photos.

  • Joe W.

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.