Why I Won’t Be Seeing Any Jim Carrey Movies Anytime Soon

So, did you see Jim Carrey’s mean-spirited YouTube clip called “Cold, Dead Hand?”

In it, he makes fun of middle America, southerners, and — particularly — gun owners.  (No, not the gun owners whom he hires to protect him… the ones with a southern twang who used to watch Hee Haw.  You know, Republicans! It’s okay for his people to have guns.  Just not us!)

Anyway, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity did a great job taking him down a notch or two.  (Well, they did and so did the millions of Americans in “fly 0ver country” who won’t see his latest movie.)

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Sorry, guys — as many of you pointed out, this video didn’t work. Here’s the original video you can see… if you want!


  • MiddleRoader

    I agree, Dawn. (I guess there might be some cases where someone’s views are so repugnant that it might affect my viewing choice, but generally, who cares? They’re actors.) Carrey’s video was a parody on Hee Haw; I personally didn’t see it as an attack on white Southerners, but that’s just my take on it. I get the point about being a hypocrite, b/c he has an armed bodyguard, but I don’t think he’s advocating total gun control, just an assault weapons band. And it’s a bit ironic to me that Bristol finds Carrey so offensive, but praises Coulter, who has unapologetically used the r-word and a homosexual slur. And in her take-down of Carrey, she said Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are too short to be President, and the govt should drop a drone on Jane Fonda.

  • Susan Miller

    I wish I could see the video, but this sight won’t allow it to be played. I was never hardly a Jim Carrey fan to begin with. There was always something about him I didn’t like. I believe that the actor/actress’ if they want to stay on the public’s good side, they need to curb their tongues. Ever since I found out about Jane “Hanoi Jane” Fonda I refuse to watch any of her shows/movies. Look at what happened to the country group the “Dixie Chicks”. They dissed their President on foreign soil. They are no longer a group because American’s spoke up and made it hard for the Dixie Chicks to make music. Natalie Maines is trying it solo. I still refuse to listen to her music, whatever genre she is trying to sing. Now, even more so I will not watch any Jim Carrey movies. You don’t diss your country or the freedoms of American’s. I am a true Red White and Blue American citizen. My Daddy served for 26 1/2 years in the Air Force. He just passed away a month ago. I love and miss you always and forever Daddy.

    • MiddleRoader

      Sarah Palin has criticized the President and the administration on foreign soil as well (India and Hong Kong). Not as blatantly as the Dixie chicks, but still…

  • jessica

    Jim Carey also very effectively mocked trial lawyers (who tend to be Liberal Democrats) in Liar Liar. It was hysterical. I never heard of lawyers or Democrats whining about it the time. It is just entertainment. Lighten up.

  • Jeffrey D. Cavagnaro

    Just what we need: another Canadian (Jim Carrey) telling us what our Constitution says… Next thing you know the Brits will be lecturing us (Hello, Piers….).

  • Dennis Carr

    Jim Carrey stopped being funny the second time I saw him, I had a brother that was just as stupid, doing things to the other children to be funny…. It wasn’t funny.. Never bought a JC DVD or VCR and never will.. Should him lose all his money would be just fine with me.. Go back to flipping burgers for a living…

  • Dennis Carr

    Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity Pulled the video, they can go to Mecca too… I don’t believe in hell and that well be better..

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    Unfortunatlly, the work is not finished for any of us including mama grizzley… Keep on truckin… ~ !

  • Tiffany

    Heres one right back at Jim CAREY! I stand with you and will not be watching Jim Carey for some time…

  • CJ

    I’m with you 150%, Bristol!

  • David

    Jim Carey has always been walking a thin line between Crazy and Stupid.
    But now Jim Carey is leaning a little more toward the Stupid side.
    It has been a while since I have watched any of Jim Carey’s movies.