Relieved.. and Enjoying It

I’m so excited for another season of Dancing with the Stars!

How many of you watched last night? It doesn’t air until 7 o’clock here, which is 11 o’clock on the east coast.

I think they all did great! Even science guy Bill Nye and “the redneck comedian” Bill Engvall were fun!

My favorite couple is Sasha Farber and Nicole Polizzi — I love them both.

I’m also excited to see Elizabeth from Saved by the Bell! I met her at a Candies function years ago, and she was really sweet.  Amber Riley from Glee, is amazing, too.

Last night, as I sat on my couch, I was so happy.  It’s so fun to watch, and it brings back so many memories!

What do you think of this year’s cast?  I think they are going to do a great job…

Not to mention, I’m relieved I’m not out there!

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  • conservativemama

    Amber Riley was fantastic!

  • the_original_tom

    I was most impressed with Snooki. Unlike you, cupcake:
    1. she realized and admitted that her life was “a hot mess” and she has worked hard to change that
    2. she can actually dance
    3. she is succeeding in spite of her reputation as opposed to you who has done nothing more than ride the coattails of your vapid mother’s notoriety

    • Renny

      One wonders, butter bean, why you’re posting here on Bristol’s blog if you dislike her so much? Oh, wait…you’re a liberal. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Itarion

        Rawr, liberalism BAD.

        Alternatively, some of us are here because we want to see and understand what it is other people think. Rather than disregarding any competing viewpoint because it is different, some of us try to see what’s different, why, and whether it is worthwhile as a potential alternative.

        • otlset

          And you glean “…what’s different, why, and whether it is worthwhile…” from the plethora of nasty and intentionally insulting crap from fools who drift in to this open site to express their hate?

          • Itarion

            Hate is such a strong word. But I agree that there are also some real jackasses who say some stupid shit. But you get that from both sides.

            I glean “what’s different and why it might be useful from my intentions in coming here, and com enters like Rosie, with “He seems like a good guy. There are as many ways to view the world as there are people in it.” On the other hand, “He’s an idiot who follows popular science orthodoxy rather than the facts” is a touch hateful against an actually intelligent man with whom you happen to disagree. Hate comes from both sides, and it’s useful to neither.

          • otlset

            Nye is apparently willfully ignorant. I stand by my opinion, especially since he has the ability to get on various TV shows and browbeat those who disagree in a condescending manner, while encouraging governmental action based on an obviously incomplete freaking ‘theory’ for heaven’s sake.

          • Itarion

            Do you understand what the word “theory” means as a technical term used in scientific circles? I’ll tell you this: it’s not just a scientific wild ass guess. Nor is global warming the only “theory.” It’s a complex issue that needs study. Ignoring what might not be a problem is more risky than studying what might not be an issue.

            As for Mr. Nye being an asshole on TV, I don’t know. I’ve not seen him in on TV shows, at least not in this sort of arena. It would suck if he was, because he has done so much for education and scientific literacy, but not-an-asshole would do a whole lot more. His educational videos are a pervasive aspect of being a nineties child, as a whole slew of schools showed them. But a lot of celebrities are assholes, and so – IF he is one – this would not be a surprise by any stretch of the imagination.

            Finally, you are welcome to your opinions. Feel free to share them, but expect that people will ask you to back it up, that people will disagree, and that people will dislike you for it, and say so.

          • otlset

            Yes it’s a complex issue the myriad of dynamic and constantly changing atmospheric conditions that contribute to the day to day weather in any locale. Prognosticating how the weather will turn out even on a day to day basis, not to mention months and years ahead, like the fools at the UN IPCC have attempted to do (in order to place environmental restrictions and regulations on the world in the here and now) is shortsighted exactly because all of the dynamic components and influences that produce our weather (and ‘climate’ — what to expect weatherwise for any geographic location or “climate zone” more specifically, at any time of year — data gathered over time. The earth has thousands of climate zones, known as Koeppen climate zones, each with different characteristics due to geographic location and elevation and other localized characteristics) are not known and/or not taken into consideration. I speculate that many are not even discovered yet. How else to appraise the efficacy of the theory that increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations (CO2) will lead to a warming planet, in the face of 15 years of weather data that show there HAS BEEN NO WARMING in that time, despite a gradual modest increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

            Something is missing from their theory (likely many things are missing) that would explain why the globe has not been warming according to all the dire fear-mongering predictions the IPCC, Michael Mann, Al Gore, et al, and true-believer/followers like Bill Nye the science guy over the past two decades. Yet they plunge ahead anyway and try to yoke worldwide restrictions on industries — based only on what looks like now a more and more incomplete theory.

  • LMA

    Who cloned Saul Alinsky?!!

    • LMA

      And can he also clone the dozens of overseas personnel killed on GWB’s watch?!