Are You “Sleeping Well” or “Eating Well?”

I came across this Scripture and wanted to pass it along. 

“The blessing of The Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.” Proverbs 10:22

This reminds me of that old saying “you’re either sleeping well, or eating well.”

Well, the good news is that you can have both with God’s blessing!

It reminds me of  when I was on Dancing with the Stars, especially the first time. I knew God’s plan for my life would always be bigger and better than a reality show. I knew whatever was to happen, would happen.

There’s freedom in that.

God has given me so much! That means I’m able to “sleep well,” and  “eat well” with all of his blessings.


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  • Life is God’s gift to us. How we speak in life is our gift to God. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a hot donut.

  • Holierthanthou

    I didn’t know God worked for SarahPac

    • Seriously. A woman writes about her faith in God, and your response is a juvenile political comment? Oh, I’m sorry. I should have responded in kind. “I didn’t know Satan worked for OFA”

      • All activity in life is about politics and money, but I think it’s wrong-headed to believe that someone can’t make a public statement of faith in God and remain free from public derision for simply stating that fact. She should be commended, even if you don’t agree with her political values.

        Should one accept the belief that this blog is ONLY about politics and money, or can it be politics, money and personal revelation? If Bristol can help support herself and her son by expressing a faith in God, combined with topics of political discourse because her mother is a national political figure (and she’s a national public figure) then I say that she’s a good mother, and smart.

        Haters are gonna hate, regardless of the truth.

        • It’s not sad. It’s a statement of fact. Just as “All politics are local” – your life is based around choices that you make to acquire the needs of life: shelter, food, and security. That doesn’t negate a statement of faith, anymore than Noam Chomsky admitting that Leo Strauss was a genius.

          • Fortunately for me, I’m not as obsessed with making comments on disqus with regards to politics and money as you seem to be. I’m merely stating a truth that life is about making choices that involve politics and money. You’re either buying something, or selling something. Happily, I can attest that I’m not the one you should be concerned about in that regard.

          • Read it again sweetpea and pay attention. I wrote that “all activity in life is about politics and money”

            Reading Comprehension “All activity” ~ “Everything”

            Do you buy organic vegetables at the market? Do you recycle cardboard and plastics? Do you smoke weed, cigars, cigarettes?

        • If the gorilla suit fits . . . .

          • Mickey Donovan

            LoL! That gorilla suit was stretched to the max. Tore out the seams in the belly and the butt. But it definitely was “fitting”, pardon the pun. LoL!

      • whatever

        sorry loser, she pulled a quote from her mom’s ghostwritten book on page 70

        • As a dog returns to lap at his vomit, the fool repeats his error none the wiser than a reflection in the mirror.

          • Mickey Donovan

            This has to be your own homecooked proverb. It makes absolutely no sense and makes you sound illiterate to others while you think it makes you sound wise. Oops. Fail!

          • I’m unable to respond to your inability to think.

        • I might also add the using a common phrase is not uncommon. Have you ever heard the one, “don’t wreslte with a pig. You’ll get dirty, and the pig will like it”

          • Mickey Donovan

            And this one shows you have no idea how to use these pithy little phrases. You really should quit before you make too big a fool of yourself.

          • I merely pointed out the false umbridge regarding the use of a common phrase.. But, I thank you for your banal observation. I’m surprised that you didn’t take your own advice, as you now have removed any doubt in regards to your status on the matter.

  • Richard Smit

    there is nothing wrong about that!

  • Richard Smit

    It looks like that the Palin haters has really nothing better to to than Going to pro Sarah Palin blogs and spread hate on there!

  • Not until we finish whuppin these reprobates that threaten ours futures… STAT…/

    • **__** … !!!-)

      • whatever

        buss off before i take your name again…creep, and have you banned from tweeter again

    • blueniner

      Projectin eh cretin?

    • whatever

      scrurry back to the peepond you fruit cake

  • Kristy Patullo

    You are so blessed, Bristol. You have a super supportive family, a beautiful son
    who adores you, and are on a great career path. The right guy will come into
    your life when the time is right. It’s God’s plan. Leave it in God’s hands.

    • Mickey Donovan

      Is the right guy among those “trial daddies” Bristle has been (ahem) “trying out”?

  • dr. woo

    Thank you. I thought it was just me…

  • Sebastian Melmoth

    Bristol, you need to practice doing it bloggy style before you go public with this stuff.

  • Jennifer von Essen

    Bristol you are every mothers dream of a wife for her son. You are a woman of faith. That faith has taken you to great heights. Keep climbing because this world is not your home. I am very proud of your stand for righteousness in such a ugly world.

    • whatever

      bristol lies like a rug.. you must have very low morals

    • Mickey Donovan

      Bristle, like her phony mother, simply spouts about her “faith” to suck in vacuous religionists like you. Ever seen a picture of Bristle or any of her family attending a church, temple or mosque service? Neither has anyone else. She’s all about telling people what they want to hear, not about her faith. Don’t fall for her BS.

      • And if anyone should fall for your BS,, they are sucked in by bigotry and intolerance exemplified by your own assumption about someone you know nothing about. Literally.

      • Jennifer von Essen

        I didnt know that attending a church made you a Christian. By those standards Aldoph Hitler is definetly in heaven. Bristol showed her faith in God, and her integerity in doing the right thing, when she endured the ridicule and consequences of being a teen mom. That action would be showing her faith is real. Not having a photo shoot at church.

  • whatever

    lie much bristol?

    Page 70 of Going Rogue:

    “Plus, as a council member I had just
    voted against a mayoral pay raise, and it would be hypocritical to
    conveniently forget that vote if I were elected mayor. Todd wasn’t
    enthused about the pay-cut promise. But Curtis [Menard] Jr. had once
    shared an observation with me: ‘In politics, you’re either eating well
    or sleeping well.’ I wanted to sleep well.”

    • Jennifer von Essen

      Your argument does not make sense! Bristol is simply stating that she has learned something new about an old saying. How you can consider that lying is beyond me. Therefore, being someone that WANTS to make this a better world she is blogging and sharing it with others. She is not stating she never knew this slogan, or used it before. Stop the hate and prejudices remarks. How is what you said doing anything to make this a better world? Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Palin family are professed Christians, why read her blog if you dont follow the same value system?

  • dsmith

    Miss Bristol has all of the prerequisites to host Fox and Friends. I’m sure she can remember the two most important interview questions in journalism…What was it like? and….How did that make you feel?

  • Michelle Erb

    So the Gospel of Palin is that God wants her to have a lot of money and not lose sleep over how she got it?

    Sounds about right.