This is What a “Botched Abortion” Looks Like – 17 Years Later

So this teenage boy is the “fetus” that came from a botched abortion:

Nik Hoot is quite the athlete. He’s a successful wrestler at a high school – a fact that would likely earn him news coverage anyway. But Nik has overcome the kind of obstacles very few encounter.

You see, Nik is a well-rounded athlete in spite of the fact that he is missing parts of both legs and doesn’t have a fully developed set of fingers. The Indiana teenager lives with these disabilities because his biological parents – an unknown couple from Russia – attempted to abort Nik.

Remind me — when does life start again???!

Everyone, let’s share his story.

Congrats to Nik Hoot and all his accomplishments in wrestling and in life.  He is truly is amazing!

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