This is What a “Botched Abortion” Looks Like – 17 Years Later

So this teenage boy is the “fetus” that came from a botched abortion:

Nik Hoot is quite the athlete. He’s a successful wrestler at a high school – a fact that would likely earn him news coverage anyway. But Nik has overcome the kind of obstacles very few encounter.

You see, Nik is a well-rounded athlete in spite of the fact that he is missing parts of both legs and doesn’t have a fully developed set of fingers. The Indiana teenager lives with these disabilities because his biological parents – an unknown couple from Russia – attempted to abort Nik.

Remind me — when does life start again???!

Everyone, let’s share his story.

Congrats to Nik Hoot and all his accomplishments in wrestling and in life.  He is truly is amazing!

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  • Sue B

    Very brave and inspirational.

  • Michelle Erb

    Are you suggesting the “botched abortion” caused him to lose limbs? Is there a source to back that up? Or is this another fairytale story like the 6 week twin abortion?

    • Snow66

      I was wondering the same thing Michelle. Sounds like another made up anti-choice story. How does a failed abortion cause limbs not to be formed properly?

      • Michelle Erb

        Even if it were possible, it is certainly not the kind of information that Russia would be volunteering to Americans. That is not how their adoption system worked.

        I suspect it started as speculation that if his biological parents gave him up for being disabled (which we could not even know) then maybe they considered abortion as well.

    • Michelle Erb

      You think telling a child that his biological mother went to some incompetent abortionist that removed his limbs is an uplifting story?

      • Guest


        • CharlieH

          I’m proud of this young man for overcoming, good story. You seem very intolerant for a liberal, who are supposed to be oh so tolerant. You’ve managed to make up a story that these folks made up this story…”is there a source to back that up?” You’ve pulled hate from a nice story, I’m sure this kid would not appreciate it.

          • Michelle Erb

            I can’t imagine he will always appreciate being labeled the poster child for “botched abortion” Seriously, a headline that reads: ” THIS is what a botched abortion looks like.”

            He does not look like a “THIS” to me.

            He looks like a lovely talented young man, who has a great story about rising above his disabilities.

            Why do they have to throw in some medically dubious story that has nothing to do with HIS achievements?

            If even one medical expert has stated that this makes any sense at all, I will apologize sincerely.

          • Lilli

            Haters are going to hate…it’s just that simple….instead of seeing the good in this story, they are going to see the negative…

  • Sue Lynn

    God Bless him!

  • JessieJones

    Based on the fact that this kid was born in another country and not living with his birth parents. I think that there is about a 50% chance that this story is true. As far as abortion goes, are there enough parents out there to adopt all of the unwanted babies that would born if there were no abortion? Are these adopting parents willing to adopt Black or Hispanic children? Are they willing to adopt children of birth parents with mental illness and addiction? If a women with a known history of addiction ends up pregnant, are they willing to finance a pregnant women’s placement in a secure facility throughout her pregnancy? If the answer to any of these questions if NO then these children would likely end up unwanted, unloved, and quite possibly unfed and abused. This seems cruel to me.

    • Michelle Erb

      50% is rather generous. I do not think I would even give it 1%.

      • Leelly913 Here is a link to a local news story on Nik. A simple Google search proves that this story is true. Maybe do a little research before bashing Bristol and the wonderful family that raised him next time…it makes you look dumb.

        • Michelle Erb

          A four minute video “proves” the story is true? Really? Before I posted anything here, I looked him up and read every article I could find. Not one explained how a “botched abortion” would have caused his disabilities or how his parents allegedly even found out about it?

          It is not like Bristol has not posted total BS before. Maybe you should be lecturing her about the power of Google. Did you see her ridiculous claims about the 6 week “twin abortion”?

          Bristol has ADMITTED her story about 92% of down syndrome pregnancies being aborted was FALSE. Although she has not had the decency to put a retraction on her initial blog which still hosts the false claim. Does she not realize you can actually update a blog after you post it?

          As you can see I did my due diligence. With Bristol’s history of posting things even after they have been debunked (Wendy Davis hatchet job) I have reason to wonder.

          p.s. calling someone else “dumb” never reflects well on a person.

        • Michelle Erb

          Help me out here. I still see nothing other than the unsupported claim that he is disabled “because the abortion did not take.”

          What does that mean? Could you explain to me in your own words what you think happened here?

  • Michelle Erb

    I cannot understand why these adoptive parents want to share these made up horror stories about the children they are supposed to love:

    “Your biological mother terminated your twin sister;” “Sorry about your disability your biological parents did that to you.”

    Even when children are given up for the most loving reasons they still struggle with abandonment issues. This kind of extra baggage is not helpful, even if the adoptive parents think it makes them seem like heroes.

    I know many loving parents who are aware of true disturbing info about the biological parents, but they keep it to themselves. When the child can handle it, they will share it with them alone. Then when the child is a mature adult they can decide if they want to share their story.

    This is exploitative.. But then the Palin’s have no problem with exploiting their own kids, so why not someone else’s child as well.

    • Michelle, I am now convinced you are the most disgusting TROLL I have ever seen on the internet.

      To anyone else who reads this TROLL’S propaganda and may be fooled by the spin, pleas read further.

      First. The truth is the truth. This young man’s life is worthy of being respected with the TRUTH of who he is, not told to live a life lying about it.

      Second, Bristol Palin has a public place and she is known due to the circumstances of the media in the US focusing on her because of her mother’s political career. The fact that Bristol is courageous enough to use her public persona to stand up for and support the moral principals she believes in, is a virtue.

      • Michelle Erb

        When Bristol was just making petty little jabs at the first family and other “libs” I ignored her. When she defamed Wendy Davis I thought that would be the end of my involvement. But the moment she started spreading propaganda from white supremacist materials, I decided that I will call her out each and every time she posts anything that smells of B.S.

        The Palins are neither moral or virtuous, they purposely appeal to the basest instincts in all of us. Their divisive rhetoric is dangerous and I will call it out.

      • Michelle Erb

        The “truth” of who he is, is an incredible young man who has risen above his disabilities. He is not the poster child for “botched abortion.”

        How dare Bristol post a picture of this young man,under the caption “THIS is what a botched abortion looks like”

        He is not a “this” he is a human being, and the botched abortion story makes no sense.

        Moreover, if such a thing were even possible, Russian authorities would never have told American adoptive parents about it. Russian adoptions just did not work that way.

        I am also more skeptical because of the ludicrous easily disproven story she posted about the six week “twin abortion.” As well as her blogging the well debunked claim that 92% of down syndrome pregnancies are aborted, a falsity that offended some “prolife” parents of down syndrome children.

      • Guest

        I gather the moderator removed my comment questioning whether embracing Ted Nugent was standing up for moral principals and virtue. Long before Nugent called Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and called Hilary vile names and told her to “suck on my machine gun,” he stood for this:

        Well I donґt care if youґre just thirteen
        You look too good to be true
        I just know that youґre probably clean
        Thereґs one lil’ thing I got do to you

        moral principals and virtue indeed.

        • Snow66

          Ted the perv, pantcrapper hates Obama ,loves guns and killing things, legally or not. Of course the palins love him. He also loves the word “retard.” Notice Sarah Palin doesn’t take offense when he says it. He also has about 8 or 9 kids from a number of women. No problem for Sarah. He calls women whores, bitches, sluts, pigs etc. No big deal for Sarah. Racist and bigoted Ted is Sarah’s buddy.
          All that matters is he loves guns and hates Obama.

          • Michelle Erb

            Nugent and the Duck Dynasty guy brag about being with underage girls and the Palins love them.

            David Letterman tells a joke, that he apologized for, which anyone with a brain knew was supposed to be about Bristol, but perpetual victim Palin, claims that it was about her underage daughter and demands that he be fired.

            Rahm Emanuel used the word “retarded” once in private and apologizes, again Sarah demands he be fired. Yet she hugs Rush Limbaugh who keeps using it, not to mention his sickening misogyny and racism.

            I guess I should not be that shocked that Bristol would actually start posting propaganda from white supremacists but I am.

        • Michelle Erb

          It does not end there. Missed the worst part:

          Wait a minute officer
          Don’t put the handcuffs on me
          Put them on her
          and I’ll share her with you

          Seriously, that is your right wing hero?? Anyone who is “good enough for Ted Nugent” is good enough for Sarah Palin?!

          • Michelle Erb

            But they call me a “disgusting troll.”

      • Snow66

        Courageous. She doesn’t even write the darn blog. She’s been busy in lipstick class. Big test on Monday.

  • I can throw anybody up a pic on a website and state that he/she is an abortion survivor. The kids parents are Russian. Enough said.

    I just can’t believe a chick when they state that nothing was handed to them except they forget about that silver spoon up their ass.

  • Michelle Erb

    Would someone please explain to me what you think happened here? I looked this up and I just keep seeing the unsupported statement that he is disabled because “the abortion did not take.”

    Why would a “failed abortion” keep his fingers from developing and his limbs from fully forming? This looks like a typical birth defect. Do you people actually think that an abortionist cut off part of his legs but the fetus survived? And how would that explain the fingers never developing?

    I am not going to apologize for having critical thinking skills. Instead of calling me names, maybe some of you could try to develop your own thinking skills.

    Please, show me an explanation from a medical expert. Heck, try to explain to me how this is possible in your own words.

    • Stephanie

      There are different methods of abortion. Some of them will melt off some body parts but not kill the entire child/fetus. Sometimes if there is trauma it will stunt development on some body parts. Other kinds of abortion have an abortionist go in and use a vacuum and then crush the head to bring it out (the head is too big for the vacuum). This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of something like this happening. There are a lot more “botched abortions” than most people would think.

      • Michelle Erb

        You have “heard” of something like this. Strange that no legitimate doctors have heard of it. How does that explain that his fingers did not form again?

        There are records of two “abortion survivors,” one on this country one in Europe. Those cases were situations where an abortion was attempted post viability (illegally), so the baby was born alive and premature and suffered the effects of prematurity. That could not be the case here since the limbs would have formed well before viability, and if a baby was born alive and had its limbs cut off, you really think it would have been rushed to a Russian hospital and somehow saved through some amazing efforts? How would that explain that his fingers failed to form?

        Moreover, one of the write ups of this story says he was born sometime after the “attempted abortion.” You really think a fetus would survive in the womb after having its limbs torn (or even melted?!) off?? How would that explain that the fingers failed to form? How would the amniotic sac have stayed intact after “trauma” ? You have “heard” of amniotic fluid?

        I suspect the original story was more like the parents found out the baby was disabled and went for abortion, but it did not take. Not that it caused a birth defect. And Bristol or someone else has conflated it from he survived despite his mother wanting an abortion, to the abortion actually caused this.

        If you actually look up this type of birth defect you will find well known birth defects that exactly match this case that happen in about 1 in 2,000 births. None of which involve “botched abortions.” Interestingly the first thing that pops up describing this exact type of effect is birth mothers who were exposed to Chernobyl. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that this young man was in fact born in Russia. That certainly makes more sense than this story which is wholly devoid of medical explanation.

        I will give the family the benefit of the doubt that they may actually believe this story. Perhaps something was was lost in translation and the parents actually do believe the botched abortion story. In my own case, when I was growing up my parents told me my birth defect was caused by medication my mother was given because the doctors thought my mother was not pregnant and wanted to bring on her period. My parents genuinely believed this and I repeated it. However as an adult I did research and know that just could not have been the cause.

        So the family may be genuine and well intentioned. But do not tell me that not even one medical professional in the forced birth movement that heard this story did not immediately realize that it was impossible.

    • AGD

      Michelle you have know idea what you are talking about. And for all I care about you shut your mouth about stuff you don’t know about. I have a very close friend that works at an abortion center. Things like this do happen to certain people. Most of the time if a woman is pregnant and has an abortion and the abortion fails, when the fetus is born the have disabilities like these. Most of the time this happens a lot in foreign country because they don’t have the most advanced equipment. So there for if you don’t know what you are talking about shut your mouth. If you did a little research and a little homework you wouldn’t be asking these questions. Thanks and have a great day.

      • Michelle Erb

        You have a close “friend” who works in an abortion center in a foreign country and they follow up after abortions to check for disabilities? Please ask her how they cut off the legs but keep the amniotic sac intact? Doesn’t it make more sense that this is just a birth defect?

        It is kind of hard to believe that someone like you who can’t deal rationally with a logical question because abortion is at issue could really be really close friends with someone who works in abortion center? But even if that were true why would such a person have the expertise to diagnose this as a “botched abortion” and not just a birth defect?.

        Weird that she can make this diagnosis, yet there is not even a single medical professional that has ever supported such a hypothesis. Even if there were cases where that did happen, it would still be pure speculation that that was what happened in the case, so it is exploitative to convince this child that it did.

        • Tred

          I laughed out loud at the ” I have a very close friend who works at an abortion center” too Michelle. Maybe she knows Sarah Palin’s very good gay friend!

      • AGD

        She doesn’t work in a foreign country. Thank you she doesn’t diagnose people she ministers to them through Jesus Christ! Just because she doesn’t diagnose people doesn’t mean she doesn’t have knowledge of what happens with abortions. It’s obvious people like ya’ll support abortions. Abortion is basically murdering an innocent child. Failed abortions that aren’t perfect are in a way considered birth defects, but you need to realize the difference that one can be done by medicine taken by the mother during pregnancy or family medical history and the other one is done by a mother trying to abort her child which is basically murder. Just saying. You can say whatever you want, but at the end of the day I’ going to believe what I’m going to believe and you are going to believe what you believe and apparently there isn’t a way we are going to meet in the middle. I just wanted to give ya’ll the perspective coming from someone in the world who DOESN’T support abortions.

        • Michelle Erb

          Oh she works at one of those fake “pregnancy crisis centers” that lies to women. So she is not a medical professional.

          • AGD

            I don’t know about other centers but the one she works at doesn’t lie to women. I never said she was a medical professional. I said she has knowledge of what her career deals with unlike other people in this world.

          • Michelle Erb

            Well those centers are notorious for misleading and bullying women. First they advertise as offering abortions, then they lie to women and tell them abortions are dangerous and cause infertility, and even claim that birth control is unreliable. You even called it an “abortion center” when you know it is no such thing.

            It is no surprise that someone who works at such a place would be spreading the “botched abortion” causes this type of birth defects myth.

            Whatever you may think about planned parenthood, at least they honestly tell women all of their options and provide resources for whatever choice they make.

            I never understood why forced birthers have to lie and distort so much if they think they have right on their side.

      • Michelle Erb

        I did a lot of research and a lot of homework. And what I came up with is that this tale is impossible. But then I did not take the time to hear it from a friend who knows a friend…. I looked for actual facts.

    • Michelle Erb


      I did more research and found out that all of this stems from the mother seeing something on a Russian chart about an interruption in the pregnancy at 24 weeks. Which would have been way to late to keep his limbs from forming. It would make more sense to assume that that was when his disabilities were diagnosed, not caused.

  • Kristy Patullo

    God bless this kid.

  • Bob Johnson

    He was born with birth defects. Had nothing to do with an abortion — botched or otherwise. Must everything be political?!?!?

  • Margaret Sanger

    Remind me how the “Remind me — when does life start again???!” question is relevant to this.

  • AGD

    Life starts as soon as conception happens @disqus_yjWVYtObkr:disqus. I’m sick of people on here saying this isn’t real. I have met people who have been the survivors of abortions and things like this happen. Unless you are that person you don’t know if it’s real or not. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    • Michelle Erb

      “Unless you are that person you don’t know if it’s real or not” How would this child know what caused his birth defect? I don’t know what caused mine. Pretty sure my mother never attempted an abortion. Who shall I blame?

  • Me

    Like planned parenthood NEVER lies to women and/or has no bias? Yeah right.