Why Haven’t We Heard More About Jonathan Foster?

Why Haven’t We Heard More About Jonathan Foster? February 14, 2014

I wish the world was a little more “color blind.” I’ve never seen anything about this little kid getting completely tortured after he disappeared on Christmas Eve.  Does Jonathan Foster’s murder NOT qualify as a hate crime? While Trayvon Martin’s face is still plastered all over the media, the press’s double standard is evident.  It just goes to show that the so-called “hate crime legislation” is a farce.  ALL murders have an element of hate — regardless of the race of the victim or the murderer.

What a shame!

Pray for his family.

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  • Daniel Lopez

    Nelson claims that they she knew Jonathan’s family and that they stopped by her home and asked her to dump a plastic container in exchange for $20. She said that she was drunk on vodka and never looked to see what was inside the container when she dropped it into a ditch in northeast Houston.

  • Bcgf

    Wtf is the purpose of this post? Oh right yes….. Here is another example of black people keeping the white people down. Rings about as real as Christians being discriminated against in this country.

    • Hillary Smith

      Bcgf…What is the purpose of your post? Hiding behind an acronym?? Not proud of yourself to expose who you are?? I have come to believe you and those like you, have no life whatsoever, so you stalk and harass from behind your computer and keyboard masking your identity…. so sad a life… {sigh}

      • Bcgf

        Seriously? Is that even your real name and photo? Doubt it. But honestly, what’s the point of this post? To say its silly to have laws to protect those that are real victims of hate based on race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.? Or is it ti make us think there are back women out there hating our white kids so much they going to kill them? Really??? What’s the point here?

    • Bcgf

      That was tongue in cheek Doug. Sorry you missed it. But seriously? She uses this and then complains about hate crime legislation? What’s her point?

      • sherry8260

        Her point is, dimwit, that when its white on black crime, its shoved down our throats until we puke and made to feel obligated and guilty somehow. But the story is never told when it is black on white crime somehow indicating that this specific type behavior is acceptable. Take your racist hatred and lie under a moving train. Inequality is inequality…no matter the color…and it should all be treated with the same respect, something of which you dimwitted liberals know nothing about.

        • Bcgf

          Wow, a whole lot of hate there sherry. Actually this story was told by the news when it happened three years ago and this past summer when it was been tried in court. And sorry if you get tired if hearing how blacks have been discriminated against and targeted by some. Imagine how they feel.

          • Choice

            Take a gander at some of her other comments. Vile stuff. Referring to Michelle Obama as having a gorilla face. But, she is a typical Palin supporter/teabagger.

          • Bcgf

            Oh my. Wow This is the ugly side of America, Choice. She says thus about immigrants: ” Today’s immigrant spits on America, refusing to assimilate to one common culture as mine and most of the immigrants who came to this country”. Yep, not welcome in this unless you share HER culture…. Whatever that is. Something tells me it involves being white, Christian, owning guns, dressing like her, hating the gays and calling anyone with a postsecondary education from anything but a Bible college an “elite”.

          • wow . couldn’t have said it better . wonder why she doesn’t see the irony … given that the indigenous people of turtle island didn’t speak english in the first place, she (and i) are the descendants of immigrants

        • given that there is scant evidence in this case, suggesting we know who killed this little boy is ignorant at best . even the boy’s uncle thought the boy wasn’t safe with his own mother . using this case to make commentary about the ongoing murders of young, black men by racists is just plain stupid

          suggesting at all that whites are being discriminated against by the legal system and the press : even more stupid

  • carltonwest

    The liberal media has its subversive agenda, Bristol. Thanks for your fight for what is right. Keep up the good work.

  • tiredofthebs2005

    well it was big news here in Houston when it happened..the woman was convicted of capital murder but at the request of the family the DA didn’t seek the death penalty she got life without parole. The family turned down numerous interview request which may be one reason why it was not talk about a lot.

    • Bcgf

      It was all over the news. The whole post is just strange.

    • Choice

      Thank You.
      So she has been convicted, and she is in jail for this crime. Would media attention have made a bit of difference? I don’t think so. But it did for Zimmerman. He got off and made a ton of money off of the corpse of a dead kid. He is now selling his crap “art” and getting rich doing it.
      I guess grifters will always defend their own kind.

  • Choice

    This woman is in custody. Do you think she’ll get off like Zimmerman? Do you think she’ll get a Facebook page to raise funds for her defense like Zimmerman? Do you think she’ll have high priced defense attorneys like Zimmerman? Nobody will be giving her any money to buy pricey vehicles etc. like rightwingers did for Zimmerman.

    The interest in the George Zimmerman trial was due to the circumstances surrounding it. There are thousands of murders in America that go unreported. White on black or black on white. Some get media attention, most don’t.

    And P.S. “While Trayvon Martins face is still plastered all over the media” shows your absolute contempt and hatred. The kid is dead, leave him the fuck alone already. Grow up.

    • TksABunchJohn


    • LissaKay

      She won’t get off like Zimmerman unless she can prove she was defending her life when she killed the boy.

      • or she is found to have been wrongfully convicted after the truth comes out … not that i know she was wrongfully convicted, but i’m just sayin’ … there is no comparison

  • Bcgf

    Um crazydoug, it did make national news. And the blog writer then goes on to write that hate crime legislation is a farce????? That white Christian heterosexual woman needs some empathy.

    • LissaKay

      ANY murder is a hate crime. Period.

      • there is a difference between common use of the phrase and the legal definition of hate crime

        likely, if this woman really did torture and murder this kid, it wasn’t legally a hate crime, but a crime emanating from some mental deficiency or other thing …

        meanwhile, it’s clear that there is a need for hate crime designation, as deterrent for the zimmermans and dunns of the world, who are being told that killing a kid out of fake fear is fine n’ dandy, as long as the kid is black

  • Freebird4

    Sarah Palin’s Typo Gave this Judge Huge Headaches | Alternet http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/sarah-palins-typo-gave-judge-huge-headaches

  • Jennifer Hedlund

    All murder is a hate crime. Was it because of race/ don’t know. But hate crime is something that is thrown around too liberally in any case.

  • JMitch

    Bristol, I’m from Houston and when this happened I posted a comment on one of the local news articles asking the same question. This was an innocent little boy who was tortured and killed by a grown woman. Why didn’t it turn into a national outrage like the Trayvon Martin case did? Was it because this sweet little boy wouldn’t bring as many viewers to the networks who didn’t choose to air this story? Whatever the reason, I think it’s a disgrace to Jonathan and his family.

    • TksABunchJohn

      It’s because Mona was charged, and Mona will pay. Unfortunately people, even children are murdered every day.

      Or is it because it was a black woman who killed a white child? Is THAT what’s got you and the Palins all worked up?

      • JMitch

        No, I didn’t even think of her race. My only thought was outrage that an INNOCENT child was tortured and murdered. The Trayvon supporters made every effort to make the case about race when it had nothing to do with it.

        • TksABunchJohn

          It is an outrage. When any child is killed it is an outrage, irregardless of race.

          But when the system tells the murderer to run along home, is given his weapons back, is not even charged, it is beyond outrageous.

          You do see the difference, don’t you?

          • JMitch

            Irregardless? Seriously? That says it all. No need to continue the debate.

          • because a person misused a term, therefore that person’s logic is too complicated for you to understand? or your superior intellect doesn’t allow you to consider the opinions and sensible explanations of those you deem inferior?

            you are trash

          • JMitch

            Typical. I never called anyone names. I stated my views respectfully and then I was attacked. You guys sure can dish it out but can’t handle it when someone disagrees with you. Btw, before you start insulting people, you may want to study your contractions. Have a good evening.

          • typical of

            ? i never said you called anyone names . but you did insinuate a very rude insult with your comment

            reading comprehension not your strongest sport?

            btw, thanks for the TYPO notice

  • TksABunchJohn

    The point of the coverage and outrage is that Zimmerman got away with it – he wasn’t even charged UNTIL the press shown a light on it!! And right now we are waiting to find out if Dunn will also get away with it. We are watching the system LEGALIZE MURDER! Why aren’t all of the pro life Christians outraged as well??

    I promise you, Bristol, that Mona will pay. She will never see the light of day again, and she shouldn’t.

    Come on, you have got to be smarter than this.

    • LissaKay

      It was self-defense. The prosecution failed to prove anything even remotely approaching murder … their own witness sealed it for the defense when she testified that Martin had already reached the safety of home before he went back and confronted Zimmerman, stating he was going to go “get him”. Martin launched the attack in which he ended up pinning Zimmerman to the ground, pounding his head into the concrete. Zimmerman shot in self-defense. Period.

      Now if you want to make the case that it is murder when one defends their life … go right ahead.

      • the prosecution didn’t try to convict zimmerman . mis-charged, no sequestration of jury, allowing an ex-da on the jury, jury tampering by the judge introducing syg when it wasn’t the defense of choice by the defendant … refusal to allow the coroner to tell the truth … should’ve been a mistrial on many counts

        ‘martin launched the attack’ … based on what? on the words of a proven pathological liar : zimmerman . zimmerman pointed a gun at martin, but, y’know, martin should’ve just said ‘yes, massa’ and crawled away and been shot in the back instead of while STANDING, FACING ZIMMERMAN

        everything you believe about this case came straight from the liar’s mouth … none of the evidence supports his story

      • JMitch

        You’re right LissaKay. It was clearly a case of self defense. Unfortunately, the Zimmerman bashers want to make this a case about race instead of focusing on the facts.

  • hibiscus72

    and once again Bristol makes a complete and utter fool of herself… it’s never ending with the Palins.

    • Rivalry

      Pretty empty statement you have there. Everything she posted is factual. I think the the hate towards the Palins from snot-nosed liberals like yourself is what is never ending.

      • hibiscus72

        sorry to disappoint but I am not a liberal. Trust me, it’s not just liberals who strongly oppose what the Palins (especially Sarah) say and stand for. I feel terribly sorry for you. For Bristol to tie those 2 murders together is ridiculous.

  • TksABunchJohn

    Was Jonathan killed because he was white? Gay? Then it wasn’t a hate crime.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    This is a ridiculous post! Bristol may not have seen anything about this poor young boy, but it was widely reported. For example, there was a story about it in the Baltimore Sun, a good distance from Texas. I agree that certain crime stories develop a life of their own (Natalie Holloway, Jon Benet Ramsey, etc.) and the Zimmerman/Martin story is one of those. But the Trayvon Martin story erupted because Zimmerman was questioned briefly and released, and a lot of people felt he should have been arrested. It mushroomed from there, and the conservative press was just as guilty as the liberal press. In the Jonathan Foster case, Mona Nelson was arrested within days of his disappearance. The family chose trial by judge, not jury, and that’s not as exciting to the media.
    Then, Bristol brings the hate crime “farce” into it, when neither crime was considered a hate crime. The one thing that I do agree with Bristol on is that hate is an element of all murders. I think hate crimes should properly be called “bias-motivated crimes.” But I do think motive is important, even if just for statistical purposes. In the Foster case, there is no known motive; you can’t assume just because it’s 2 different races, that it is “bias-motivated;” you need evidence of a bias. Bristol has blogged about Pastor Abedini – isn’t the fact that he is a Christian relevant to the story? Conservatives often decry, and rightly so, the “world-wide persecution of Christians”. Those are “bias-motivated” crimes. If they said the persecution of people, it would lose its significance.

    • Rivalry

      Nonsense. You actually want people to believe this garnered the same reaction as the Treyvon Martin incident. Absolute rubbish.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I didn’t say it got the same reaction. I said that it was widely reported. Some on the right have latched on to this story, calling Jonathan Foster the “white Emmett Till”. This was a horrendous murder, but to date, there is no evidence that it was racially motivated. Bristol wants the world to be more color-blind, yet by connecting this to Trayvon Martin, and hate crimes, she is making it racial.

      • why should it? the supposed perpetrator was immediately arrested and charged … very unlike trayvon martin’s murderer george zimmerman

    • Bcgf

      Agreed Middle roader. Thus post is ridiculous for multiple reasons.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I disagree. I think most of the cases that make national news tend to have young pretty white females as the victims. Of course, that’s a generalization; there are lots of other factors involved. If there are salacious details, as in the Jodi Arias case, that will make news. If it’s a famous person, or if the murder occurs in a upper class neighborhood, or if there is mystery or doubt, that usually makes it more newsworthy, etc etc. I really don’t believe that race is that much of a factor in newsworthiness; it’s more the story.

  • Michelle Erb

    Moderators, will you please explain the rules one has to follow to avoid having their comments deleted. I cannot understand why a site that is supposed to be about spirituality is allowing Bristol to use it as a forum for race baiting and just plain petty hate.

    The only remote connection that Bristol could possibly see between this case and Trayvon Martin is race. Children of all races are tragically killed every day, and we hear little about most of them. When the media independently decides which handful of cases will make headlines it is usually cases that involve adorable white girls. (Or in the case of Fox News, it is cases where the accused are black and “scary”)

    The Trayvon Martin case eventually became a big deal because of a groundswell of people who were outraged that a police department with a history of ignoring crimes against blacks would fail to do a decent investigation or make an arrest. They treated Trayvon like he did not matter at all. What does that have in common with a case where the suspect was instantly arrested and is receiving justice?

    What no one expected in the Trayvon Martin case was that the right wing would latch on to Zimmerman, a man with a history of violence and conflicts with the law, and turn him into a “hero.”

    I could give 20 examples of cases since Trayvon Martin where unarmed black children and young men were killed by whites but there was not a lot of press because justice was done. How many readers even know that a couple of years ago a right wing supremacist group planted a very dangerous bomb at a MLK parade outside Seattle. Since the bomb was successfully defused it did not get much press.

    Bristol talks about “tone-deafness” of others but she has the nerve to post this while we are on day four of verdict watch in the Michael Dunn case. A case where a white man killed a black teenager over loud music. He fired ten shots as the SUV was racing away. Although Dunn now claims he thought the teenagers had a gun, he did not even tell his girlfriend that at the time. Dunn left the scene ordered pizza and had a good night sleep. He has since been caught sending racist letters from jail. With all that evidence the jury is struggling to reach a verdict.

    We are also grappling with a black family man who was found dead near Jasper Texas, the site where another black man was dragged to his death by whites. Although, his throat was slit and teeth are missing the police ruled it an overdose. (Animals do not remove teeth).

    Not to mention the fight for justice for a black teenager who was found dead in a rolled up wrestling mat at his own school, and it was initially ruled an accident. Another dead black child initially treated like his life did not matter at all.

    I am sure if Bristol looked really hard she could find cases where a white victim did not get justice, and there was little publicity. I suggest she look at cases involving undocumented immigrants or the homeless.

    Please tell me what Bristol thinks this case has in common with Trayvon Martin? Am I the only one who thinks Palin race-baiting has been escalating in a very short period? Does anyone still think Sarah’s jab at the President on MLK day about it being time to “stop playing the race card” was sincere?

    Moderators, if you find something about this post objectionable, could you please let me know what it is before you instantly delete it like my last attempt. It is bad enough that the Palin’s delete responses they do not like on their facebook pages (while leaving the outright racist ones in place) but please do not let them use your site for this divisive agenda.

    • Bcgf

      Michelle, I don’t think Patheos moderates this blog . It appears to be moderated by the writer of this blog. What you have written about race baiting here is exactly true and should be brought to Pathoes’ attention . You could send them this this comment at feedback@patheos.com

      • Michelle Erb

        Thank you I will do just that.

        I cannot imagine that what the “Palin” writer has been doing is consistent with the mission of Patheos. The misogynist defamatory attacks on Wendy Davis; The petty disrespectful digs at our first family; and most particularly the “abortion kills black babies” post are not conducive to a “conversation on faith.”

        Whoever deletes these comments should be aware that I copy everything I write, so patheos will see all of it and make their own decision.

        • Bcgf

          Good. I can’t imagine this is what Patheos’ intent is.

  • john

    90% of the people posting ignorant hate against the Palins and not even knowing the true facts and not even bringing up the point that from the start of the trayvon case it was turned into a hate crime by the far left Democratic liberals the kid was a thief and got caught and tried to smash Zimmermans face in and Trayvon got shot simple self defence. And furthermore you attack the Palin family because of thier different views you never ask the terms of their beliefs you just plain attack them call them idiots and accuse them of being stupid and incorrect. If you want to know the truth the 90% of you are committing hate crimes against their beliefs. Here is the definition ” a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” And the definition of violence is not only physical it is verbal abuse as well.

    • Tiffany Mckinney

      This is laughable… makes me ashamed to be a republican.

  • Bcgf

    I hope the mother of this boy doesn’t see how his name, story and photo have been used here.

  • Canada

    Yes, it is time to report Bristol Palin and her blogger to Patheos. They delete reasonable, well thought out responses yet leave racist, homophobic and bigoted rants from their supporters. Bristol using this boys murder to try and prove her immature point should be the last straw for Patheos if they want to maintain any credibility.
    On the other hand, reading what the Palins and their supporters believe might be a good thing. The reasonable, educated and compassionate people of the United States need to know just what kind of people make up the Tea Party and make sure they NEVER see the inside of the Oval office. If that were to happen, it would set back the U.S. by 100 years.

    • Bcgf

      That’s true Canada.

      • Canada

        That is true. She absolutely needs the Tea Party to keep her pockets full.
        As a Canadian, I would like to know what the appeal is? We find her hateful, snarky, petty and divisive.

        • Bcgf

          I know, Canada. And most Americans, including a lot of Republicans, feel the some way. Its hard to understand the attraction she holds for a certain minority , but its an interesting study.

  • Harry Johnson

    This is a truly disgraceful post. Bristol, you should be ashamed of yourself for turning this boy’s murder into a commentary on race and the media.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      I don’t have a problem with the “Pray for the family” comment, but I agree that Bristol has turned this into a racial issue, when there is so reason to do so. And she starts her post with wishing the world were more “color-blind.” That is hypocrisy to the nth degree! I can’t help wondering if Bristol even realizes that this happens over 3 yrs ago.

      • Bcgf

        It certainly seems from the post that the blog writer mistook this for a recent occurrence.

        Personally I find the ” Pray for this family” bordering on hypocrisy itself after using their tragedy as the writer has , Middleroader.

        • 1MiddleRoader

          I see your point, but I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

          • Bcgf

            That’s awfully generous of you

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Easier to be generous on-line than in person. 🙂

          • Bcgf

            And not so generous too!

  • Bcgf

    I still can’t believe someone would write this and think it was okay. And end it with ” “Pray for this family” . Seriously????

    • Michelle Erb

      While the trial was happening the family declined to do any news interviews. Instead of empty platitudes, how about honoring their wishes for privacy. Using their tragedy for race baiting belies the author’s sincerity.

      • Bcgf


  • Michelle Erb


    Maybe you did not hear a lot about this case at the time because you were nineteen when it happened? It has been almost a year since the monster who committed the crime was easily convicted. I found this out because I did a tiny bit of research.

    The very first link that came up on Yahoo was disturbing. This particular case is being used by a White Supremacist Hate group as proof of ” A New World Order, ” and “The War on Whites .”

    Is that something you really want to be associated with?

    My heart goes out to the Foster family, may they never find out how their tragedy is being exploited!

    • Bcgf

      That’s all true Michelle, had Bristol even written this. And that link is disturbing. Makes you wonder what the blog writer was reading that prompted this post.

      • Michelle Erb

        As long as her name is on this, Bristol needs to be held responsible for every word. One would hope she at least reads the stuff before it is posted. I hope that she is still young enough to find her conscience.

      • Michelle Erb

        So the question is not “Why have we not heard” more about this four year old case, but rather “How did she hear about it now?” Could it be because it has reemerged in white supremacist literature?

        • Bcgf

          That’s my guess given the way it’s framed here.

  • Michelle Erb


    Having read your piece “abortion kills black babies,” I would like to tell you about one black baby who was targeted. This child was wanted so badly that his mother stayed on bed rest for eight months of her pregnancy. He was raised by a loving mother and father, and was a beautiful young man. Yet he was targeted by a hateful white man, who does not even try to hide his resentment toward African-Americans (the way you think you hide yours).

    His name was Jordan Davis and you spit on his grave this weekend. By posting this blog claiming that we should still be talking about a four year old case because it involved a white child instead of trying to question why our society is allowing black teenagers to be used as target practice right now, by men who actually studied the stand your ground law before they did their killing.

    You posted this blog while we were waiting for the verdict in that case, even though you claim to be an expert about “tone deafness.” I am still waiting for the blog where you ask us to “send our prayers to the family of Jordan Davis.”

  • Kristy Patullo

    Amen. Praying for this boy and his family.

  • Michelle Erb

    Bristol, Do you really want to be known for spreading propaganda from these people?

    “Nearly 100 people in the last five years have been killed by active
    users of Stormfront, “the murder capital of the racist Internet.'”

    It is still not to late to come forward and say that you did not realize
    where this came from, but you now know that this was a four
    year old case, that was not racially motivated, and that the perpetrator
    was arrested and convicted long ago. Please also clear up that it got
    plenty of press at the time, and the family itself wants privacy, and
    does not wish to see their tragedy exploited for race baiting purposes. .