A Touching Political Ad? Yep. Watch the Best Political Ad of 2014

I get so sick of the dark, black and white ads that politicians run against each other.  But check out this ad for Monica Wehby, a doctor running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Oregon.  I agree with Chris Cillizza.  It’s good.


UPDATE: My Facebook friends pointed out that Wehby is only “personally pro-life.”  According to the Baker City Herald:

Portland pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby, continuing to separate herself from the four other Republican Senate candidates on the abortion issue, told a GOP forum in Baker City that she was personally pro-life but did not want the government involved in a woman’s decision on whether to have one.

“I believe this is a personal decision between a women and her family, not a woman and the federal government,” said Wehby.

While the ad is still good, I am disappointed that she only calls herself personally pro-life.  You’re either pro-life or you’re not.

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  • Scott Knowles

    Thanks Bristol, had not seen that one. Sadly Oregon is such a Democratic dominated state that we need all the good conservatives we can. I am sad that she is only “personally” pro-life, it seemed she would know better being a pediatric doctor.

    I would love it if we could have politicians held accountable for promises made while running. Sign it before election day and if you fail to try to do something you promised, your fired. We can dream.

    • Jog

      Has it not occurred to you she actually does ” know better” because she is a pediatric surgeon?

  • Alex

    That is an awesome Ad. way to go. I will share this with everyone.When are people going to realize the Sanctity of Life and wake up to the lies that the Pro abortionist have spread for decades?

    • Jog

      Alex , she is pro choice. Maybe this ad is a wake up call for you? Still going to share it with everyone?

  • Michael Cummings

    I agree with you that she is pro-life and should say so. I agree with the Dr the government should mind it’s own business. Can you imagine if she is the first Dr or person to congratulate her? Because the party of Obama, Oprah, Jay Z, and Beyonce killed more black babies than were born a recent month let’s put a burning lowercase t on the whitehouse lawn and their lawns for “time to leave”.
    Someone tell Chelsea just because the fetus is hers doesn’t make “it” more or less a baby.

    • Michelle Erb

      Are you actually advocating burning a cross on the white house lawn? And the lawn of other prominent African Americans?

      • Michael Cummings

        Since liberals killed more blacks than allowed to live who exactly do you think Obama works for?

        • Michelle Erb

          I have been warning patheos about the kind of hate this blog has been attracting. Kudos for not even trying to hide the white sheets. You claim to have a problem with “liberals” yet you target only the lawns of black people, none of whom have played any significant role in the pro-choice cause.

          I am not going to hold my breath and wait to see if any of the so-called Christians on this site call you out for this. I leave you all to wallow in your hate.

          • Michael Cummings

            You are a moron, I am a Jew. I had the kkk “political party” police bothering me here recently as many years of my life. They also wouldn’t let me vote for Mrs Palin in 2008 making deals with Obama. Obama knows this, he is the biggest hater of them all, I even voted for him to stop the divisions in 2012 but the animal keeps persisting…why don’t you go and warn them about the hate on this page or better yet mind your own business. You’re a baby killer and will always be more of a disciple of hate than me.

          • disqus_ZE3VhQZ7M6

            Let me guess, your one of those reasonable tolerant types. As long as they accept your ideology in lockstep, you will tolerate them.

      • disqus_ZE3VhQZ7M6

        Democrats are the ones who organized the KKK. Democrats started the civil were to defend their property. A majority of democrats opposed the civil rights movement. Democrats have been big supporters of planned parent hood an organization whose founder said abortion was a sound means to control the population of less desirable races.

        So Michael makes a point about the evil of killing all these black children and all you can get from his main point is that he is racist? Did you not understand I thing he was trying to say and are you so clueless that you could not comprehend his cross burning reference? No sense of ironic metaphor, got it.

  • Jog

    While unintentional, you have shown here just how caring and good pro choicers can be. Of course, had you realized she is pro choice before posting this, you never would have.

  • dr. woo

    Burning crosses. Really? And not one of you (her fans) can even say, “Well, I don’t think there’s any need for that.” Do you really agree with this then? Or do you just not want to speak up?

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Another Babe saved

  • 1MiddleRoader

    While it’s a nice story, it tells me nothing about her political views. An ad like this just makes me think that she seems like a pretty good doctor. But who knows what kind of Senator she’d make? No offense to Bristol or Chris Cillizza, but ads like that annoy me- they give me no useful information to decide whom to vote for.

  • David

    Good Ad. I hope Dr. Monica Wehby wins the Election.