Avoid Those Crooked Paths

When I come across a cool Bible passage, I’m going to pass them along to you guys.  Here’s the latest:

“The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9

Amen! The truth will always be shown. 

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  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks…God will never fail us. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  • Michelle Erb

    Bristol, here are a couple for you:

    Proverbs 6:16-19 – God hates a lying tongue and a false witness who speaks lies.

    Exodus 20:16 – You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    With those in mind, you may want to go back and update a couple of your blogs, especially the Wendy Davis one.

    • Jeremiah Johnson

      Always has to be at least one troll. Sad but true.
      Now i have a passage for you, Ms Erb: Matthew 7:3-5
      Bristol, love you girl. Our nation needs many more like you.

      • Michelle Erb

        Let me guess. You probably think it is perfectly lovely for evangelicals to intrude on the private lives of strangers in order to spread the “good word.” Yet when I come here to a public forum, and try to convince the blogger that she should reconsider her ways and the damage she is causing by posting hateful propaganda and repeating debunked lies that makes me a “troll.”

        If you are serious about troll spotting might I suggest you direct some attention to the people who post in all caps and use words like “p*ssy” “f*ggot” “Jewstein” “pigs”etc. Or those that make claims about all Muslims, all liberals etc. How about the one who said all women should keep their legs closed until their husbands buy them contraceptives? You can find any of these posts easily because the blogger rarely deletes anything that comes from a Palin fan, no matter how heinous.

        Or perhaps you could focus on the troll that is right in front of your face – The author of this blog. Did you even notice that when she posts these little Christian tidbits she never says very much about them? Just a little blip and gone?

        Well the reason she posts them at all is because people were questioning why Patheos would let someone use their site for what amounts to a hate blog. So therefore, she has to put up a certain amount of spiritual content to defend being on this site. You probably think these are genuine thoughts coming from Bristol Palin herself. They are not. They are written by a ghost writer with a divisive agenda. In other words a troll.

        • Moviesforlife

          Don’t pay attention to the fan bots, they think Bristol and her family are perfect Christians even if they lie, steal and fornicate.

          • jammgor

            like you?

        • jammgor

          still living with your parents huh?

    • jammgor

      PC hatred, always ugly and stupid!

  • jammgor

    Bristol, you’re a lovely girl, and good luck to you! ☺

    • Hgyu


      • Michelle Erb

        What? I wrote an ad like that once, setting out the breeding and everything. Of course mine was about a dog.

        • jammgor

          you mean yourself?

          • guest

            Why did you Edit your original post?

          • Bhgy

            I think his son must have told him it was creepy guest.

          • jammgor

            In retrospect, not too smart! Because there are the sneer-ers, the foul, the trolls, sitting in Mummy’s basement, typing out their hatred of all decency!

          • jammgor

            In my innocence i did not believe that creepy, dirty, unwashed, overweight trolls would bother bringing their hatefulness to this site -how wrong can an ol’ guy be!

      • jammgor

        Totally, and the opposite to you! Malevolence is not pretty!

  • Kristy Patullo