Car with “Co-Exist” Bumper Sticker Runs over Pro-Life Display

A student’s pro-life display caused one of his fellow students to go sort of nuts.  According to FIRE President Greg Lukianoff:

FIRE just released a video featuring the story of student Robert Smith at Dartmouth College. In 2012, one of his fellow students hated his campus pro-life display so much that he actually ran over it with his car right in front of the student organizers. (This display was American flags, not crosses.) Not only was this move crazy and dangerous, it came with an ironic twist: the car had a “Coexist” bumper sticker on the back.

What part of “co-exist” did this guy not understand??

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  • Michelle Erb

    Not sure why this is news two years later, but shame on anyone who would deface a peaceful display, even more so one that contained American flags.

  • Ron

    Friggin liberal idiot. The “Coexist” idea is stupid anyway. Muslims want to chop off your head. “Gays” want to recruit your children into their perversion. Abortionists want to slice and dice your children and then suction them out before they’re even born. Atheists want to erase every manifestation of faith in the living God from public view.

    How to coexist like that?

    • Michelle Erb

      Three likes so far? Bristol it looks like you opened yourself up to a little reminder of just who your fans are.

      So far on these pages I have encountered the following lovely people:
      Someone who chose to refer to a man named Weinstein as “p*ssy jewstein”; another who said that white supremacists are “funny” not dangerous; a woman who said that other women should keep their legs closed until they are married and their husband can buy them contraceptives like hers does; A woman who said abortion should even be illegal if the woman’s life is in danger because there could be a “miracle;” and another who said that if she had to choose between saving embryos in a petrie dish or a two year old child she would make that choice based on which she could save most efficiently, since in her eyes there was no difference between the two; and finally a man who claims that women who have abortions lay down with anyone and have 2-3 abortions a year.

      There have also been tons of racist, homophobic, and violent comments, along with assurances that those who disagree with them will go straight to hell (and saying that was being “too nice”). I could go on and on of course. I have yet to see even one self-proclaimed Christian say a word against any of these comments.

      Now of course there are idiots on all sides of any debates, like the young idiot who ran over this display. The difference is that liberals call out our hateful idiots and you guys make them into party leaders.

      • Politicians.suck

        Well I will. Most of well all the comments you mentioned are horrible. And any True Christian wouldn’t say them. Also if a mother’s life is at risk and she has other children who the hell is anyone to tell her that her living children an go with out a mom. Also why in the hell is anyone damming anyone else to the lake of fire, congratulations bible thumpers you just committed a sin only God himself can judge …

        Further more why do any of you bother making the rest of us look bad. The pure hatred coming from all groups now is sickening and Is why as a nation we no longer stand United.

        You don’t like me that’s cool, if I don’t like you that’s cool, stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours. Very simple.

    • Moviesforlife

      Says the bigot who supports Palin and the Tea Party.

    • Bob Roszko

      I don’t want to Coexist, not with Christian wannabes like Ron over here.

  • Car with “Coexist” Bumper Sticker Runs Over Pro-Life Display — it’s hypocritical, I agree. Especially when both the political and religious left claim to be tolerant and openminded, and depict conservatives as intolerant and close-minded. However…

    *Religious* pro-lifers (not necessarily secular pro-lifers) adhere to a double-standard. They treat the abortion issue as a secular civil rights and human rights issue which they say applies to *everyone* including atheists and agnostics. But they try to sweep a serious moral issue like animal rights under the rug by depicting it as someone else’s “religious belief” which they say doesn’t apply them. (The irony is a lot of liberals look at abortion that way, too! If you’re not born again, you don’t have to be pro-life.)

    When presented with secular arguments on behalf of animals, on behalf of the creatures, suddenly they think their religion exempts them! Religious pro-lifers try to pin down others with secular arguments, while saying their religion exempts them from others using secular arguments on them! A double-standard! And they have the gall to claim they “cover” or “do unto others…”

    Aren’t pro-choice Christians likewise exempt from having to protect the unborn if their religion permits abortion? Can pro-choice Christians dismiss protecting the unborn as unnecessary “work” or “so much garbage” from the Law which Paul says is abolished?

    (Actually, there is only meager concern for the unborn in the Old Testament. Despite the verses in the Psalms about being formed in secret, the unborn are NOT considered persons in the Bible.)

    Can pro-choice Christians cite Exodus 21 which clearly indicates the unborn do not have the status of a person, like meat-eating Christians citing Genesis 9:3 to justify murdering animals?

    Can pro-choice Christians cite Paul’s claim that the risen Jesus told him three times, “…my grace is sufficient for thee…” to say they don’t have to protect the unborn if they don’t want to?

    Can pro-choice Christians say killing the unborn is a choice echoing Paul in Romans 14 ?

    Can pro-choice Christians shrug off a serious moral issue like the unborn’s right to life with pious platitudes like, “Also, since we are all sinners, we should never be proud or judgmental…” ?

    What about a pro-choice Christian telling his followers, “You *don’t* have to protect the unborn… all you have to do is accept Jesus…” ?

    If an on-air personality were to say, “You *don’t* have to protect the unborn…” pro-lifers would be up in arms demanding equal time!

    And this actually happened, too, in 1990, when CNN’s Ted Turner ran the Fund for the Feminist Majority “documentary” Abortion: For Survival without giving equal time to the pro-life side.

    Pro-life Christians react to animal rights not as a political issue on par with abortion, nor as a secular moral philosophy, like the abolition of slavery, or the emancipation of women, birth control, the sexual revolution, LGBT rights, etc…

    …but as someone else’s religious belief!

    (Ironically, a lot of liberals see abortion that way, too.)

    In response to anti-semitic *yawns* can pro-choicers dismiss the idea of a future in which the unborn are protected as wishful thinking by a religious minority (what to speak of a dystopian future, like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale)?

    The Bible supports abortion-rights, just as it supports slavery and the subjugation of women. If pro-lifers are going to argue in terms of social progress to protect the unborn, can’t animal activists do likewise?

    In 2010, I commented about Carrie Prejean representing all that’s wrong with Christianity today.

    You remember Carrie Prejean? She’s the brainless beauty queen who posed for nude photos and later claimed the wind accidentally blew her top off.

    I write this not out of envy or spite. She’s probably out of my league anyway!

    Fornication is acceptable to today’s Christians. Same-sex relations are not. Wine is acceptable to Christians and anyone who says otherwise is either of the devil, or a “Muslim” (or both!) but marijuana is not.

    Secular arguments to protect the unborn are good politics, because secular arguments are religion-neutral and thus applicable to *everyone* including atheists and agnostics. Secular arguments to protect animals are met with the cry, “MOVE” !

    And pro-lifers invade other’s privacy through eavesdropping, surveillance, persons wired for sound, etc. but demand privacy for themselves when they pee, defecate, copulate, masturbate, perform fellatio, shower, bathe, and groom themselves.

    They can’t pass off invasion of privacy as a “movie,” either! There weren’t any scenes in the pro-life movie Bella showing any of the actors and actresses defecating. Pro-life feminist activist and actress Patricia Heaton doesn’t have hidden cameras following her into the toilet, either.

    If our relationship with other species is partly an environmental ethics issue; if how we protect other species becomes a question of humanitarian and environmental ethics, pro-lifers dismiss it as none of their concern. By their logic, liberals and environmentalists don’t have to be pro-life, either?

    They’re offended by pro-choice vegetarians and vegans, appearing to value animal life over human life under some circumstances, but what about the converse? Why isn’t anyone offended by “meat-eating pro-lifers” ? Why is the outrage one-directional?

    Pro-lifers dictating to mainstream American society that it’s wrong to kill the unborn are not in a position to object when told it’s wrong to kill animals.

    And pro-lifers have the gall to claim they “cover…” or “do unto others…” !

    • Here’s a “Coexist” bumper sticker for you!

      • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

      • Michelle Erb

        When the Christians in a Spanish town are just now thinking of changing its name from “Jew Killer,” a name that commemorates its history of publicly executing Jews around Easter as revenge for the crucifixion, you have a long way to go before you can claim that all Christians pose no threat:

        Since I grew up listening to survivors of pogroms and the holocaust, I am wary when I see Palin fans talking about how this is a christian nation and those who do not like it should leave. I know what your kind of fear and prejudice can cause.

        There are billions of Muslims in this world and you hold them all responsible for the actions of a few, while you blissfully ignore more than a thousand years of your church persecuting non-believers.

        p.s. The sticker is not “against” Christians. Being asked to tolerate your fellow Americans is not persecution.

        • Bob Roszko

          Michelle Erb = the only one with any sense in this post. Thank you

        • Michelle Erb

          I am also fairly sure Homosexuals in Uganda view Christians as a threat. Did you know that donations from the CEO of Chik-fil-A went to “christian” organizations that helped to bring about the “kill-the-gays” bill? That is the reason most of us boycott. Despite how it was reported in the media, the original cause was not the owner’s personal views or even his public statements. I prefer that the money I spend on chicken not be used to imprison or even kill people.

          • Michelle Erb

            And let us not forget that the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and, the white supremacist hate groups that are responsible for hundreds of murders, all identify as “Christian.”

            Again I am not trying to bash Christians. I have just had it with the multiple posters on this blog who blame one and a half billions Muslims for the actions of a relatively small percentage while trying to whitewash Christian history.

            The attempts on this blog to misrepresent the Holocaust and slavery and to even use those tragedies to create false propaganda to promote your own hateful causes make me ill.

      • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

        I’ve always loved this. I’ve never thought to NOT coexist!!! Unfortunately, there will be Christans out there who do not always do as Christ would have them do or as Scripture teaches. (For example a pro-life person killing an abortion doc. That is not what the pro-life means and goes against what the movement stands for.)

        • Michelle Erb

          You can not be saying you love Mr. L’s bumper sticker? If so you might want to take a closer look.

      • Michelle Erb

        I do agree that sometimes choosing to “coexist” is the coward’s choice:

        • Michelle Erb


          • Michelle Erb


          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            SO glad that the US went in to stop this monster and his evil hold on many German people. He may have called himself Christian, but his actions were far from it.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            Those priests were not following what Scripture says. Yes, they were cowards. Bonhoeffer is abetter example of someone who took a stand.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram
          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram
          • guest

            A lot of Christians back then would have said that the scripture shows that the Jews deserved whatever they got. The fate of “Christ killers” was church doctrine.

            The majority of the Christian world were cowards during world War II. Did you you realize that we could have saved hundreds of thousands of Jewish children who the German’s were willing to let out, but the only country that would take any was England. America even turned away an entire ship of Jewish refugees, who met their death in the Holocaust.

            The Holocaust happened because of nearly two thousand years of Christians hating jews. With a few very brave exceptions, such as Bonhoeffer. Hitler did not convince the Germans to hate jews, he used their existing hatred to unite them.

            Throughout history many jews were even tortured and killed by the church itself.

            Again I do not bring this up to attack Christians but to try to shake some sense into you. Every time you hear about a Christian acting badly, you say they were not being a “true christian” which may be true. But at the same time you ignore a billion Muslims crying out that terrorists are not “true Muslims”

            The kind of hate you are perpetuating against Muslims was the kind the jews of Europe knew only too well.

            The only reason the state of Israel was formed was because no one else wanted all those jews. Even today most jews understand that the reason antisemitics like Pastor Hagee embrace the extreme conservatives of Israel is because of their view of the Apocalypse. As Sarah Palin reminds us, some of you would be all to happy to be a Christian nation forcibly baptizing your enemies once again.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            And hating Jews is and was wrong. What they did was wrong and not reflective of Christ.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            I understand what you are saying. I’d love to see the True Muslims take more of a stand. Please do not feel that you need to “shake some sense into me.” Not the best approach.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            I realize that not all Muslims believe in killing the opposition, but there are some who do. ( Just as you have people who label themselves as Christians, but have no idea what Scripture teaches.) On what is that belief based?

          • Jog

            Gosh I dont know. On what belief is Sarah Palin wanting to torture Idlamic terrorists based on? My guess us they are both based on the same thing and its plain and simple: hatred.

          • guest

            Correction “accused terrorists.” We rounded up a few innocent people.

          • guest

            If you dissect the holy books of all three major Abrahamic religions you will find plenty of fodder to support hate and violence as well as lots of inspiration for kindness and charity.

            Where did the Christian organizations who convinced the Ugandans to pass the “kill the gays” bill get their inspiration? Why did priests tell women they had to stay with abusive husbands? Where did Mormons get the idea that blacks were inferior? What inspires Christians to set bombs near abortion clinics? What inspired the Crusades and the Spanish inquisition?

            Hopefully you at least know that “Allah” is just another name for the same Abrahamic god that Christians worship.

          • guest

            I just wish you understood how much pain is caused by something like that alternative co-exist bumper sticker that you like so much.

            Not only does it paint a hateful brush over all Muslims, but claiming that Christians are not a threat to jews whitewashes two thousand year of history. It is not just Holocaust, pogroms, and the inquisition. When I was a child there were places in this country where jews were not allowed to go. Even now, christianists try to force Christ onto jewish public school children, and engrave Christian psalms onto the weapons that jewish soldiers carry.

            I cannot even imagine being a patriotic Muslim in America and having to face so much prejudice. They are victims of hate crimes (as are sikhs just because some stupid “Christians” cannot tell the difference.) And yet, Muslims continue to be true patriots, to fight on behalf of our country and to even turn in family members when they are radicalized.

          • guest

            Do you know any Muslims? Ever watch them on television (other than FOX) )? As I told you previously, overall there have been more Muslim victims of Muslim extremists then non-Muslim victims. Do you even know how many Muslim dominated countries there are outside the middle east? In fact only about 20% of Muslims are in the Middle East. One quarter of the world’s population is not out to get you.

            You do not hear what average Muslims have to say because you are not listening and neither is FOX news.

            I would like to see Christians take a stand as well. I see tea party rallies with hateful racists signs and souvenirs, and I do not see any fellow attendees saying a word against them. I see Christians leaders like Huckabee embracing hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent. And among conservative Christians there are crickets. I do not understand how such people are even accepted in polite society never mind embraced.

            How about starting on these pages. Anyone have a problem with the poster who keeps saying that a Holocaust survivor who had an abortion to save her life was worse than Nazis, or the guy who wants to burn crosses on the white house lawn and the homes of prominent African Americans. (He even singled out black people who are living examples of family values and are not even pro-life advocates).

            We point out those hateful posts over and over. The posters say these hateful things while insisting they are Christians. And from the other Christians, with one small exception, crickets.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            Well just for the record, my original liking to the alternate coexist poster was poorly worded. I should never have said that I loved it, but rather found that it rather timely after our country was attacked by a group of people with religious beliefs that seemed remotely Muslim in nature, and this says to coexist? Then to include the homosexual community wanting to rewrite Scripture to have it fit its needs, it seemed rather odd to then say”Co exist? ” My sincere apologies to the Jewish community for any insensitivities I may have expressed. Yes, you have been persecuted and that was wrong on sooooo mnay levels.
            As for racial slurs at Tea Party protests, I have yet to see anything of the nature. Most of the folks that have attended with me just want their liberties protected and would like to keep what they have rightfully earned. I cant even figure out how that would be a racial issue. Maybe you haven’t heard enough of Huckabee to hear that he wouldn’t stand up for racial slurs and such behavior either.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            Actually, I think that the bumper sticker might be more effective if the religious symbols were not used. It is obvious that we have all seen the poor examples of each religions followers, those that have let sin, pride and fear get the best of them, Christianity included. Let’s just go with “Coexist,” plain and simple. That way nobody is left out.

          • guest

            That is because to you co-exist means do not kill people. Why would we even need a bumper sticker to tell us not to kill people? In the meantime you were trying to ignorantly interpret Muslim scriptures based on snippets you have heard so that you could support prejudice against all Muslims.

            I have shown you over and over that every single strategy that you utilize to look downs on Muslims could be applied against Christians three-fold. Considering how wrong you have been about what is and is not contained in the Christian scriptures, stop trying to interpret Muslims scriptures for them and just try to co-exist.

            You were confusing terrorist extremists with 25% of the population of the world. Sarah Palin and other big mouths that create propaganda for al queda, may want to rethink whether they would really want to start another holy war against 1/4 of the world. (although if the goal is Armageddon, I guess they do).

            You do not like the bumper sticker because you do not want to leave everyone free to believe what they believe and practice what they practice and just concentrate on yourself. You have a mission to convert others. So the sticker is not for you.

            p.s. The best way to spread the “good word” is by being an example of love and goodness. On the other hand if the real goal is to cause more conflict and make everyone wary of the Christian right, then you guys are on the right track, by posting hateful bumper stickers, calling people “abortion enthusiasts” and “baby killers,’ and, bearing false witness against planned parenthood by quoting Margaret Sanger out of context etc.,

          • guest

            “The homosexual community wants to rewrite scripture to fit its needs”? How can anyone rewrite your scripture? No ones interpretations of scripture should affect you at all. Since this is not a theocracy, our laws are based on the Constitution not scripture. And thank goodness for that, otherwise slavery would still be legal, and women could not get divorced without their husbands’ consent.

            Even within single churches, people disagree about how nearly every Bible passage should be interpreted. It is not exactly like you are a literalist yourself, when you actually thought the Bible said “life begins at conception” etc. You certainly do not follow any of the other cleanliness laws in the old testament that are also decried as “abominations. ” So who are you to say that the kosher laws, sabbath laws, linen laws etc no longer apply, but no one else can apply the same logic to a law about homosexuality? (that was included as encouragement to Hebrews to be fruitful and multiple, during a time when population meant survival.)

          • guest

            Hating Jews is not be “reflective of Christ” in the very recent opinion of the Catholic church, and very modern Western morality. But if does represent nearly two thousand years of church doctrine and past Christian behavior.

            Please remember that when you try to attack Muslims based on snippets from the Koran or actions of a few.

            We do not blame modern Christians for nearly two thousand years of hate. But we are also not going to step aside and let Christian beliefs guide American laws. The forefathers learned the lesson of what happens when church rules state. We must all remain ever vigilant to keep that separation sacrosanct. We do not try to keep Christianity out of the courthouse to attack Christians but to defend our constitution.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            These are among the countless of examples of when we don’t have the courage to stand up for what our faith teaches. The number of examples of Christians committing sins are infinite, because Christians, like all of mankind, are sinners.

          • guest

            Is your version of World War II that America went in to liberate the German people from Hitler??!!

            I have stopped coming to these blogs. My original purpose here was a concern that since it purports to be a site about religion, people may wander in and think the propaganda Bristol posts is actually factual. However, now that the Palin agenda has become crystal clear, and the white supremacists are posting so openly. I no longer see the need to be here. Anyone who reads even a few comments would have to know what is up.

            However, i got notification of this response and felt the need to once again try to open your eyes. Now that Holocaust victims are dying out is even more important to make sure the true story is told so that we can learn from history.

            1) America got into the war because we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Prior to that, the isolationists (primarily Christians) pressured the government to keep America out of it. There were even prominent American Christians who sympathized with Hitler.

            This does not in any way negate the sacrifices that the greatest generation made for our freedom. Many brave Americans even enlisted with the British before America entered the war.

            2) We hated the Germans and Japanese and were fighting them, not trying to “liberate them.” Even today, many Americans of that generation will not buy German or Japanese products.

            3) Even after we entered the war we did not make any particular efforts to help jews. Even though we had the intelligence we did not even bomb the tracks that led jews to their death in Aushwitz..

            4) Adoph Hitler did not take away guns from any Aryans, and he did not have to. The Germans as members of the army were armed to the teeth and could have chosen to turn on Hitler at any time. But a large percentage of them loved and supported HItler, hated jews, and feared communists. They believed in their cause. It was not just about the power of one individual, no matter how charismatic or evil.

            5) It was not the Germans alone that caused the death of millions of jews and others,. Even in countries that Hitler had invaded, where Hitler was hated, ,many Aryans actually turned jews over to the Nazis. In Poland and Ukraine, many resistance fighters even refused to let escaped jews join them to fight the Germans. Hitler did not dare to build Aushwitz within Germany, but he knew the Polish majority would have no problem with it. Ukrainians also eagerly turned in jews, to be shot by the tens of thousands in open ditches. Keep in mind this was the Christian populace who not long before was killing jews in pogroms.

            (Of course some Polish and Ukrainian Christians did help the jews. It was Polish resistance that armed the Warsaw ghetto. Some for profit and some out of decency and bravery. And as you have pointed out many priests died horrible deaths tying to stop Hitler)

            I could go on and on. Again I do not want to bash Christians. Man’s inhumanity against man has always existed. Sometimes the last generation’s victims even become the next generations aggressors. I just owe it to my ancestors not to let this kind of Holocaust revisionism go unanswered.

          • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

            Cowardice or ignorance. Sickening. They are not representing what Scipture teaches and are a disgrace to the faith.

        • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

          Good example of cowardice.

      • guest
  • ….

    • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

      My favorite CO-exist logo!

  • QuietManinMinn

    That’s Great Bristol 🙂 We all need humor, and liberals provide gobs of it with their hypocritical intolerance – certainly, the most intolerant people America has ever produced. So is Alaska better than Arizona now?

  • thomaspainelives

    Typical Leftist “idealism” and “tolerance”.

  • Michelle Erb

    Congratulations to those of you who can read a two year old story about one idiotic college kid and use that to stereotype all liberals while ignoring the hate coming from some so-called Christian commenters on this very page.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh, the irony! But this is the perfect example of liberal “tolerance”.
    Conservatives always want a healthy debate, liberals always want to shut that
    debate down. Or, crush it, if you will.

    • Michelle Erb

      Is that why anytime someone tries to correct the misinformation that gets posted on this blog they are told to “shut up” and post elsewhere? Or why the Palins and Mike Huckabee actually ban liberals from posting polite and factual responses on their Facebook pages?

    • 1MiddleRoader

      Oh, please! Willingness to debate is a personality characteristic, not an ideological one. You can MAYBE make a case that certain personality traits are more common in liberals or conservatives, but the research is limited and it’s just tendencies. I’m all for healthy debate, yet I am often told to get off this site if I don’t love the Palins.

    • Michelle Erb

      A good rule of thumb is that when someone says an entire group of people “always” acts a certain way, they are probably not all that open to debate themselve.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    After several months I’m now able comment on your blog again all do to a new coputer

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Just to round out the story, the man was apparently arrested and charged: His punishment was that he had to wear a sign stating “I’m REALLY bad at this coexist thing.” (Just kidding about the last part!)

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    This bumper sticky has always frustrated me. It implies that we are not coexisting as believers in different religions already. Of course, we coexist. What is the alternative? To cause those who believe differently to NOT exist? To eliminate them? We may not agree with other believers, but at least coming from the Christian faith, it would go against Scripture to remove the existence of unbelievers. The goal is hopefully bring them to Christ, not take away their existence as fellow human beings on this earth.

    • guest

      Why would we even need a bumper sticker to tell us not to kill people? You do not like the bumper sticker because you do not want to leave
      everyone free to believe what they believe and practice what they
      practice and just concentrate on yourself. You have a mission to
      convert others. So the sticker is not for you.

      If you want to try and spread your beliefs privately than more power to you. But when you try to pass laws based on Bible interpretation and not the Constitution we will push back. The forefathers recognized the horrors that took place every single time the church has had undue influence over government, (and vice versa) and therefore made separation of church and state part of the very foundation of America.

      • mcgyver99

        The Bible says to share The Good News, conversion is up to you, free will and all that.
        Politicians have been passing laws based on their beliefs since this country started.
        Try reading The Bible and a history book to get you facts straight.

  • Denise Hintz Wolfgram

    Whoa! Too much to even address with the comments in this blog! Time to commence co-existing, folks! Have a happy day!