He’s the Only Down Syndrome Restaurant Owner in the Country — and He’s Closing His Doors: Here’s Why


True love stories are hard to come by nowadays, but this one might just melt your heart. Tim Harris, a successful restaurant owner with Down Syndrome, is leaving his life, his restaurant, and his home behind — all for the love of his life.

CBS Evening News reports on this couple’s precious love story:

For the last five years, Tim Harris… has satisfied his customers. But, recently he let them in on some bad news: Harris has made the decision to close “Tim’s Place” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So why did he decide to close up shop? Love.

Harris had met Tiffani Johnson at a Down syndrome convention and they both fell for each other. After getting down on one knee and becoming her formal boyfriend, Harris decided it was time to move to Denver so he could be closer to her. “It’s incredible to watch. He’s deeply grieving about the idea of this transition, while at the same time being as excited as I’ve ever seen him about the possibility of being with Tiffani,” his father, Keith said.

But Harris said he believes he made the right call. “Every time I feel sad, my girlfriend makes me feel a lot happier,” he said. “[When I look into her eyes], I see love. I see joy. And I see that I have a future here.”

I couldn’t take the smile off my face while watching their story unfold. I wish you both the best in this new adventure and season in life.

Watch the full CBS Evening News report here:

Photo Credit: CBS Evening News

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