Things that shouldn’t have to be said: “Mishandling classified information is a crime”

Breitbart has an article that really shouldn’t have to be written.  Vice Presidential GOP candidate Mike Pence was in North Carolina when he said, “mishandling classified information is a crime.” [Read more…]

5 offensive and lewd lyrics Jay-Z lyrics sang before endorsing Hillary Clinton

Jay Z and Beyonce had a concert last night to benefit Hillary Clinton. [Read more…]

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Trump Rushed Off Stage as Secret Service Protect Presidential Candidate from Threat

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 9.31.26 AM

Can’t believe this!  In the middle of a rally last night, a man tried to rush the stage while Donald Trump was speaking: [Read more…]

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3 big scandals hit CNN this week, proving they’re in the tank for Hillary

You hear it all the time: the mainstream media is biased. It’s the go-to argument for conservatives but only because it’s true. [Read more…]

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If Trump had done these 5 things Hillary Clinton did, the Left would lose their minds

Somehow, Hillary Clinton can lead a life of political scandal for decades and nearly waltz her way back into the White House and this time as a potential president. Yet, the loud voices of the Left don’t think Donald Trump and all of his non-political baggage deserves the same shot. It’s very hypocritical. [Read more…]

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