Blonde mother of two was asked to leave a playground, because she’s white


As the mother of two (so far!), I can totally relate to this ridiculous story, and a mom named Tara Coverdale who was asked to leave a park in Sydney, Australia because she was white.  Truth Revolt has the story: [Read more…]

How to have Christmas every season with “happiness in a box”

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My @fabfitfun spring box is AMAZING!!!! Their boxes keep getting better and better, and they’re seriously like Christmas every season. [Read more…]

79-year-old man was tired of his house being robbed. This time, he fired back


There has to be nothing scarier than being woken up in the middle of the night to discover your home has been invaded by a criminal. This is why the Second Amendment is so important. We have to have the chance to defend ourselves. One man in Alabama did, and though he’s sad he had to kill someone, he knows they won’t be threatening to kill anybody else. [Read more…]

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5-year-old girl finds a stick on the school playground, gets suspended for pretending it’s a gun

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Things in this country have gotten completely out of control! Now children can’t play pretend without some adult freaking out and reading WAY too much into nothing. [Read more…]

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TSA traumatizes child with excessively long pat-down of private areas

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Ever since 9/11, Americans have become accustomed to long security lines and some extra hassle with pat downs by blue-gloved Transportation Security Administration agents. Let’s face it, we need to be secure when we’re flying. But as with any government intervention, abuses follow. [Read more…]

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