What Happened When Three Middle School Boys Saw a Girl With Down Syndrome Being Bullied?

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What did three middle school boys do when they saw a girl being picked on? The answer will probably surprise you! [Read more...]

Fashion Police Kathy Griffin Claims She’s Fired Because She Doesn’t Ridicule People’s Bodies

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Her odd claim makes me wonder.  Hey, Kathy, remember this?  [Read more...]

“I Was Aborted” – Powerful Video

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Have you ever thought about the 55 million babies who have been aborted in our country since Roe v. Wade? What would they have been like? How would our world be different, if they had been allowed to live?

There’s no way for us to know the answers, but we can fight to make sure the next 55 million don’t have to lose their chance at life – and we don’t have to lose them. [Read more...]



Last night, Sgt Dakota Meyer proposed and I said yes! [Read more...]

Praying for Families of Marines Lost in Helicopter Crash

rescue helicopter iStock_000002126433_Small This is such sad news. [Read more...]