Beautiful mom gets fat-shamed but then has an INCREDIBLE response

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I can’t imagine why a 36-year-old woman is still getting foul comments from other adults about her weight, but unfortunately, it’s all too common. [Read more…]

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Lena Dunham: ‘I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had’

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The Blaze has a horrible, terrifying story.  Lena Dunham, who is popular with a small set of liberals who watch her show Girls, recently said that she wishes she has had an abortion. [Read more…]

Marine films heartbreaking final salute with a message for Trump, Pence, and Gen. Mattis

This is touching beyond words: [Read more…]

Mom finds cell phone that’s not her son’s, so she calls the cops

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Yahoo News has a fascinating story of motherhood.  When a mother named Lakesha Robinson found a phone that wasn’t her son’s, she asked him where he got it. [Read more…]

Love my FabFitFun last year, but it’s even better this year!


Loved my FabFitFun so much last year, I had to do it again this gift-giving season too!!! (And it’s even better this year!) [Read more…]