Delta Airlines, Bank of America Dump NYC’s Public Theater Over Their Rude ‘Julius Caesar/Trump’ Performance

This is great news!  The public theater in New York is doing their version of Julius Caesar, but they made the main character look like President Donald Trump, “complete with blond hair, an overlong necktie and a tendency toward verbal bluster — while blond and model-perfect Tina Benko uses a Slavic accent as his wife, Calpurnia.”  At the end of the play, there’s lots and lots of fake stage blood, as the people putting it on seem to love the idea of Trump being killed.  (People are calling the liberals fascination with Trump’s death “assassination porn.”) [Read more…]

Seth Meyers Raises his Middle Finger to the President


You know what?  I’ll believe that liberals really want tolerance and civility when they start showing it to conservatives. The FreeBeacon reports that Seth Meyers is really struggling to get laughs: [Read more…]

J.K. Rowling Sick of Liberal Men’s Crudeness Toward Women: What About Their Treatment of Sarah Palin?


I have a newfound respect for Harry Potter’s creator J.K. Rowling, who isn’t afriad to call out people on her own side for being rude to women.  Here’s what happened: [Read more…]

People Baffled by White House Deputy Press Secretary’s Mysterious Tweet


Okay, I can identify with this.  Over the weekend, Sarah H. Sanders, the White House Deputy Press Secretary sent out a tweet that almost made the internet explode.  It looked like this: [Read more…]

The First Photo that Dakota and I Took Together (We Look Like Babies!)

I posted this on Instagram for Throwback Thursday…  Thought you might like to see it too!