Hours after Trump is elected, a Muslim woman was attacked… Or was she?

It only took hours after Donald Trump was elected president for the first reports of an attack on a Muslim to start pouring in. But the catch, none of it is true!
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Ellen DeGeneres delivered a sweet message to America before she knew who’d won the election

Oh my gosh, I love her. [Read more…]

Protests break out all over the nation, but no one likes a sore loser

Well, this is just crazy. [Read more…]

Amy Schumer: Trump fans are “weak, kicking and screaming babies” (and just JOKING about leaving if he won)

I’m literally shaking my head, trying not to wake up my kids by laughing out loud. [Read more…]

My thoughts on last night — and being grateful for you all

I’m so proud of the middle class and blue collar, hard working Americans who’ve opened their eyes to the political corruption, who are tired of the establishment, and who have made their voice heard this election!! [Read more…]