Seriously. This is ridiculous, and I cannot stand the word feminist. If conservatives did this, then they’d be shamed. Read more

Make sure you have your Kleenex before watching these videos. Read more

The President of Planned Parenthood says it doesn’t matter when life begins – a woman still has a right to choose abortion. Read more

Obama thinks moms shouldn’t choose to stay at home with their kids. Read more

If you’re a Canadian and your name is Elizabeth Gallagher, this might be your lucky day! Read more

Glenn Beck won’t let liberals use his health problems for their agenda. Read more

Let’s pray for Glenn Beck and his family dealing with a serious illness. Read more

Thank you, veterans, for your sacrifice and service. We don’t tell you enough. Read more

Iowa’s newly-elected Senator Joni Ernst gave a shout-out to her first job at Hardee’s. Read more

A heartwarming story about a boy and a phone. Read more

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