#HobbyLobbyLove Day — Last Batch!

You guys are soo amazing! (more…)

Patriots Show Up for #HobbyLobbyLove Day

LIBERTY!  That’s the word I keep reading in all of the e-mails I’ve been getting.   (more…)

Tailgating for Freedom in Hobby Lobby Parking Lot in Franklin, TN!

Do you need another reason to love Tennessee, other than the fact that it voted against Al Gore in the 2000 election and saved the nation from his presidency? (more…)

#HobbyLobbyLove – Let Freedom Ch-Ching!

We’re so proud of the owners of Hobby Lobby who took a stand against the overreaching federal government that they stood their ground…  all the way to the Supreme Court! (more…)

Look What’s Happening Tomorrow for #HobbyLobbyLove Day!

I got this from my Tennessee readers! (more…)

“The Giver” — Trailer!

Did you hear about the new movie The Giver? (more…)

People are Celebrating #HobbyLobbyLove Early! First SIX PHOTOS

I know we talked about celebrating Hobby Lobby this Thursday, but I’m already getting photos…  Wanted to share them a little early! (more…)

Join Me in Hobby Lobby Love Day – Thursday, July 3rd

Well, this is a great way to start the day! (more…)

Did the Obama Administration Botch Miriam’s Flight to Freedom?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Meriam Ibrahim and her American family, but the details that are emerging are troubling. (more…)

Amy Adams Gives Up Her First Class Flight Seat To Soldier

I love this!  Apparently, Amy Adams was flying recently when she noticed a soldier in the back of the plane. (more…)