Hillary Clinton Says “F*** off” to her Secret Service Agent After He Wishes Her A “Good Morning”

Hillary Clinton has never been known for her warm personality.  But the latest accounts from those who served her during her time as First Lady reveal a total nightmare. [Read more…]

NEW VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Dr. Jokes About Harvesting Intact Baby Brains

Just when you think the ghouls at Planned Parenthood can’t possibly get more twisted, they do.

[Read more…]

7.5 Month Baby Bump

CRLh0xWW8AAGhGk [Read more…]

See How Selena Gomez Refused to be Fat Shamed! Love This!

Last spring Selena Gomez stepped out in a bikini while on vacation, and the Internet trolls came out in full force to criticize her for her weight.  But the petit actress is not going to let the haters win the day! [Read more…]

Lena Dunham Lies about Rape, Still Pretends to be a “Women’s Advocate”

This is why no one wants to be called a feminist anymore.  Last week, Lena Dunham and Jane Fonda gave Judd Apatow an award for his advocacy for women.  (By speaking out. On Twitter.) [Read more…]