The number of suicides amongst veterans is terrible. We should do something about it. Read more

This abortionist was pregnant as she was doing abortions. Read the awful story that caused her to at least pause and cry as she was dismembering a baby. Read more

Would you believe that tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of Pastor Saeed’s wrongful imprisonment?? Read more

The ACLU said “no prayers before the football games. Well, the cheerleaders had other plans. Read more

I love it when you can see the Left’s hypocrisy so clearly. So everyone is there to protest carbon emissions that threaten the environment… but 550 busloads of people came for the rally? Read more

Honestly, it feels like we all do. Read more

What a ridiculous way to treat the people who defend this nation! Thank you for your service, Lieutenant Colonel Baker. Read more

I just heard the news. Read more

This will definitely put a smile on your face! (Unless your heart is frozen!) Read more

It’s hard to believe that Meriam is back here in the United States and living with her family. Watch her amazing interview here. Read more

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