5 Months!

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VIDEO Planned Parenthood on Baby Parts: “We had a really long day, and they’re all mixed up together in a bag”

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And the evidence of the evil and illegal actions of Planned Parenthood just keeps on coming!

Today the Center for Medical Progress released their 5th video.  This time they went inside one of the largest Planned Parenthood branches in the country: [Read more…]

How awesome is this cover model?


How awesome is this cover model?

Although model Erica Jean Schenk has rocked the pages of high-profile magazines like Seventeen, it’s her latest gig that is causing major buzz. The 18-year-old Wilhelmina model landed the cover of Women’s Running as the first plus-sized model to do so. Social media went wild with people praising the magazine for showing a woman with real curves looking strong, gorgeous, and athletic.

The size 16 Wilhelmina model is breaking barriers and is happy to be inspiring women.

I love it when magazines hire women of all shapes and sizes!  Women aren’t all a size 00, (In fact, most of us aren’t!) and that’s a good thing!

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You Don’t Need Arms for Hugging

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This heartwarming picture of an armless hug proves that you don’t even need limbs to give a good hug — just love.  [Read more…]

Weeping Over Lions & Ignoring Butchered Babies: Celebrities Tweet About the Cecil-Killer

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Have you all heard about the famous lion that was killed by a dentist in Zimbabwe?  Well, Hollywood sure has! [Read more…]