I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired. Read more

Praying for the victims of the Colorado shooting. Read more

President Obama recently said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Really? Read more

Okay, so I’m still not sold on Twitter, but… Read more

So, what does Mom think about Condoleezza as Veep? Read more

The Iron Pup can wait. Even for a Palin. Read more

Okay, so I had a lot of “On Second Thoughts” this episode! Read more

The theme song to Life’s a Tripp is catchy. What is it? Read more

How do I get Tripp to behave? “On Second Thought: Episode 6!” Read more

Who’s going to watch tonight’s episodes of Life’s a Tripp? Read more

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