Democrats, How Can You Stop Evil If You Refuse to Look At It?

As each new video is released exposing Planned Parenthood’s profit from the sale of baby parts, the only response from liberals seems to be some new form of diversion. [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Officials Brag About Selling “Fresh” Aborted Baby Genitals

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As Congress gets set to debate the funding of Planned Parenthood, the investigative journalists at the Center for Medical Progress have released their 10th video uncovering more sickening actions of the abortion giant. [Read more...]

‘Umbrella Dad’ Gets Totally Soaked Shielding His Son From the Pouring Rain

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A touching photo of a completely soaked dad holding an umbrella over his son to shield him from the rain has gone totally viral.

The father/son duo were not identified, though the photo was taken in New York.

So. Flippen.  Cute.

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Miss Tennessee Tells Planned Parenthood’s Lies on the Miss America Stage


The lies of the abortion industry never ceases to amaze me. And this time they are being preached from the stage of the Miss American pageant. [Read more...]

“I hope she rots in hell” – One of Bill Clinton’s Accusers Speaks Out About Hillary’s Shameless Sexual Assault Ad


I guess Hillary didn’t expect this response. [Read more...]