Childless Man Surprised to Get Pulled Over by the Cops for Having a Baby in the Car with No Carseat

Wait, he didn’t have any kids…. Read more

Winnie Harlow Makes Fun of ‘Fat White Man’ after Strongly Advocating Body Confidence


Feminist on MSNBC about Ivanka: She Wore THIS to Show Off Her Girliness

Feminists Against Bows, Unite! Read more

Slate Says Some White Male Faces are ‘Punchable’

I’m sick of these dumba$$ writers who never get called out for the idiotic things they say. Read more

Blac Chyna Makes ‘Feminism’ Look Ridiculous

Why on earth would Blac Chyna send a video of her in bed with another man to her ex?? Read more

Teen Employee Pays for Cop’s Brownie, Then the Person in Line Behind Him Does This

Why do the jerks among us have to ruin everything? Read more

UPDATE: Ivy League Jerk Intentionally Hits Cyclist, Didn’t Realize it Was Caught on Camera

The car honked, then seemed to intentionally swerve to hit the bicyclist. Read more

CNN Personality Accidentally Reveals Incredible Bias Against Trump, Then Has to Own Up to His Mistake

No, the First Lady of Poland didn’t snub the President. Read more

Her Husband Poured Gas on a Fire, Burning 40% of Her Body – Then, He Left

‘I get stared at like I’m a monster’ Read more

Chris Christie Just Doesn’t Care Anymore

Is he not the most unethical governor ever!!!!! Read more

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