Fight Breaks Out During Tennessee High School Football Game; Both Sides Stop and Pray

It could’ve been a terrible, terrible moment. Then, everyone stopped and prayed. Read more

Reporter Asks Texan What He’s Going to Do With His Boat – His Response is All-American

I love this guy! Read more

Georgia Teen with Down Syndrome Has the Same Amazing Reaction Every Time His Sister Meets Him after School

This will guaranteed make you smile. Read more

In Challenging Times, Chris Pratt Says Jesus Christ is His Lord and Savior

The gospel is good news for people who are struggling… and for those who currently aren’t. Read more

Iceland on Pace to Virtually Eliminate People with Down Syndrome through Abortion

Don’t abort your blessing. Read more

Newsweek Blames Trump Women For the Horror of High Heels

Really? Is everything his fault? Read more

Kevin Hart: It’s Not My Job to Bash Donald Trump

Finally, a celeb who gets this. Read more

While On Deck, Tim Tebow Greets Autistic Boy then Hits 3-run Homer

He just seems like the nicest guy ever. Read more

Transgendered Americans, Have Higher Standards! Chelsea Manning Is No Hero

This makes me SICK. Why would Vogue reward such horrible behavior?? Read more

Taylor Swift Didn’t Back Down During Her Gutsy Sexual Assault Testimony

She refuses to be a victim. Read more

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