See the beautiful tribute George W. Bush has in store for our nation’s finest – even though the Left mocks him for it

Many former presidents spend their retirement fading into the pages of history.  But that can’t be said of President George W. Bush.  Although he has largely stayed out of politics since he left office in 2008, he has hardly been resting.  Instead, President Bush has used his platform to continue promoting education for all, empowering women all over the world, and supporting our nation’s veterans.  Not to mention he has continued to pursue his personal passions of biking and painting.

And now President Bush has brought together one of his personally passions with one of his deepest political convictions. [Read more…]

Andy Richter Hints He’s Uneasy With the Abortion His Now-Wife Had

Andy Richter said he was “forever grateful for aborting” his child when his then-girlfriend (now wife) wasn’t ready for a baby. [Read more…]

My Favorite 11 Quotes About Marriage

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My marriage is far from perfect. Dakota and I learn things about each other everyday. Our parents and friends weren’t lying when they warned us that it will be work! I think we both understand that now.

Nothing has been more difficult, and yet rewarding, than marriage. It reminds me so much of parenting. It’s hard at times, but also the greatest and most precious gift!

Here are 11 great marriage quotes that help remind me of just how precious marriage is.  I hope these encourage you in your relationship with your spouse!


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WATCH one of the most dangerous selfies ever taken

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A group of Syrian rebels has probably taken their last selfie together after using a phone that was rigged to explode to take the photo. [Read more…]

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Why Hillary’s maternity leave proposal will crush our economy

Last week, I was sitting at my desk, working hard, when I came across Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign talking point. Her latest way to steal our freedoms and crush our businesses involved something near and dear to my heart – family and motherhood.

And I was blown away. I shook my head in awe of this stupidity. [Read more…]