Seth Meyers Raises his Middle Finger to the President

I’ll believe that liberals really want tolerance and civility when they start showing it to conservatives. Read more

J.K. Rowling Sick of Liberal Men’s Crudeness Toward Women: What About Their Treatment of Sarah Palin?

If liberals are really against sexism, they need to say so. Read more

People Baffled by White House Deputy Press Secretary’s Mysterious Tweet

This tweet made the internet almost explode. Here’s what it means. Read more

The First Photo that Dakota and I Took Together (We Look Like Babies!)

I posted this on Instagram for Throwback Thursday! Read more

Gay Trump Supporters Banned From Pride Parade

‘Isn’t this technically discrimination against gay people?’ Read more

Seriously? Liberals Say Kylie Jenner Committed ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Over Camouflage Bikini

How petty and dumb can this actually get? Read more

Olympic Runner Reveals the Pain of Her Abortion

Kudos to People magazine for publishing this… Read more

Looks Like CNN Just Got caught Staging a Muslim Demonstration Against Terror

Reporters should report what they see, not what they fantasize about. Read more

Maybe the Dumbest Tweet Ever Written About the London Terror Attacks

Maybe this novelist needs to stick to fiction. Read more

6 Reasons Kathy Griffin Isn’t a Victim in the Eyes of a Palin

Kathy Griffin ain’t nooooo freaking victim in my eyes. Read more

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