Top Three Posts in January

The top three most-viewed posts here in January 2013 were:

I Am Not A Hostage

Honorable Mention: Ordain a Lady!

Guns & Religion

And tied for third was

Seneca Falls. Selma. Stonewall ::  The Basics

It was a popular month for intersections it seems … the intersection between feminism and religion (are they compatible or not?!), women and the church (ordain those ladies!), and politics and religion as they inform our stunted debates on guns and violence.

Additionally, the opportunity to educate more people about the events referenced by President Obama in his inaugural address was one that I could not pass up.  Drawing direct lines between the work for racial equality, gender equality, and gay and lesbian equality is a strategic and powerful thing.  And I appreciate the many people who have admitted, somewhat sheepishly, that they didn’t know much about one or more of these struggles for justice in American history.  Now, you can!


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