It’s important to start your day off on the right foot by reading the Word of God, and to see why it’s so important, here are four blessings of reading your Bible every morning. Rejoice in Word I start my day off by reading the Word of God…every day, whether I feel like it or not…and the times when I don’t feel like it, is the very time I need it the most! I’m reading a chronological Bible right now… Read more

God gives us the ability to have wealth, so the question is, “What will we do with it?” Here is what the Bible says about wealth in order to make us think about what we should do with what God has given us. True Treasures With those who have trusted in Christ, they look at life from a different perspective…an eternal perspective. Christ followers shouldn’t live with their eyes focused on this world, but on the world to come. With… Read more

Why do we learn more from our failures than from our successes? 1000 Failures There are a select few men and women in history that didn’t allow failure to be final. Instead of failure being a period, they made it a comma by pressing forward. One such man was the remarkable Thomas A. Edison. If anyone knew about failure, it was him, but those failures didn’t defeat the man, but drove the man to find new ways to make things… Read more

Does it seem that more and more attention is being focused on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and less and less on the fruits of the Spirit? New Apostolic Reformation The New Apostolic Reformation that is sweeping across the world has made many people re-think the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is suddenly a new focus on gifts and it’s moved from God dispensing gifts as He purposes, to trying to acquire these gifts either by baptism, the… Read more

Ask anyone about health insurance and you’re sure to find a complaint, but some complaints are a matter of life or death. The Big Three What a question! Is the health insurance industry killing Americans? Why ask such a thing? Let me explainMaybe you’ve noticed, as I have, that much of the advertising today on the local stations is either for lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, or health insurance. Lawyers advertise to sue for damages from certain drugs that have caused unexpected side effects,… Read more

After the passing of evangelist Dr. Billy Graham at age 99, will there ever be anyone else who comes close to this man’s passion for preaching Christ to the world? God’s Evangelist The late Billy Graham, one of the nation’s most beloved evangelists, recently passed into glory at age 99 after having served as an evangelist for several decades. This man served as a spiritual advisor for several presidents, but he also traveled the globe to preach Christ to people… Read more

Is the Bible silent on the right to bear arms? What about guns or the right to own guns? Read more

The Bible says a lot about salvation, mostly that it’s only through Christ that we can be saved, so here are Bible verses about salvation that reveal it’s open to all, but it’s not the broad path many people think it is. Repentance and Faith Jesus best described the gospel of the Kingdom of God in Mark 1:15 when He began His earthly ministry and said, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and… Read more

Is President’s Day just another federal and state holiday, or, is there reason to celebrate this day? The Christian Perspective I believe President’s Day is a good time to look back at the history of past U.S. presidents. Flawed as they may be, and as we are I might add, they hold some unique individual histories before and while holding office, but even the past U.S. presidents, whether they believed or not, “must all appear before the judgment seat of… Read more

There are hundreds of believer’s who are participating in the Winter Olympics this year, so here are some Bible verses that might inspire them to do their best. Qualifying Most of the Olympic athletes, summer and winter, have had to qualify in their nation’s finals to reach the Olympics. They understand that “An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules” (2 Tim 2:5), so they can see the connection between their competition being in subjection to… Read more

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