Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave me food,” so how can we feed the poor in our community? Here are five ways that your church can do that. Potluck Saturday We have a lot of great cooks in our church…I’m just not one of them, but we are all very blessed so I want to share with you some ideas on how you can feed the poor in your community. Post flyers in the local thrift shop,… Read more

If your church does not regularly share the gospel, maybe they don’t know it as well as they think they do. Half a Gospel General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, was about the most fervent and passionate man I’ve read about in witnessing to the lost. He once said, “Most Christian organizations would like to send their workers to Bible College for five years. I would like to send our workers to hell for five minutes. That… Read more

Why does God set up cities of refuge for the nation of Israel? Are these cities symbolic of something or someone else? Cities of Refuge There were accidental deaths in ancient Israel just as there are accidental deaths today in which a person is not responsible or guilty of killing the person, so God, in His divine wisdom, established cities of refuge where those who are involved in such incidents can flee to while the legal process takes place and… Read more

We are not really the evangelists…God is the true evangelist, and here’s why. God Grants Repentance I take heart in the fact that God is in control of salvation. From beginning to end, it is fully a work of God, but God does use others as a means to accomplish His purpose, and that purpose is sometimes met when God grants them repentance. The Apostle Peter wrote, “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness,… Read more

The sacrificial system pointed to Jesus Christ Who would eventually be the once-and-for-all sacrifice for all those who would trust in Him. Reasons for Offerings There is such difficulty in determining a central theme of the Pentateuch but I believe that the five major offerings are of such great importance for the following reasons. First of all, the fall of mankind had severed the personal fellowship that Adam and Eve had enjoyed and had been blessed by in the Garden,… Read more

Here are four major attributes or characteristics of God. Holiness One characteristic of God is that He cannot dwell with or be in the presence of sin. After the fall, God’s fellowship with mankind was severed. That’s because God cannot even look upon sin as sin is against the very nature of God. This may explain why God had to turn away from even from His own Son at the cross when Jesus cried out, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that… Read more

What are the differences and similarities between the Law of Hammurabi and the Law of Moses? Did one borrow from the other? Ancient Law Books After ancient Israel’s exodus from Egypt, God gave to them the Book of the Covenant, a book which contained the laws of God by which Israel was to live. It is sometimes called the Law of Moses. Another ancient people, the Babylonians, had their own law called the Code or Law of Hammurabi. In reading… Read more

Who was it that killed Jesus? Was it the Jews who delivered Him, the Romans who crucified Him, Pilate who ordered it, or was it us who have sinned? Read more

Racial hatred and bigotry are nothing new, however, there is actually a color more superior than white. White Supremacists Expect more trouble because of the white supremacists, and specifically, Richard Spencer, and even though this is nothing new to this nation, the message they bring is about as anti-American as it can be. White supremacists have been around for as long as the nation has existed, but today they’re becoming more vocal and visible, and this can lead to violence. Former president George… Read more

With the huge explosion of prophets today, what do the Scriptures say about whether they’re from God or not? A New Age of Prophets Prophets, the Freedom of God, and Hermeneutics, a Westminster Theological Journal (52.1), by Dr. Willem A. Vangemeren from Prophets, the Freedom of God, and Hermeneutics is an essential as far as relating to those who believe that they either have the gift of prophecy or they know someone who is a self-proclaimed prophet. One recent example… Read more

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