Abraham: Forerunner Of The Faithful

Why does Paul spend so much time writing about faith and then mentioning Abraham? It’s because, just like Abraham, we too can be justified by believing God. Abraham Went Perhaps more than most of the patriarchs, Abraham personified the statement that “the just shall live by faith,” and he was the prototype of living by faith, however God expected Abraham to be obedient before blessing him. Obedience would come first and only then would the blessings come. Here was Abram’s… Read more

Psalm 37: Learning To Rest In God

When everything around them seems to be falling apart, what can a believer do? Strength in Storms The trees we have in Kansas are typically bent to the North because during the summer, the strong southwesterly winds are persistently pressing them that way. After time, even the largest of trees begin to grow towards the North, but this wind doesn’t harm them, and in fact, it helps them. When they’re growing, the stiff and consistent wind continually strengthens the parts… Read more

A Survey Of First Timothy

Here is a look at the Apostle Paul’s Book of 1st Timothy and why he wrote it and to whom. Paul’s Opening Argument The Apostle Paul’s argument or explanation to Timothy in 1st Timothy and the church at Ephesus is a clear explanation of showing the difference between the gospel of God being solely of grace and which false ideas or teachings are opposed to this. Paul tells how a person is justified by faith (1:15-16). This is opposed to… Read more

The Parable Of The Tenants: A Bible Commentary

What does the Parable of the Tenets mean? To whom was it written, and what are the applications for us today? The Owner The Parable of the Tenants might be one of the parables that most afflicted the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, and we know it was given to the chief priests and scribes since it is “to them” He spoke, and so Jesus “began to speak to them in parables. “A man planted a vineyard and put a… Read more

Is God Using Natural Disasters As A Judgment Of America?

Are recent natural disasters like hurricanes and floods a judgment from God? God Judges the Nations We know that God judges all the nations of the earth, so it’s only a matter of time before the sentencing is carried out. Every nation and people will be judged; nations shall be judged collectively, but people will be judged individually as to whether they trusted in Christ or rejected Christ (John 3:36). It’s not a matter of if but when. The Prophet… Read more

What Is The Book Of Enoch? Does It Belong In The Bible?

What is the Book of Enoch? Does it belong in the Bible? Is it genuine or fake? The Book of Jude One of the last books in the Bible is about things that were already taking place in the day the author wrote this, but there are some striking similarities with what he says about false teachers that is just as relevant then as it is today. Jude’s motivation for writing this letter was evident from the beginning, writing, “I… Read more

6 Bible Verses To Read When Doubt And Fear Creep In

Here are six powerful Bible verses that you can memorize or read when you start to feel doubt and fear creeping into your life. (more…) Read more

Is Humanity Growing Increasingly Violent?

Does it seem that violent conflicts are on the rise today? Has there been an escalation of violence? Read more

Is America Headed for Another Race War?

Is America doomed to repeat the race wars of the late 1960’s? Can anything be done to prevent it? Read more

How Some Christians Place Personal Experience Over Scripture

How do believers sometimes place their personal experience as more important than Scripture and maybe not even realizing it? Personal Testimony I can recall many people who gave their experience in coming to saving faith in Christ. There have been some pretty amazing stories of grace going through prison walls, nursing home rooms, and into places where you would expect little chance of someone being saved. Accounts such as gang members in Pueblo, Colorado laying down their gang “family” for… Read more

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