What Is A Born Again Christian?


What do Christians mean when they say that they’ve been born again? What does being born again mean?Natural Birth If you are reading this, then you obviously went through a birth process, whether it was an emergency C-section surgery or just a normal birth-canal birth. The Bible speaks about a specific time to be born and an exact time to die and that we all have an appointment with death and after that comes the judgment (Heb 9:27). Solomon wrote that there is “a time to be born, and a tim … [Read more...]

What Is A Christian Worldview?


What is a Christian worldview? Why is it even important to know about? Should every Christian hold a biblical worldview?A Worldview Everybody actually has a worldview. It depends on how they view the world through their presuppositions. Every one of us have presuppositions, whether we realize it or not and we tend to use our presuppositions as lens by which we look at the world and society. In today’s culture, worldviews are primarily shaped through the media, education, the Internet, b … [Read more...]

What Is A Christian Apologist?


What is a Christian apologist? What is apologetics? Why is it important for the Christian to know?No Apologies Apologetics is not giving an apology for what you believe and why you believe it and in the believer’s case, their belief in God and specifically, Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Apologetics is not the need to apologize for believing in God and the Bible but aapologetics is from the Greek word “apologia” which means “to give a reason or defense.” Peter wisely wrote that “even if yo … [Read more...]

What Is A Devout Christian?


What is a devout Christian? Should all Christians be devout? Why is this important?What is the meaning of Devout? The word devout usually has deep religious significance but it could mean that someone stands firm in their allegiance to someone or something. Someone who’s devout will be loyal in what they believe with every bit of their strength. The military are devoted to the defense of the nation but it is also a particular belief in an organization, person, or in God. There are devoted s … [Read more...]

What Is An Evangelical Christian?


What is an evangelical Christian? Why are some called evangelicals? What is the meaning of this word?Evangelical What comes to mind when you hear the word “evangelic” or “evangelical?” Something that is evangelic pertains to the gospel of Jesus Christ but who are evangelicals and specifically, evangelical Christians? Are they different from other Christians or is every Christian an evangelical? Is it a denomination? Typically, Catholics are not referred to as evangelical Christians and only … [Read more...]

Will The Future Of America Lead To Increased Christian Persecution?


Does the future of America include an increased amount of persecution? Is it going to grow worse over time?Prosperity and Persecution Pastor Samuel Lamb of Guangzhou, China, spent twenty years in a Communist prison for refusing to stop preaching the gospel and he said that in America the church has experience prosperity but has grown weaker but in China, the church has experienced poverty and persecution but the church has grown larger and stronger. His conclusion is that persecution is … [Read more...]