Music Friday: “Les Miserables” Flash Mob – and a New & Better Version of a Christmas Song I Never Liked

Two videos today to set you in a good mood for the weekend. Keeping alive the buzz for the opening of the new film adaptation of the musical “Les Miserables” is a flash mob performing “One Day More” at a wedding in Copenhagen for newlyweds who are fans of the show. I don’t imagine your average wedding has this many talented people attending, but this group has a future in show business if they’re not professional performers already.

The second video is from the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. One of my favorite recording artists, Brooke White (who I interviewed yesterday and will be posting about next week along with Scotty McCreery) performed the song “Wonderful Christmastime” off her new album “White Christmas.”

With no disrespect to Paul McCartney and his body of incredible work, I’ve never been a fan of “Wonderful Christmastime.” It struck me as a bit of an annoying novelty. And when I saw Brooke had recorded it for her Christmas album, I initially thought, “Oh, that song:-(”

But after hearing her perform it live at the tree lighting, I was happily surprised that her version sounded completely different. In fact, it’s almost unrecognizable from the original – which I mean as a good thing. Kudos to Brooke and her producer, Chris Seefried, for their new orchestration and arrangement. Enjoy! (For my interview with Brooke about her Christmas album, click here.)

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  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Tony, thanks for these. Brooke White improved a Christmas song that has made me cringe for decades, but even better that wedding video. THAT was just…freaking awesome.

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  • Dylan Chumleigh

    Both are lovely videos and i love to see live Mob performance, recently i have seen a movie based on mob performance and name was “step up revolution”, seriously it was awesome movie.

  • John

    Once again this year I was cursing the Paul McCartney version of Wonderful Christmastime as the worst song ever. It’s not so much the lyrics (which are lame but not hopeless) or even the music (also lame), but the performance. It is, in a word, horrible. Then Brooke White comes along, and suddenly Wonderful Christmastime has become my favorite, as well as remaining my most hated, Christmas song. Great work on repairing a song that I thought was broken beyond all help.

    The Wedding performance was amazing.

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