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Palin Worshipers Won’t Give Up

It's really hard to imagine a more delusional group of people than the folks at Conservatives4Palin. They're actually going to be buying a TV ad in Iowa urging Palin to reconsider her decision not to run because the country so desperately needs her leadership: … [Read more...]

Record Corporate Profits Don’t Help Economy

The New York Times has an amazing graph that clearly disproves the notion that low corporate taxes and high corporate profits will create unprecedented economic growth and millions of new jobs. Corporate profits are at an all time high even while wages and business taxes have gone down and unemployment has soared. Here's the graph: … [Read more...]

Kansas School Violates Student’s Rights

Here's an absolutely clear cut case of a school overstepping the First Amendment, with the help of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who was apparently upset when a student tweeted something mean about him when he spoke to a group of high schoolers from around the state. … [Read more...]

North Carolina Sheriff Doesn’t Get First Amendment

I'm sure it will come as a shock to you all that a sheriff in North Carolina doesn't understand the Establishment Clause, but it's true. Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown took out an ad in the local paper saying, in part, "Our society in in a big mess today because good, decent and respectful citizens have ignored the Truth of God, good common sense, and a decent standard because of an opinion given by someone with a doctrinal degree who has no wisdom.... Remember, there are no loop holes or places … [Read more...]

Why Cutting Defense Helps America

Benjamin Friedman explains how cuts to American defense spending will, in fact, weaken the nation's military capabilities -- and why that's a very good thing for everyone other than defense contractors. … [Read more...]

Bradley Manning Gets Day in Court

Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is accused of leaking classified data to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, is finally going to go to court -- for a pretrial hearing to determine whether there is even enough evidence to charge him with anything. Forbes reports: … [Read more...]

So Much for the Terrorist Turkeys

I know this will come as a shock to you all, but it turns out that Pam Geller was wrong about your Thansgiving turkey having been "sacrificed to Allah." Color me shocked. … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Wrong Again

Newt Gingrich says he will repeal the Dodd/Frank bill, an incredibly weak set of regulations that has done almost nothing to solve the systemic problems in our financial system, because it's destroying community banks (banks with under a billion dollars in assets). And by destroying them, he means they've doubled their earnings. … [Read more...]

David Usher: A Wingnut’s Wingnut

You've probably never heard of David Usher. I hadn't either until I saw this post from him. He's the president of the Center for Marriage Policy, a group so off on the lunatic right wing fringe that he makes Maggie Gallagher sound like a gay rights activist. There are so many levels of crazy going on here you won't believe it. Like did you know that same-sex marriage is all about feminism? And that feminism is unconstitutional? … [Read more...]

Bachmann Gets Second Godhead Endorsement

We all know that Michele Bachmann has claimed that God told her to run for president. But now it appears a second member of the triune Godhead has endorsed her as well, according to wingnut preacher Peter Waldron. Warren Throckmorton reports: … [Read more...]

Fed. Judge Rips FBI For Lying

A federal judge has sanctioned the FBI for lying to the court in a FOIA lawsuit. The agency had claimed that they didn't have any more documents that were germane to the request, but then they were forced to turn over more documents to the judge in camera. And the judge didn't take very kindly to that. … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Reveal Old Unprofessionalism

It's long been clear that Justice Scalia's declaration that police misconduct isn't a problem because law enforcement officers now have a "new professionalism" is utter nonsense. But it should also be clear that those in charge care more about bad PR than they do about actually addressing police brutality. Here's a perfect example: … [Read more...]